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Who Killed the Kiev Protestors? Videos May Reveal the Answer | NYT – Visual Investigations


Lawyers in Ukraine hope a forensic analysis of videos can provide critical evidence against a paramilitary force accused of killing 48 protesters in 2014.

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  1. Hardcore Panda says

    his partner was holding a gun so easy target for cops?

  2. h says

    Why does it matter?

  3. Alex G says

    Tell us about 2nd may in Odessa.

  4. Layenne Rodrigues says

    Olá! Só Brasileira e tenho vídeos das manifestações por todo o país. Nossa manifestação não é apenas em relação ao combustível, como diz o governo, mas em relação a todos os impostos exorbitantes que pagamos, ao descaso à educação, saúde e segurança do país e também contra a corrupção.
    Somos um dos países que mais paga impostos no mundo e não aguentamos mais.
    As manifestações seguirão e na madrugada de segunda -feira, por volta das 00h nosso povo vai a Brasília pressionar mais uma vez o governo pedindo a queda não só do presidente, mas de todos que estão no poder atualmente.
    Caso queiram saber mais, estou à disposição para lhes mostrar os fatos que a mídia Brasileira esconde por ser comprada pelo governo.

  5. Eric Von says

    Who shot the protestors? The snipers who were NOT working for the government.

  6. Graphic .J says

    Good video. Hope justice is served. Doubt it but who knows.

  7. Slav Wave says

    How was shooting the protestor an incorrect response in this case? The man willingly advanced on a police barricade brandishing a weapon. What did he expect biscuits and tea?

  8. Mr_Rockito says

    This is America (soon)… 🙁

  9. Shenaz Treasurywala 風扇 says

    Muslims are doing this 😡😡😡

  10. BlitzkriegRap says

    Obama encouraged Ukraine and then left them fend for themselves lol.

  11. Sol Invictus says

    My heart goes out to those dead protestors. Yeah they were carrying guns that posed a threat to the police, who rightly were scared for their own lives and thus justified to shoot at them, but when I see the torchlight marches the members of their group have today while making Nazi-like salutes, I see that their deaths served a higher purpose.
    Wait, have I lost my mind? Must have misplaced it somewhere while watching this piece of yellow journalism.

  12. Yoon Danha says

    stalin said one man's death matters but a million's not. you guys had to done it years ago when this particular death was historical event.

  13. Phil Booysen says

    This looked very credible until I saw it is a NYT report. I don’t believe a thread of it now.

  14. Simiral Entertainment says

    Any small pebble in the mountains that rolls down the slope is also the work of the CIA.

  15. OLD JS says

    you come back again after 4 years !

  16. Shaun O'Brien says

    Let me guess.. Trump shot those people?

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