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What to Expect at WWDC 2018?


Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference starts off on Monday morning with a keynote event that’s set to take place at 10:00 a.m. This year’s event will be something of a surprise because we haven’t heard many details on what’s coming.

In this video, we go over some of the things we expect to see from Apple at WWDC.

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  1. rafasgoogle says

    Apple use to compete with Apple… not other companies… / Nothing new… No innovation…

  2. セレッシャル says

    I need a New Airpods.

  3. Jeff Bommarito says

    boring as f. no mb pro would be a letdown. not to mention how pathetic siri is…

  4. teeXtra says

    should i buy macbook pro 2017 if they dont upgrade it on wwdc?

  5. Thijs Cornelissen says

    iphone se 2

  6. R l says

    Excellent review. Will they every make a Apple TV head set? 3D bluray and some fancy stuff. Also watch that tells the time without shake rattle and roll.

  7. Trusteft says

    Any chance we will see a zoom in out feature on the timeline of FCPX with the mouse's scroll wheel? Like with every other editor out there? (that i am aware of)

  8. gebebi says

    Where can I get the wallpaper at 1:10 ?

  9. J_lil_Bat says

    u bit fat need gym take care of u

  10. Dominik Maier says

    Really hope to see the new iPad X

  11. Joel Issac says
  12. Cato says

    Really hoping for iPad X

  13. The R says

    iPad X and iPod Touch 7th gen

  14. Lustige Lieferdrohne says

    Bloomberg is wrong, you'll see!

  15. Amitesh Pramanik says

    Apple nowadays is so much profit oriented. Products getting expensive day be day.

  16. Mike Ci says

    ~you people~ (rumor news mill) were pushing the iPad Pro being announced at WWDC since like November. Now suddenly days before that’s all over? I’ve been wanting to finally upgrade from my Air 1 for a while but I want the newest baddest bitch on the market.

  17. Jacob Pettay says

    Really hoping Siri gets a huge upgrade. Apple is so far behind in the assistant game for no good reason.

  18. MrDidaxi says

    I “want”:
    a) an evolved SE
    b) AirPods with noise ISOLATION (for crying out loud; how difficult can this be?) and why not, noise CANCELLATION.
    c) a Pencil, a tad shorter, with a clip, replaceable bits of various caliber and a robust case (in the box)

  19. M Scholtens says

    i hope on apple pay Holland

  20. Roy Villalba says

    iTunes dead. New Apple Music App for macOS and Windows.

  21. TheSparkPlug says

    Why does MacRumors always show pictures with things on the edge of a table? It always puts me on edge. (No pun intended)

  22. Kevin Hurlburt says

    WWDC is just gonna be a big let down it’s not gonna be worth watching No. hardware not worth my time

  23. Venus says

    No. Not just stability. I’m not agreeing for people who saying that.

  24. Flight simulator Fans says

    I really hope to see new iPhone SE version. 😊

  25. Alan says

    Just wait till Monday. Jesus Christ cry babies!

  26. Austin Steikar says

    what is disappointing is how literally in September 2017, apple was primarily focused on the iPhone X. they didn't really add any new features. so when ios11 came out, they had all this time to fix it and now they have pushed back all of this new features. so we have to wait for another year for their new features when they have all this time to do more. I get that there is more to the story but if you think about it. to wait another year for new things that we should've gotten already is disappointing. I hope they deliver big on iOS when it comes to bug fixes. I hope they redesign it as well as fix bugs. just something to feed us for another year.

  27. WhatsUpElvis says


  28. Lothar Scholz says

    Windows failed with merging Mobile and Desktop OS and i hope Apple will not try the same. First which app from mobile is missing on Desktop, mobile apps are a fucking joke compared to desktop. Input is totally different. And cross platform development is already good with Objective-C++ as the basics. Apple MacStore sucks and it will not be used because there is a total different buyer style for Desktop. You do not give away 30% of a $300 application just for fucking listing. And you can't write good apps with all the restrictions for security.

  29. Chirag Malik says

    I want ios 12 in my 5s so hard 🔥🔥😢😢😢

  30. Nicholas Karfoot says

    iPad Pro's with USB-C and the end to the Lighting connector.
    Better MacBook Pro with 32GB RAM UHD display.
    New MacBook Air with TB3

    If none of this happens above then the show tonight will be very boring.

  31. Marius Ciumandru says

    I would like to see an iOS version which does not ask me to plug my iPad Pro to the wall when is on 40% of battery for iOS update, this is ridiculous. How fast that battery could discharge in case of iOS update? Come on Apple !!!

  32. Rhys Gaming says

    Minecraft bedrock for Mac yay

  33. Parker Moss says

    If it’s only software, I’m going to be pissed

  34. maynard cabalitan says

    new macbook air

  35. Jack Yarrow says

    Which I watched this before the keynote cause I was looking forward to new hardware!

  36. Frisk Livd says

    Mac Pro goddamnit! Show us some real hardware instead of accessories.

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