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  1. Miss Rich says


  2. Beth Compton says

    I love going to animation studio when it's too hot

  3. Beth Compton says

    Also, did you watch Tim Trackers visit to Tokoyo Disney?

  4. Jen P. says

    FOP=Flights of Passage at AK.

  5. Aimee Beem says

    When we go to Disneyland we get there early and leave by 1:00 go back to our hotel for lunch and a swim. Then we go back after dinner and finish out the night.

  6. SuperFoxdemon says

    I saw someone post that they missed the California letters but we have the letters here in Sacramento!!!

  7. Mark Williams says

    I have been watching your channel for some time now and I don't know if you really read these comments. But believe me when I say I count you both as friends

  8. Jorge Miguel says

    Take Ian, they may think he is your kid! or We should ask for a adult show of Disney Jr. once a day. But people say the floor you sit on is nasty. so many little kids in 1 place messing in every way possible.

  9. caspermilquetoast411 says

    Good to see you guys having fun with your populace!
    F R E S H * B A K E D !

  10. Steph L says

    Long Beach used to have an amusement park called The Pike.

  11. Nate Dawg says
  12. Rich Foster says

    Saw your cameo on Yensid55 last vid

  13. Notyourmomas Confections says


  14. Mary Cordry says

    We will be there on 6/30 with a young-ish kid if you want to check off Disney Junior off your bucket list 🙂

  15. Katherine Hamar says

    For the most part I don't mind the heat so I just deal (as long as I have water)

  16. Cash mangy says

    the chick in the glasses is type hot
    thick girls over skinny girls
    skinny girls look like the rats from flushed away #Freshbaked

  17. Joseph Kooyman says

    Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey closed thier doors in May of 2017

  18. Crafty Accountant says

    No wedding band for David?

  19. The Bear says

    When "IT'S" Too Crowded. (NEVER forget the apostrophe!)

  20. mandeagogo says

    VEDO! I’m so excited for that!!

  21. Seth Carlow says

    FreshBaked Awesome video

  22. Stephanie Lopez says

    I refused to be in twitter. It’s just pure noise of people saying stupid s***.

    The voice sound older than she looks, thats what it is guys.

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