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  1. Pothead Mike says

    Surprised he only got some bumps and bruises.

  2. die hard says

    That shit looks hilarious when hes taking off hahahahaha!!

  3. mike johnson says

    Golgo 13 🤣

  4. N.W.A. says

    The reporter is hot af.

  5. Sal Kola says

    Ass wipe

  6. Anni Redfield says

    A prime example of idiots that cannot control themselves

  7. Sheeza Mann says

    1)stay in your car next time…2)IF THE OFFENDER turns away for a moment…you should have gotten back into your car and took off…instead you stayed……kind of YOUR FAULT……???—-this guy said the offender went back to his car and got a knife…..that would have taken long enough for the VICTIE to get back into his car and hopefully get away??????????

  8. Bob M says

    Hey dumbass stay in your car.

  9. Dalmain J says

    Why is she wearing that fucking hat?

  10. Steven K says

    Wow,another blackie doing something crapppy, how shocking

  11. Steven K says


  12. cock news network says

    They guy was caught a day after and now hes facing attempted robbery leaving the scene of a crime attempted murder battery assault and menacing its online

  13. The Deans says

    Shouldn’t they know who this guy is if he left his own vehicle behind?

  14. Renae Smith says

    Welcome to Brooklyn

  15. Cwick Yo momma says

    Amazing it’s not headlined white n black. O wait news only shows white on black crime. Go figure

  16. Gumby Pony says

    blacks = violence.

  17. Michael Vialpando says

    This DUMBASS GOT WHAT he DESERVED!!!! Road rage again NUMBNUTS!!! Ha ha ha ha

  18. Show Stopper says

    I don't think he's telling the whole truth.

  19. William Wilson says

    Road raging dumbasses making life dangerous for others. If you get out of the car, you become an aggressor.

  20. MilesBellas says

    get the license plate….
    deescalate conflict….

  21. MilesBellas says
  22. TRUC Ingresume says

    That video was hilarious!!!!!!! Omg did u see him get crushed? Fucking Super Dick Osborne!!!

  23. Fun Collector says

    If they find that driver and charged him for attempt murder

  24. Boats n hoes says

    Couple of morons

  25. sean says

    Stay in your car and say I am sorry is the best defense method against road rage..

  26. macmanhot100 says

    Florida looking real bad right now

  27. Whitey Mamasan says

    Is the victim a fucking stupid Muslim, sunshine state skinheads at it again Oi Oi Oi! A towel is not a hat.

  28. vee bobic says

    Why did the victim get out of his car he can’t fight ?

  29. MedGrower710 says

    yeah if u see him again im sure he would fuk u up again. stfu and let the police handle it.

  30. Fred Castle says


  31. To S says

    Just remember Do not open the door and lock and don't engage

  32. Riley Raine says

    Never get out of your vehicle!! Unless you want to become part of the aftermath.

  33. Dark Blade says

    so this was in Brooklyn? this must be jew on jew crime

  34. Jimmy Beans says

    Tom Segura is laughing at this.

  35. heat cliff says

    nice..fuck em up..he should die.

  36. white whiskers says

    I've only experienced one road rager and when he found himself looking at the business end of my 40mm hand gun he decided to get back in his car. It seemed he didn't think we had that big a problem after all.

  37. Ahskur KnodaStruggle says

    People from Florida are fucked up.. ran across many on the road.. motherfuckers think they are privileged or some.. he aiint the only Florida mothafucker I cant stand..

  38. michelle amy templetonn's stepdad says

    2 assaults with a deadly weapon and to 2 attempted murder charges coming this dumbasses way

  39. Paul Bustamante says

    When your city has no gun rights, bring out the box cutter.

  40. Lost Soul says

    Cause your stupid. Your all stupid. Road rage is something happens to entitled panic stricken morons.

  41. Eleven Words says

    Of course nobody tried to help STOP the loser in the white car but they sure as hell pulled out the video recorder…because they think viewer count and number of shares is a higer moral standard. All of you are fucking idiots, starting with the loser in the white car.

  42. Dee Dee Winfrey says

    One day he's going to get shot doing that to the wrong person.

  43. Elgordito says

    That guy drove away with his man card.

  44. Pat McCaffery says


  45. Rocky305MS says

    If that is not attempted murder ,than what is? I saw a man here trying to kill another.

  46. Hoefledorf says

    The victim?
    He was not that innocent.

  47. sexobscura says

    Only on Earth

  48. trogghugger says

    Attempted homicide lock that punk up and toss the key

  49. 2016BMWi8 says

    New York New York!!!

  50. That_Ford _Guy says

    That looked like a rag doll🤣🤣🤣🤣

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