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Why is BHUTAN $250/day to Visit?


Bhutan is one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit, charging a tax (or fee) of $250 per person PER DAY. No way around it, unless you hold an Indian passport where you are exempt from these fees. Yes, Bhutan is expensive, but yes, Bhutan is worth it (trust me!)


In this video, I explain the reasoning behind why the Bhutanese government charges such a hefty fee, and why I strongly believe that it’s worth spending the money to visit!

Have you ever been to Bhutan? Are you planning to go? Stay tuned for tomorrow, as we’re going to hike up to the famous Tiger’s Nest!

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  1. Tenzin Gyeltshen Wangyel says

    I am a Bhutanese any questions?

    Btw although plastics has been ban u can still see them.

  2. gotwoh3ll says

    Fuck bhuton

  3. The last dark world says

    Butan sounds like their freedom was taken away.but in usa, FREEDOM!!!

  4. Arpan Karki says

    Bhutan is like northkorea of south asia.. they are best at fooling western population.. on the name of preserving culture and nature they exectuted one of the biggest ethnic cleansing plan.. forcing their people to wear just one type of cloth speak one language and practice one religion.. western world sees oppression on tibet on north korea even in terai of nepal but they don't see anything wrong in bhutan.

  5. Adrian J Nyaoi says

    That is the cost, not a tax. You spend more than that vidting the Uk or US

  6. Flash803 SQBZ says

    $250 😂😂😂 nope thx.

  7. Legendary Arpon says

    Not for Bangladeshis hehe

  8. verily humane says

    Animal rights are more than human rights that itself shows how backward people of this country are, freakin retards. No wonder how the state sponsored terrorism is on the rise in this nation. The buddhist terrorists have carried out a genocide on rohingya women, children and men.

  9. Aaron Gibb says

    To be fair 250$ for a hotel room, tour guide, transportation, food, and entertainment isn’t that much.

  10. Callem Taurerewa says

    I don’t think it’s very expensive considering what you get. Good on them for playing by their own rules

  11. Architect172 says

    pritty steap price for a broken ass country.

  12. resa nags says

    I'm sorry but i don't like your videos…
    I love them❤
    Short, educational and really fun to watch.
    Wish i could be like you..

  13. bal atis says

    There laws are amazing

  14. Pswagg says

    Is it only me or did anyone else notice the fly at 1:50

  15. Depe Dulal says

    Bhutan is a highest per capita generator of Refugees in the world! Bhutan evicted 110,000 citizen from the country, who believed in faith other than the King. Bhutan today has denied citizenship to thousands of people who are in the county even before the king. In the name of keeping culture Royal Bhutan Armies killed, raped and tortured thousands of its citizen and forced them out of their country.
    Gross National Happiness is based on king’s idea of increasing tourism not on the fact.
    Today there are hundreds and thousands of Bhutanese inside Bhutan who are going through mental health and drugs problems but this county lacks mental health hospital. Bhutan today Banned all other languages spoken by its citizens and force people to speak the language of King’s Family to the people.
    High ranking government positions are provided for Kings clan and other people don’t have anything to say on this.

  16. Humayoun Roshid says

    Bhutan is a very beautiful country, and the people are very friendly..
    Im a Bangladeshi and it s free for a Bangladeshi.

  17. Nunya Bidness says

    glorified communism… for dumb tourist willing to pay a fortune to see it. wow.

  18. ShoppingTrolley Rebel says

    fuck off communist

  19. gamerED says

    So only rich people can go there

  20. Debangsu Sarkar says

    Bhutan is just a 12 hour drive from my home. Still never been there..

  21. Jon Stewart says

    A book called “Material World” released about 1995 had a statistically average family from Bhutan. The father was a peaceful and devout Buddhist, and the mother that was the main focus was happiest when there were enough crops for the harvest. She didn’t know her exact age. They lived in a barn with two levels where constant flies were a nuisance and their meals consisted mainly of red rice, cheese from their goats, and green chiles.

  22. Reeta Sharma says

    We Indians and also Bangladeshi does not have to give 250 dollars a day

  23. Reeta Sharma says

    Fir Indians it's free because we provide them military

  24. gvi341984 says

    To pay the government for its regular ethnic cleansing and how the people are forced into antiquity

  25. abcd1234 says

    People who are citizens of Bangladesh / India / Maldives can travel to Bhutan completely free with no visa requirement and no fees and no need for a tour guide. But for people from every other country (other than those three mentioned) it is extremely expensive.

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