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What Mueller’s Investigation Could Mean for President Trump | NYT News


The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, will likely reach one of two conclusions about the president: Either there is evidence that he broke the law, or there is not. Mike Schmidt, a New York Times reporter, explains the possible outcomes.

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  1. Bobby B says

    Or TRUMP is cleared. Is this not a option? New York Times Hack.

  2. Aaron P says

    What we should be asking about and thinking is “What if this really is a witch hunt?” Because if it is Democrats lost the support of true Americans and will be viewed as the petty party

  3. LA One says

    This is some kind of fkn joke, but we already have one – trump!

  4. iamundergrace says

    Nothing. It could mean nothing.

  5. David Cares says

    How about muller goes to jail for treason for trying to take down the President.

  6. David Cares says

    If they impeach the president the media best hide especially the new york times.

  7. Palla d'Obry says

    So called Mueller investigation is highly questionable and controversial, to say the very least. It was hastily triggered by basically Obama supporting officials in direct response to the loss of the corrupt Democratic candidate, unfortunately, supported by large proportion of brainwashed Americans. This investigation means NOTHING to President Trump. Pure and simple for all NYT readers of political news. Stay safe :-).

  8. Tony Bobér says

    Subliminal message here? He is basically saying, without being direct about it, because they cant, is that if we vote Democrat on the midterms, Mueller will then take option number two, and indict the President. So, we are to believe that voting for Democrats regardless their qualifications or political ideas is the now the next stupid plan? This sounds like a desperate "Hail Mary" to me. The lies and accusations you have written about our President are no longer holding water, hence the desperate measures. It is too late for Mueller and it is definitely too late for the Democrats, both had their shots and both missed.

    Wouldn't a simple report that there was no Russian collusion or obstruction, be better off for you guys, both politically and morally? I mean I know its the truth and very difficult for you to report that. CNN has already begun to turn their views on Trump, you guys can do it too. Stop the lies and join the truth, because this stupid video did not fool me nor the rest of us.

  9. Kent Leser says

    It's funny, the Dems will find any excuse to prosecute Trump, meanwhile the republicans are completely divided over supporting Trump, I'm not big on Trump but I support those who demand evidence against Trump before assuming he contact with Russia

  10. 4swordkeeper says

    Free Tommy Robinson
    Arrest the judge
    Hey new York times. ..
    Stop being evil

  11. Ellen Spear says

    There should have been impeachment proceedings begun on inauguration day.

  12. Renzo says

    The pressure is VERY GREAT on the Republicans to rig the midterm elections.
    If they allow free and fair elections…..they are sunk.
    And they know it!

  13. robert jr says

    But let's forget Hillary right bleach selling Russia our uranium ya let's forget


    Laundering gazillions of rubles could be rather damning!

  15. daveme7 Emme says

    What about being a money launderer for the Russian mafia? Yes, a President can indeed be impeached for actions one took before becoming President.

  16. elal solaero says

    how did it go from hillarys  investigation too trumps investigation and where was rosenstien at Hillary then Donald Trump

  17. Chance Willkomm says

    I am watching the 5th estate right now…. What it shows to an indifferent and objective viewer is this:

    New York Times and the print business are a dying industry because of Google and FB. During their meeting minutes, the journalists are being praised for bringing in views or subscriptions to keep their business alive. This pressure applied by upper management is a conflict of interest between ethics and profits. The editor is also the CEO so wearing two hats is a conflict of interest. They are competing with Washington Post as to who will be first to deliver the news of the day. This is the reason why they are failing. Their content has become questionable and has destroyed their reputation by playing semantics and jargon supporting a hyperbolic headline. Sometimes completely false as suggested by James Comey during his senate testimony. They are supplementing their revenue through anti trump propaganda for now because they have an audience for it. Unfortunately, being this shortsighted suggest they know after his presidency, there will be nothing more for them to cover.

    Every day it is their job to create a story within a story because Russiagate the biggest story in YEARS. Even going back to the the Obama administration. This is because the media rested on their laurels by enjoying the social networking and perks during Obama's term. Such as socializing with Hollywood, cocktail parties, access to politicians to advance individual careers and thinking the same way instead of challenging the government and reporting policy on capitol hill. They are always playing catch up and following CNN who seems to have more access to news than anyone else. The first thing the editor should have done to protect their reputation during their brainstorming phase is to have diversity of thought. An editor to ensure quality assurance, should have both sides discussed so if they choose a narrative, they could walk a thin line that has truths to both sides. He cannot say no to his team because he is a weak leader. His team is overzealous but it is sad to see the foot soldiers having to call up to management and ask if this headline or story meets the talking points of what management wants and not necessarily truth.

    This is the bubble that people are talking about. These journalist are chasing a story based on speculation not evidence for the wrong reasons. These people are sleep deprived maybe getting 2-4 hours a sleep a day. They have no personal life but to be obsessed with coming first with the news. This skewed work schedule has taken over their life. The irony of this show is they they are portraying how hard they work to find the truth but in reality they are showing what is wrong with the media today.

  18. Gordon Reiher says

    Remember when Presidents trusted law enforcement and distrusted Russia?

  19. [email protected] says

    Sounds like politics so many twists as usual

  20. Ja Ja says

    time to turn the microscope on the investigators, and it won't be pretty at all.

  21. Dick Nanigans says

    1 year, $17,000,000 wasted. If there was meddling, then come out with it, stop dicking around.

  22. Mathew Williams says

    The dems need to win the house dammit

  23. Moon Na says

    I dont think anything will happen. gotta look toward 2020

  24. blackbusiness7 says

    I believe TYT reported that even if there is a blue wave that put the senate back in democratic control, you would still need around 12 Republicans to cross over to get the necessary votes for impeachment. So nothing will happen post investigation. I'm surprised this reporter didn't mention this tidbit in his reporting if true.

  25. George Millar says

    Lol still no legitimate evidence. All those "indictments" that have surrounded Trump have absolutely nothing to do with Russia or the current investigation. The indictments are because of issues not related to the Trump campaign or Russia. All mueller can grab at is low hanging fruit to save the investigation and his integrity.

  26. elal solaero says

    and how come the new President shows you everything hes doing everyday for the last year in that position when the prior president did not do the same

  27. elal solaero says

    and what would happen if the current president suddenly surrendered whould they go after him still in a criminal investigation or a counterintelligence investigation

  28. elal solaero says

    and when I began watching the Hillary Clinton investigation Jason chavetts issuded subpheonas that are STILL UNANSWERED Why??

  29. elal solaero says

    then she found him at some convention and walked all the way up in the grand stands and shook his handok ur dealing with a vevr photo graphic memory here and your memory like in your pc personal relieves the bottleneck in your brains that you only can forget

  30. Healthy Skeptic says

    Republicunts have not only the wrong attitude towards law enforcement (Ironically) but they're also the shittiest kind of people on this earth…period.

  31. Dean says

    excepting the most egregious findings of alleged trump wrongdoing in the report (very, very unlikely), i doubt even a democratic held house could do much if the domestic economy remains very good.

  32. Johnny Martinez says

    Russian and Isaraeli Trolls are all over this one folks. Means only that this story is of upmost importance to the Kremlin, Trump, etc, and must be discredited at all cost.

  33. grand unified says

    Hey! Dont spoil the surprise! Lock him up lock him up ! Subpoena his taxes

  34. Gregory Thompson says

    This cadence is suited for idiots. please go faster. cant watch the whole thing lol

  35. Dan Man says

    Don't pretend to do journalism. It's better to just say nothing.

  36. Matt Sweeney says

    Not going to watch this video. you guys need to stop dreaming and hoping and praying and just except that he is President. Mueller isn't going to take Trump down. Mueller isn't even going to get the time of day from Trump. He want get an interview. He won't get jack. That's the way it's going to be.

  37. Noble D. says

    Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference
    Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional'

  38. xxxTRISTAMxxx says

    That clarifies the process…great job!


    If Trump goes economy will be destroyed

  40. Ant G says

    Trump is the perfect manifestation of the values the Republican party value the most. Greed, Obstruction of Justice, and Power GOP.

  41. Keevin Henley says

    Ok, but why can't Donald go to prison too?

  42. Daniel Weaver says

    What happens when the Special Counsel attempts to indict the President with Rossenstein's approval, but Trump fires Rossenstein before the indictment can be carried out?
    Just a hypothetical…. Not like Trump would ever do anything like that.

  43. Dale Ray says

    If You attempt to Educate, Educate Yourself first. The President, or even GOD Itself, can be Indicted by any Sovereign State or Federal Grand Jury. For any "apparent" Crimes committed before, during or after the Term as POTUS. The "ONLY" Debate, is when that Indictment is Served upon the Perp! I think, that Mueller will be waiting at the WH Gate. When TRUMP is ceremoniously Evicted!

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