Find local, breaking news for the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan; plus, a New York events calendar and vintage NYC photos
  1. eleni sp says

    You do great job with your videos..actually you're the only one I watch in YouTube!!! You help and inspire people that's a big thing!!! Next time travel to Crete island you'll love it! During summer they have straight flights from Norway to Crete 💗

  2. Jonas says

    You made some great choices in NYC and glad it lived up to your expectations! I have watched lots of your videos on other places so it was nice to see you review a city in the US. If you like to eat, you should check out New Orleans, or Dallas, TX for some great cuisine as well.

  3. Gunnar Sandberg says

    Going over to New York in Easter time with friends and family! Guess We have to check out some of them! 😉 I'm not much of a chef, but seen some of your dishes I bet you could given them some competition! xD ..Had a little vacation in Altea and Alfas, Spain where my parents have cottage, and now coming home to Norway and -20 degrees Celsius… Gotta <3 Norway though! … Haven't been in Portugal yet, but maybe in summer… Haha…remember I first saw your channel by searching for "easy Apple Pie" because me and some girls needed a recipe on how to EASY make an apple pie! After that I occasionally followed you, and really proud of what you have achieved Monica! <3

  4. Mister Human says

    Hey, I am Indian. You should definitely visit India, specially Udaipur. Love your videos.
    I am a 10th grader and wish to study medicine in Norway. Can you make a video on that?

  5. Chloe says

    I vote that you keep making videos like this because, just like you do, travelling and food are my 2 main passions 😀 <3

  6. Giovana Kraft says

    Olá, Mon! 🙂
    Seria interessante um vídeo sobre lugares para comer em Oslo! Eu já visitei a cidade uma vez, mas conheci poucos restaurantes e bares. Aliás, também seria bacana um vídeo com uma tour por lugares legais de conhecer em Oslo.
    Parabéns pelo canal. Você é uma pessoa encantadora!

  7. Ajay Phougat says

    love travel videos, would love to see more from norway.thanks.

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