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What to do in Auckland | Exploring the City & Surrounds – New Zealand Vlog


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Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!!

We also run a travel blog over at if you want to see personal recounts, photography, tips & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest.


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  1. Douglas Brown says


  2. Taka Taka says

    Hello from Japan!

  3. MrSoBitchy says

    The raw food looks surprisingly good

  4. Brianna Combs says


  5. Douglas Brown says
  6. Douglas Brown says

    I dig the reversed waterfall shot and the titles in the grass 👍

  7. Yeah it's me From that other video says

    Omayghad finally!!! Yasss I need this in my life!
    I Love You guys💯

  8. Flying The Nest says

    Okay, official New Zealand vlogs HAVE BEGUN!!! Woohoo!!
    —> Grab the limited edition original merch here //
    —> Auckland meetup details here:

  9. Sir_memes_alot says


  10. Alex Bewick says

    My old school bus literally rolled right past you 😂

  11. Heather M says

    So beautiful! Really incredible vlogs! So excited for the merch! ❤❤

  12. Daddo Valentine says

    Black sand so amazing if only we had Black sand in Australia D&M

  13. olenick 7734 says

    Great drone shots, nice views of the city.. Looking forward to the trip, via your videos..

  14. JJ's Journey says

    Haha, our stuff is also always floating around everywhere in the room🙈 Looking forward to your road trip!😊

  15. Steffineller says

    Great vid like always .You guys are so funny 😂 @10:06 min That’s so true that you guys always get unhealthy food recommendations. But what is traveling without yummy food ?❤️

  16. JessChillinAbout says

    Haha good old kiwi and Aussie rivalry 😅 I love sarcasm but always have to check I’m not offending anyone 🤔also that ice cream place I’ve never been to, that price sounded crazy!! I live 20mins north of Devonport 🤗

  17. Lori Uhacz says

    What is the name of the travel company?

  18. Sassynic8 says


  19. Deb Yea says

    Great video can't wait to see all of the new Zealand stuff cheers me up in dreary rainy UK, and then you get to go back to Perth just bliss!

  20. Deb Yea says

    Love the waterfall really want to go to new zealand

  21. Kirsty S says

    $20 for an ice cream :O NO WAY would I ever pay that!!! that's so expensive!!!!

  22. majainlana says

    Baby Sydney?! Girl, bye! 🙂 🙂

  23. Don't Forget To Live says

    I wanna know what the Hum dinger of a breakfast iiiissss, haha

  24. Margot Love says

    I have to disagree with you when you say once you have done the tour there is ‘nothing left to see’. Dunedin is the best City in NZ!

  25. Lauren Mulcahy says

    Ok I hope u haven’t left Auckland yet! Firstly go to’s awesome! Secondly go to Best Ugly Bagel for breakfast. Maple iced coffee and the avocado, tomato bagel will blow your mind. It’s the first thing I get when I step off the plane in Auckland

  26. yochilloutbro says

    awesome vlog 👍✌😊

  27. Psychphuq says

    WoW… 21 Dollars, regardless of which Dollar, is a lot for ice-cream… (unless it's a > 1lt)
    I'm sure it was delicious though… 🙂

  28. Arbitrary Exploration says

    Beautiful! The best tours are provided by locals who know you. It is awesome that you have a friend, to show you around and give you a look at the local life.

  29. Georgia Wong says

    It better be good for the price that you paid for an ice cream! LOL

  30. Loz says

    As a Kiwi who has been overseas for 8 months it's so nice to see a little taste of home! Hope you're going to Christchurch!!

  31. Bianca Deschenes says

    I'm from Quebec, Canada. …. has anyone ever told you that you look like Alex Nevsky, he's a judge on La Voix Québec ( the voice )

  32. AnzacKiwiAstrix says

    Best way of putting it is the North Islands are the previews and the South Islands are the main show. enjoy it.

  33. Polkadot Passport says

    Awww love you guys & loved showing you around Auckland 🙌🏼 I better have got a five star uber rating 😜

  34. Melanie Celestee says

    Love the video as always guys! Totally hooked! Lol i also just bought a lovely Flying the Nest hoodie!! Yay!

  35. madhu thiruvengad says

    loving it !!!!!!!! worth the wait .

  36. Tayla Main says

    I’m happy you enjoyed my home country. I live in Auckland. Best place in the world

  37. Farhan Ali says

    Finally you are in My favorite Country (obsessed Nz)

  38. Anywhere With Phil says

    Cool quick review of Auckland. I hope to go there summer of 19 so your video is the beginning of my research. Thanks!.

  39. Blinky Bill says

    awesome work guys! big supporter!

  40. iamluite says

    Mmmm personally Auckland is the most boring city I've lived in. But, this video was still entertaining. First time watching you guys, great job. It's good for inspiration as I'm wanting to do something similar.

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