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What is Rainy Season Like in Puerto Vallarta? // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog


Where did we eat?

In today’s vlog we ask Hillary some rapid fire questions, we talk about rainy season in Puerto Vallarta, and we show you a crazy storm that came through!

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Hey there! We are Greg and Hillary – a husband and wife team that loves traveling, going on adventures, and helping others do the same! Although we love traveling, at this point in time, we still have full time 9-5 jobs in Dallas, Texas.
In August of 2016, we packed up our things, Greg quit his job, and we moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!
Hillary is working remotely for her CPA firm and Greg is working on this site full time.
We view ourselves as fairly ordinary people, complete with an ordinary income, ordinary jobs, and (unfortunately) an ordinary amount of student loan debt (thanks UNT!).
I know what you are thinking, “Aren’t travel blogs supposed to be written by hippies that don’t have jobs and live in hostels?!” Well don’t you worry, we are working on making that happen! Although we hope to become full time travelers in the next 1-2 years, this site is not necessarily aimed at people that want to travel full time.
Our hope is not that you quit your job and become a long haired, bearded, Volkswagen van driving hippy. Instead, our hope is that after reading our stories you are more inspired to live a more fulfilling life from 5pm-9am!
Why such the emphasis on how ordinary we are? Although we love reading travel blogs, it is easy to feel disconnected from the writers at times. It seems as though they are leading such extraordinary lives that they are somehow doing something that is unreachable to the “average” person.

We are here to prove that wrong. We are here to tell you that even if you work a full-time job and only get two weeks of vacation each year-you still have the power to design an adventurous life for yourself. Afterall, that is exactly where we started before leaving it all behind to live la vida loca!
After having several caffeine induced conversations about how people should travel more and shift their priorities in a way that will lead to a more fulfilling life, we decided to share our stories with you.
Our purpose in creating Kinetic Kennons is to share our stories of travels, adventures, and funny mishaps and to inspire others to design a life full of exploration. Throughout this site you will find posts about how to go on a cheap weekend trip, funny stories such as the time Hillary forgot to update her passport before an international trip, and inspirational rants on why you should lead a more adventurous life!

  1. Kinetic Kennons says

    What's your favorite movie?

  2. Francisco Miranda Hernández says

    Hey guys. Every time I see the rain, reminds me a phrase of a great Argentinian writer, Jorge Luis Borges: "The ancient elementary joy of the rain": My favorite movie is "Seven" with Morgan Freeman and Brat Pitt. By the way, I enjoy every one of your videos.

  3. Hombre de Mercurio says

    En Puerto Vallarta llueve muy muy fuerte, recuerdo que en unas vacaciones de verano nos quedamos 2 días enel hotel sin poder disfrutar de la playa por el tremendo aguacero u.u

  4. Julie Hall says

    I asked on Facebook if there are thunderstorms in PV! This is your best video yet!

  5. Julie Hall says

    Dear Greg, you are standing on a balcony in your undies, in full view of the city. Your faithful followers should see the real PV. Just saying.

  6. Betty A says

    But we got to see the gray black-out block, lol ;-)) Too funny.

  7. Troy Mills says

    LOL, Greg nobody would have noticed you were standing on the balcony in your skivvies (sailor's term for underwear) if you hadn't pointed it out!

    Favorite movie…The Longest Day

  8. Christ is God says

    Doritos in Mexico have chili lmao!! at the bottom of the bag it says chili even though the bag looks the same as the one in the USA.

  9. oXXCzarXXo says

    Heh I hate rainy season here in Dallas😡😡😡

  10. Liza Me says

    Outstanding storm

  11. Luis Las Primadonnas says

    That's what you got for the Hillary's rain dance of the other video, Tlaloc (aztec god of the rain) sent it to you. Even Canadians don't like canadian food, man. You both try to watch REAL football, you call it "soccer" but it is and older sport that the world love (except USA).

  12. Luis Las Primadonnas says

    My favorite movie is Amelie, do you know that movie? Is #really good. Greg's favorite movie: Titanic (I bet he hold Hillary like in the movie all the time)

  13. Luis Las Primadonnas says

    Hillary's face sometimes remind me of Garfield. When he hates mondays. No offense. I mean Garfield but in pretty girl.

  14. SuperBucle says

    Interesting info about Doritos taste difference between countries. Most likely the "mexican coke" case here. Two options: There is actually a change in the secret formulas or just perception disbelief.

  15. Martin Uribe says

    my favorite movies are all horror one, but the ones that really scares me. the ones that makes you jump and yell

  16. Martin Uribe says

    that burgers, omgggggsss I loved it, invite me one 🙂 . also I was gonna tell you, you should say hi to me ib your next video 😉 saludos amigos

  17. juan quintana says


  18. SillyLion says

    I love thunder storms too! Except when the power goes out :/

    Flying ants are reproductive ants in search for mates and to establish a new colony, just in case you didn't know. So if you see them inside your place kill them before they nest.

  19. DesertEmpire says

    I wish I could live in a tropical city. I'm tired of the cold and snow.

  20. Brian Sieve says

    Mexicans call us Estadounidenses. United Staters or United Statesers. That's what I use.

  21. mdsto diamond says

    My favorite movie is an old one, GASLIGHT in 1944.  Thanks Greg and Hillary for waking up to shoot the storm.  Makes me miss my July visit this year. :):   One thing to remember is that the Bay has 3 rivers depositing sediment from the Airport to where you are staying.  Think of it as an adventure as you never know what is lurking just underneath the water,.  LOL.  JK.

  22. carlos salpro says

    you should go to playa gemelas

  23. E T says

    Wow!! se ve rico el guacamole 😍😍😍🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  24. digitalmanolo84 says

    My favorite movie is "Das boot".

  25. Luyz Qint says

    Wow, that is some serious rain. I don't think I have ever seen anything close to that, here in Los Angeles.

    I was thinking about PV as a place to relocate, but after hearing you say that Doritos, do not taste the same as in the US, that is deal breaker for me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Rei says

    Favorite movie is The motorcycle diaries

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