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What Do You Do On a Rainy Day in Thailand? Go To the Beach!


Exploring Ko Lanta island, Thailand on a storming day in the rainy season.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed with a GoPro HERO5 Black (

Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel”, “Following My Thumb” and has written several other books available on and elsewhere.

Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

What Do You Do On a Rainy Day in Thailand? Go To the Beach!

  1. Pankaj Malik says

    Are you wearing nothing under raincoat? And you're not accompanied by Maria today in rain?

  2. Chaise Pomme says

    This must be low tourist season due to the monsoon rains. So how many days were rainy vs sunny during your stay? Is there typically a sweet spot period where you can get the low season rates for hotels but not the rains? btw — Pi from the hotel seems very attentive towards the guests.

  3. tom allen says

    4 Islands and an on board bar, let's do it 😉

  4. Pankaj Malik says

    Please make a vedio on Thiland Massage 👍

  5. Al says

    Don’t they clean those beaches up ? It doesn’t look appealing ..

  6. menno boon says

    I am now in Krabi myself, Nice weather here nice and Sunny yesterday was rainy. Greetings Menno from Holland.

  7. Roy Keen says

    Why Dont You Scuba Diving … This Place Is Perfect

  8. Mr Bowie says

    the way you say the beach name sounds like Cock Wang beach, not the place I really want to go. Boobie beach is more up my street 🙂 Great vid again Gabe, good job

  9. MGTOW 101 says

    Hey Gabriel I'll be in Thailand in two weeks. Will kick off in BKK and get traveling down south probably to Koh Samui. ✊️

  10. Lanie Lenie says

    Which country for you is the cheapest because I am planning to travel somewhere on a budget

  11. Lanie Lenie says

    Which is the safest

  12. Lanie Lenie says

    You have encouraged to travel

  13. Lanie Lenie says

    How do you do to travel by yourself

  14. Renit Rift says

    Everyone needs to clean that garbage up. Does Thailand still have that policy where every tourist has to clean up a big bag worth of trash?

  15. Ben j says

    I went to Guyana and Suriname for absolutely no reason. Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Thailand are next.

  16. Renit Rift says

    Me, I'd get to know the locals, the food, the culture and lay of the land as much as I could. Learn some history, Thai language and religion and get as much purpose out of it as possible, Are you going to spend the winter there?

  17. zz44ppppp says

    How are those sandals waterproof?

  18. Serkan Ister says

    Gabe warmest wishes from Canada 🇨🇦

  19. Desert Eagle says

    what a nice guy even offers u his umbrella

  20. worldnonstop says

    The damage you saw is indeed caused by the 2004 Tsunami. I saw much worse but similar damage on kho phi phi 2 years after. It takes time and money too put things right. That area looks like it's been left for nature to rearange as it's not high priority. A lot of what you show us would have been washed away but quickly rebuilt. Ask the locals for stories. And yai means big noi means small. You probably know that. As in… Phoot Thai Dai, nit noi. I can speak a little Thai 🙂 Beach garbage is mostly from the ocean and washed in from other islands and ships dumping at sea. It's not left by people visiting the beach that much. It comes and goes with the tides.

  21. VetiverJohn says

    Chopsticks are used in Thailand for noodles, but rice is eaten with a spoon and fork. The massaman curry looked yummy!

  22. Nihal Pawar says

    Pls clean your lenses everytime you record in rains🤗

  23. Ulumalu says

    I love the low season.  I don't care for the crowds.  I like it mellow.

  24. Kate Mid says

    hi guys

  25. Carsten Sanonym says

    Why have you not shown your own room like usually do?

  26. Aquarian Christianity says


  27. Trey says

    The debris could easily be from the tsunami 13 years ago. There's still parts of New Orleans that are blighted from hurricane katrina 12 years ago.

  28. Jen C. says

    3:24 has no idea Monkies eat crabs 🦀

  29. Gato says

    1:20 wow they even have a book collection for their guests… Very swanky 😏

  30. Gato says

    So I guess the monkeys just bite a little on ko lanta, but not too much, that's encouraging 😌

  31. Gato says

    I think massaman curry was a good choice for South Thailand… It's nice to eat while watching the rain, or sleep 😊

  32. Yishai Davidi says

    A stick is a good beater for wild monkeys. Nice smile from Maria Which by the way is a Hebrew name. Happy Trails peace

  33. Harry C says

    I actually enjoy an occasional rainy day like this:))

  34. polkhol master says

    Gabreil, since you are in that area…may be this place is option?

  35. neonleo1 says

    Bro GUBBER-GABB!!! Do you SURF or have ya SURFED before in Cali or Hawaii? If so why not in Thai beaches?

  36. Ben Traj says

    It's the distinct and beauty of cultures that makes places like Thailand, India, Nepal, etc., special; Thailand's natural environment is not all that different from the Florida's islands, which is a much easier access for you. You choose to come to places like Thailand because one they make money for you, and also more importantly the diversity of the global family. Peace and take care.

    I wish you can go to more exotic places such as SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA or the South Pacific rim islands (places like Kenya, Mozambique or South Africa and New Zealand) I would like to see you go on SAFARI RIDES/TRIPS.

  37. Jan says

    Good "Plan-B".! Good to move around rather than sitting in hotel room in such a rainy day.! How'd you rate your this tour compare to one in a sunny day?

  38. bobby george says

    You never had any problem with your stomach Gabriel, having all that ice in your drinks?  I was warned many times about ice in Thailand and Cambodia. I guess some people get really sick and some don't

  39. AlanT says

    A 10 out of 10 video . I really enjoyed this one reminds me of when I watch National Geographic channel here in La Jolla CA.Lady Maria is looking nice as always and I must say٫ the town and the beach are so tranquilo and it makes me super happy and I guess I could live there for a month or so provided it comes with a nice beautiful Russian gf or something similar. One observation though : At one point in your video you said you are going to meet up with Maria over lunch yet I see lunch was served solo and she joined ya later! Sorry I am so detail oriented

  40. Project Pocket Banana says

    The audio quality is pretty surprising for a gopro

  41. Magooch86 says

    Doesn't "ko" mean "island"? So I think you're saying Lanta Island Island 😀

  42. The Grown Ass Man Show says

    Good stuff man

  43. Joe's Travels says

    Classic intro = awesomeness

  44. Raven Muñez says

    bro try visit philippines !

  45. Cristian R. says

    I wish you filmed all your videos with this camera. very clear image and nice 60 fps

  46. Julia Manalo says

    rain jz can't stop u from walking around–and havin fun with that rope huh!! 😂
    ..a different scenery with rain–💛it!!!

  47. RHYMANTV says

    wow….and I thought Pattaya was dirty

  48. Johan Schröder says

    why stay in thailand rainy season?

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