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What Can $10 Get You in NEPAL?


When most people think of Nepal, they think about Mt. Everest — but did you know that Nepal has a fascinating culture and it’s one of the most budget-friendly countries in all of Asia? Nepal is often overlooked by its neighboring countries (India), but you should really give it a chance on your next trip to Asia!

The first time I tried visiting Nepal (April 25, 2015), I was literally on the airplane (from Delhi) when the devastating 7.9 earthquake struck, and therefore had to cancel my trip. It was very scary as I felt the rumbles on the runway in Delhi. But nonetheless, I was so happy to get the chance to explore Kathmandu, Nepal for the first time and make the next episode of my $10 series.

Please Note that this video is about a year old (I am reposting the entire ‘$10 series’ as I only shared it on FB and not YT). As you’ll notice, the editing is not great and it moves way too fast, but I still wanted to share it with you anyways. As always, thanks for watching my videos!

Music: Ben Sound

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  1. Abdullah Maqsood says

    Visit Pakistan please!!!! It is not what it’s claimed by the media

  2. kumar pradhan says

    welcome to nepal dude🇳🇵have a happy stay😊😊😊

  3. snsdtwiceunited forever says

    Thats a lots of things😍😍

  4. GidiNaHanNa says

    Bro u should go to Mustang in Nepal. That place has breathtaking view!


    third grade mark zukerburg

  6. Techno mate says

    Love from nepal


    Please visit Pakistan…
    In Pakistan you can visit places such as Karachi Islamabad and Swat…
    You'll very enjoy man…

  8. Mr NiCE says


  9. Emran Malik says

    Love from nepal

  10. Jason Dennis says

    Most underrated YouTube

  11. ayyfk says

    esketit safe for making this, i lived in nepal after hong kong for 7 years and it is amazing place.

    im in the uk now

  12. Pratyush Shrestha Gyan says

    Next time 100$what you can get in Nepal.

  13. Pracda Neupane says

    Yo I am from Nepal and where you got the lassi you could rather buy of 70 RS and it's good

  14. Aagab Bhattarai says

    What's your income source

  15. Aayush Kafle says

    Love From Nepal❤️

  16. All Tube says

    Nepal, thailand, vietnam, cambodia, india, ukraine , romania these are very beautiful country and cheap countries… a normal days can be spent only 15-20 $ food travel and hotel.

  17. Ruwalung Rai says

    #DrewBinsky…I was waiting for this video(coming in NEPAL) for long time😢😢..finally 😎😎…since I saw ur video for the first time..I got inspired somewhere in my heart n brain..really thanks for this video n ur visit to NEPAL..hope u come again😁😁

  18. The Dentist says

    Oh wow! Thanks For visiting us! Visit frequently.. 😊😊

  19. Md Kayes says

    We love Nepal…not India…. From #dhaka💜💜

  20. Shahzeb Ejaz says

    You can only travel small countries

  21. Neeschal Magar says

    When did you come here in Nepal??
    I didn't knew about that
    I thought if you come to Nepal then I will get to meet you😭😭
    Poor me

  22. Dilan_ B10 says

    Ummmm… don’t think you’ve realised but Switzerland is square

  23. balakrishna03111990 says

    You bought a pirated video DVD. The original costs around 700 rupees. That's 7$.

  24. PPRINCE ZERRY says

    Hey can we meet if you are still in nepal

  25. Winsant surat says

    Good bargain deals… cheap and smart shopping…

  26. End Raw says

    Glad to see you here ⤵

  27. Daniel Danny says

    Come to Namibia Keetmanshoop Luderitz Windhoek Swakopmund

  28. Riya Sharma says

    Thank you so much for visiting Nepal

  29. Sachin Khatri says

    Very god place our Nepalo

  30. Susan Gurung. says

    my nepal.
    our nepal.

  31. Susan Gurung. says

    love u

  32. Bhuwan Baral says

    Are you in Kathmandu?

  33. Action Time says

    You can get nice hotel with one time meal and a hot escort to bang bang.

  34. Lakpa Sherpa says

    I am from Nepal I can prove you that my last is sherpa.

  35. {super natural} Antonio says

    Nepal is so beautiful I wish I can visit there😘😘😘

  36. Dipersan Dhakal says

    I'm in Nepal , till this video, I was unknown that the goods here are so cheap

  37. kirisuno suno says

    Nice Nepal

  38. Suman Shrestha says

    I want more more video from nepal..

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