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  1. Joe Duke says

    It means… the game must be upped. Each attack has to capture more hysteria, that means wilder and wilder.

  2. ART DECO says

    WAW..IT A CIA,finger prit ,you suckers !

  3. Maximilian Jehuda Ewert says

    yeah, Snowden.You really need high communication skills to buy a Quran and imagine that stabbing or driving a car over people is lethal? Need an app for that….google earth is totally secret.

    Or they apply what they read n their myquran – app:
    Quran Surat 8 verse 12 "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” could incite Terror, when the Prophet himself only said in the Sunna Sati Al-Bukhari book 4 volume 52 hadith 220 writes “Mohammed said: I have been made victorious with terror”.Everybody can in a free Quran version from the street missionaries of the Salafi read in the Quran Surat 2 vers 191: “kill them wherever you find them” or Surat 4 vers 89: “kill them wherever you find them” or Surat 9 vers 5: “kill them wherever you find them”, more explicit explained Surat 5 verse 33 crucification -beheading-exsanguination by amputation, casting terror Quran, than Surat 3 verse151 or Quran Surat 2 verse 216 – "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it, Quran Surat 9 verse 111 slayn and be slayn, Quran Surat 17 verse 16 destroy a town, Quran Surat 8 verse 67 ‘ It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he had made a great slaughter”, Surat 47 verse 3-4 recommends beheading, Quran Surat 61 verse 10-12 promises for all this paradise as reward.
    (you can also go on quran dot com, for free)
    And Surat 98 verse 6 states “christians and jews are the worst of creatures that will burn in hell.”

  4. Maximilian Jehuda Ewert says

    living in Paris: Public gathering is forbidden by marshall law – only way to reduce attractively of targets.Heavy armed Military (troops of 6 men in full gear) are patrolling the street.That's how we could counter so many attacks after Batlacan. Disguising you face is forbidden since 2010 (including masks and niqab), demanding a caliphate disqualifies for naturalisation.Guess what: The peaceful Moslems love it, as they, too don't get killed. Be a muslimophil islamophob.

  5. Love Muffin says

    As usual, Fox News comments section is filled with Nationalist, racist trash.

  6. clowe73 says

    How’s that nothing burger tasting? You guys still winning?

  7. Captain Jack Sparrow says

    "The ISIS DNA" .. Yes of course.. that's in all brown people with beards.. OH wait.. let me clarify ALL MUSLIMS. Bloody white people. See, this is why Osama bombed people.

  8. Kumaa says

    they should hang him.

  9. GameVlog Molnár Krisztián says

    Finally Good News! Las Vegas and now New York, Hopefully there will be more to come 😀 😀 Ohhh crap..look at that i just farted…it stinks really bad it smells like rotten egg and a dead bird…anyway i'll have another strawberry milkshake! you know what i'm saying?? 😀

  10. i love meow meow says


  11. giovanni paquin says

    No one with a history of mental illness should have access to trucks, let alone V8 engines! We need regulations to restrict access to trucks, vans and cube trucks! Why is no one advocating for more Truck Control? Just common sense regulations!

  12. Stephen hathaway says

    Armed Americans and not one shot fired other than by police officers.

  13. azur bleu says

    Mike Waltz , former adviser of WAR CRIMINAL Dick(head) Cheney . Faux News Lies forgot to mention : Senior Advisor and Policy Director for South Asia and Counterterrorism in the WAR CRIMINAL Bush White House . Send these WAR CRIMINALS to the ICC

  14. thijsjong says

    Gun ban worked. He was not able to get real fire-arms. There would have been more victims if he was able to get guns.

  15. Polydynamix says

    Nothing… because these attacks have been consistently happening for decades now… you're still 6 1/2 times more likely to die of a peanut allergy than in a terrorist attack. What it reveals is how easily poorly educated people can be manipulated by sensationalism.

  16. azur bleu says

    I want to be sure to point out Edward Snowden ; Great Lord !!That piece of shitt is blaming Snowden . Cunts dare all

  17. raw data says

    Just another quickie-mart terrorist.
    On a mission from big A.

    They could be anywhere,,,,,, or everywhere.
    Driving your Uber-car.
    Making your slurpie at 7-11.

    Are you afraid?

    Attaching a logical analysis to chaos is a fools errand.

  18. Clark Gable says

    welcome to the SANCTUARY city of New York ….

  19. Chewybrand says

    Kill them all, then give them a fair trial.

  20. Chewybrand says

    Home Depot truck. He didn't look suspicious at all.

  21. Joshua Smith says

    The guy who mentioned Snowden. He's a fucking idiot!

  22. LazyGigolo says

    They all blame the ISIS again and again… The fact is, that until now NO ONE has ever seen a single ISIS fighter: Not in the Internet, not in the Darknet, not in the news, not in a documentary


  23. Norma Smith says


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