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What to Do in London in August


A list of events and holidays in London in August. If you’re visiting London in August, get involved with some of these cool events, parties and more.

Includes the August Bank Holiday, Buckingham Palace Summer Opening, Notting Hill Carnival, Southbank Summer Festivals, and more.

Enjoy London in August… hope you get amazing weather 😀

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  1. Dave Easley says

    Happy early birthday, Jess! Cheers

  2. Abinash Satapathy says

    You did a great job confusing me about planning my trip. 😏 Probably I'll stay there forever so that I'll have experience of all the months. 🙈😍

  3. evancortez2 says

    How often is the last monday of the month a bank holiday? I was there in May and the last Monday was a bank holiday too and that was the day I went to Cardiff 🙂

  4. sergio basilioli says

    Love your videos!

  5. colin dee says

    Very interesting and informative as usual Jess ! PS Happy Birthday !

  6. Deeanda Artoma says

    Great Haircut, do you recommend a salon in London?

  7. Leo Howard says

    Great video as always Jess

  8. Dubjax 24 says

    Notting Hill Carnival is a must, it's fantastic.

  9. Alan Van Landschoot says

    Happy B-day Jess!! Glad you mentioned it. (My b-day is also in August; the 17th). Saludos!

  10. Mick 'Moody' says

    You're doing great Jess!! Hope your passport thing last week for you staying in London went well………….. hope it wasn't too stressful!! Your videos are the best! Thank you!!!!! (Mick)

  11. Heidi Hall says

    Heading there next week, perfect timing!!

  12. One Blue Boi says

    Hey Love and London! I know you say that you shouldn't really talk to strangers in London because people keep to themselves. But what about meeting people you are interested in like girls to date and what not, how does that work in London? In the US going up to a girl you are interested in chatting them up a bit and getting their number is acceptable, is it not that way in London?

  13. Sheronda Lewis says

    Thanks for this! Will go in Oct but, other birthdays in Aug: the late Queen Mom and Duchess Meghan….and theirs on the same day!

  14. Nicole S says

    Can you do a video on tips of being a US student going to University in the London? Not as a study abroad, but as an international student. Thank you!!

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