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Why We’ll Never Be Truly Free


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Mark Zuckerberg faces European parliament:

EU social media regulation:

UK Government to regulate Internet:

Woman criticising EU’s open border policy:

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  1. Joseph Selkow says

    Freedom is not an absolute thing. There are degrees of freedom. We have more freedom in the USA than people in Mexico, or the middle east, but still need a license to go fishing.

  2. Harold Williams says

    Extremely well stated. I'm sharing this…

  3. Me Alexander says

    Democracy and capitalism are both being sabotaged by marxists !

  4. Dinoslay says

    "Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best of intentions."

  5. Hel says

    Actually, you can be free and secure, just not by giving up your freedom; then you'll never be safe. One who is not free is a slave, and slaves are often treated as cattle.

  6. Flare Elite says

    I-i have no faith!!

  7. Shockadelic says

    You are aware that we did have no welfare state once.
    And it was the terrible living conditions of the poor that led to the socialist/communist ideology finding an audience.
    What's the point in repeating history?

    There is nothing inherently wrong with restrictive laws or taxes.
    It is the degree too far, the excesses that need to be curbed.
    And you can do that through direct democracy.
    The People wouldn't vote for 80% of the regulations, taxes and laws parties have introduced.
    But elected party politicians do, because it's their *job*.
    They have to add more, more, more to justify their own existence as paid politicians/legislators.

  8. ivan55599 says

    "We are born to system, things are already written to stone, there is no referendum" – And therefore we need revolution, like communists do?

  9. Generic Internetter says


    Because we are animals that require certain things from the world, and to obtain these things we must input effort or fall victim to natural selection (die).
    Food, shelter, clothing, security… To name a few.
    Everything that makes up our modern "civilized" world is actually based on those kinds of requirements that nature demands of us.

  10. TheGreatBritishFarm says

    I think taxation should be risen the more money they earn, not so much that they arent earning any money above the point of say £100,000, but just enough to keep them going. Ultimately, nobody should be earning more than 200-250,000 every year

  11. Fable Man says

    A bird that walks into a cage by its own choice will sing much sweeter.

    It is all about choices.

    Choices keep us feeling in power, even when we're not.

    Ultimate freedom (infinite choices with the ablility to pursue every single one) if ultimate nothing.

    The world without governments in years gone by still gave us choices to be made – natural ones – but a government superficially inposes them.

    The weak human loves these choices, they comfort and let us deal with the burden or having to make ones own way.

    We allow these choices to be offered.

    We are given choice A or B. But we cannot see choices C, D, E and all the way to Z, even the alternative and different choices such ad choices 27 or 28B62.

    You may feel the supermaket has catered more to your needs when your choice of bike colour is red or blue; even if they are all the same model.

    The same is with voting.

    We feel in power. I know there have been times in the Uk parliment when Red and Blue have been almost identical.

    The overall state is what controlls us, not a party or parts of a party.

    We are fooled into being given a nice comforting choice, one on a one-dimensional 'spectrum': Right or Left.

    That is the language we are told to reason and argue with.

    But that is not all of politics.

    Say not Right or Left but TOTALITARIAN or freedom.

    Without the ability to argue about the 'totalitarianism' of a policy – we switch between policies that are right and left like a pendulium: yet we will always be decending into a totalitarian nightmare.

    Look at INGSOC in 1984 by George Orwell. The government professes to hate capitalist pigs, yet at thr same time seeks to rid the world of the damm socialites.

    Fascism may hide behind conservative values and communism behind socialist ones but in the end they are all the same.

    They all commit horrendous acts. They all stifle the very essence that makes use human. They all stop development. They all are hard to escape from.

    They are all TOTALITARIAN.

    And they have a problem: everyone loves freedom.

    They get around that by offering mini-freedoms: choices.

    You may choose how you play your hand, but in the end the dealer is ALWAYS in controll.

    How to avoid this fate? Avoid party politics, avoid being told good ideas for policy. By all means analyse them; but make your own opinion. Self-actualize.

  12. Just B. Cause says

    Freedom or Security
    Freedom from Fear
    Fear of Freedom
    Security is Fear

  13. Arseniy Yavorśkyi says

    there's a problem with your logic: it's not just you and your evil government. it's you, your evil government, and even more evil foreign government that seeks to destroy and enslave you in a way you can't even imagine. you're so used to living under your own government that you're forgetting the problems it solves, and only noticing the problems it doesn't solve. I think this is worth taking into consideration.

  14. blinded journeyman says

    Been saying this to family for years. They never listen.

  15. Jyri Väätäinen says

    They say we are free, yet "we are seen unknown", if we don't buy into their system. I have no TV, no Radio, no Microwave… yet they almost see me dangerous or crazy. Like there is something so special about having tell lies vision.

    Almost all people walking my house, ask in a first second, oh you don't have TV? Where's your microwave? You don't listen music on radio? Now. I show them my laptop, here's my TV, YouTube and here's my Radio, Google Music.

    In Finland you had to subscribe for TV viewing if you had one. Then they realised most people watched TV for FREE. Because yes someone was walking from time to time asking if you watch TV and if you pay for that.

    These people had no rights to come in, so technically you could just say I don't have TV while watching afterwards. Now. I don't have TV for REAL. I need to pay now, because TV license is now in taxation. You'll pay.

    You have no other option. We are not FREE, when we need to pay for their tell lies vision, programming people. There is a reason why they have same speakers on TV and Radio year after year after year. It's programming.

    Without TV, News, Radio and Sports everything is better. Remember the TV was announced as soaps for women and sports for men. People nowadays are hooked to these things. I just go other side in my life.

    Minimalism is the answer. I don't need TV or other bigger TV's they are advertising.

    I better spend time with myself doing sports than pay someone else to run with a ball watching that…

    FREEDOM? Gone long ago.

  16. Kermit Peck/TM says

    this is why, we need to go back to more tribal means. this is why, the native americans had a well organized and structured society. this is why, no amount of "being civilized" equals freedom, liberty and happiness over long term.
    in nature, YOU ARE NOT SAFE PERIOD!

  17. Nevets556 says

    This video reminds me of the FREEDOM! book by Adam Kokesh.

  18. Daniel Morse says

    You're hitting on a core problem of economic liberalism: For markets to operate properly you need a state strong enough to enforce property rights. That obviously takes resources, which is why you need taxation, but more importantly any state strong enough to enforce property rights is also strong enough to seize property and redistribute it.

  19. steamtacular says

    In a situation where there's no welfare state "flipping the monopoly board" means pillaging then burning.
    So folks like Zuckerberg, Gates, the Rothschild family, etc would be dragged from their mansions and put down like the animals they are while the populace "redistributed" what they had hoarded.

  20. Karim Khloufi says

    exactly.. they will use kids as their legitime right to know better..

  21. issei sawada says

    Interesting insight.

  22. Lucy Kelly says

    Bullying could be a false flag. Its not enough reason to destroy free speech, anyway!

    But do you know that the Rotherham area abuse victims have named 200+ local councillors and police as child sex abusers? And that none have been charged? Such controllers as protect child sex abusers would not be hesitant to allow or encourage bullying of children to impose controls on the general population. All they would have to do is to remove sufficient resources to control bullying eg by overcrowding classes to prevent effective control of students.

    Govts do false flags, using soldiers. Why think their children, who will go into the armed forces, would not bully when told to, and why think that teachers would stop them? Schools and the military are agents of the state!

  23. 888Caz says

    Still, we have to consider the elderly, disabled, children etc. National Insurance should take care of that. Taxation is another matter. This is freebies for corporate government forces and their corporate friends. Voter non-registration/no contract with UK/EU corporations is the ultimate road. Difficult to get on if poor tho.

  24. 00rphb says

    The reason why Nationalism is more important then any other ideology, is that regardless of whether our government is a totalitarian Marxist dictatorship, a literal crucifying infidel sharia state or a freedom loving minarchist state it will always just be our government. One society may fall while another rises, but there will always be liberty somewhere. Globalism is the only true threat to mankind because it seeks to impose its vision on everyone at once.

  25. ItIsOK tobeMale says

    When you sacrifice a little freedom for a lot of security then it is a good deal but when you start to give up a lot of freedom for a little bit if security then you know you are getting the shaft.

  26. Julef Mapper says

    You forget one thing:
    Enterprises are not ideal either.
    You can't put confidence on them for education and health care, just look at the US.
    If you want to have good free education, you need to live in a state that can afford it and that has your competence as being profitable to them.

  27. Danny Fubar says

    The thought police will reap exactly what they sow. It will cost millions of live's in the end to set things right. Until that day.

  28. Brodaviing says

    Those who cannot organise security in a free state are doomed to become slaves.

  29. Cúacles says

    My tinfoil hat tells me that dave needs to stay off the kool-aid for a while, but really want worse comes to worse people will repeat the cycle anyways so what does it matter?

  30. AnimalArcher says

    It's about finding the right balance. Too much freedom, no laws or taxes, and society would break down. Too much, and 1984 looks like a fucking 4 bedroom condo w/ free room service

  31. Gandalfwiz2007 says

    This is why i pirate everything!

  32. Ian McDaid says

    The point you're missing is that it's usually women that will call for State intervention, especially once they have children. Most mothers would gladly sacrifice the freedoms of everybody else if she believes that will help keep her child safe. This is what makes women so much easier to manipulate by Govts.

  33. TheSaltyBoy :’3 says

    Im European and I’ll say that the EU isn’t the best. Never was, Never will be. Especially if these rules and regulations comes through, How TF will i ever enjoy the internet in the same way agian???

  34. Laughing At You says

    You've turned into the anarchist idiot that believes taxing is theft despite the police you call when you're robbed, the firemen you call when your house burns down, the bus you ride to work, the roads it travels on, the repair services that keep your workplace running and the safety authority that makes sure you don't suffocate in it are ALL paid with taxes.

  35. Laughing At You says

    Yes. There are limits on freedom. For instance, I, and the people around me don't have the freedom to randomly open fire. You CAN have both because freedom and security exist in equal measure and can be exchanged for the other in varying degrees. For instance, in a world where you're the only human, you can do literally whatever you want, provided it can be done by one person. In a world of ultimate security, you live in a totalitarian state akin to fucking INGSOC. In most well maintained, libertarian, individualist societies, while you do not have the freedom to do literally anything you want, you usually have enough freedom to pursue your own goals and ambitions, provided they aren't active murder, because that'd also deny other peoples freedoms. A world of complete freedom has none of the security to do what you want. You can't become a chef, open a business, buy a car, or compute anything, because you'll get stabbed and robbed by looters. Freedom without security is anarchy.

  36. אלעד צגח says

    The left have no idea what they are doing they destroying freedom of speech and they are socialists and they no idea what install a socialist government look at south America it's a shithole look at China people are first work they ass off a and get little pay and guess how many people die from a idea from Marx over 60 million from Mao and just one new socialism is going be maybe worst being a man defect like autism person can consider anything you do the does not want is hate speech.

  37. DarthShadie says

    We've installed a second Modem just for the kids, where access is restricted to sites, password protected to make changes, we have white listed safe games and sites, and black listed others. They can try to enter, for example Facebook, and will not gain access. We monitor what they play with notifications to ensure they don't go on "games" that are more social media platform like Movie Star Planet or Transformice, and we educate them as to the reasons why, so that they know we'Re not trying to control them but educate and protect them. So protecting the children has been an task that we took upon ourselves because we don'T want them watching the likes of Jake Paul and such nonsense. So we don'T need the government to issue rules and regulations to protect our children. We're doing that ourselves. Our sites that we as adults visit, like YouTube and social media don't need to be censored for any guise.

  38. DarthShadie says

    3:23 That's Voluntarism! Loving it.

  39. Guck Foogle says

    You sir know what you are talking about.

  40. Mialiah H says

    This was really good, really well laid out. Thank you.

  41. Nikolaus Kotzinetsi says

    I wonder, what you think about about this: if taxation is theft and you don't want to pay taxes, then you should be fine that if you get badly injured or get serious illness like cancer, you should pay costs by yourself, like in USA. If you don't like your country's cheap healthcare system paid by taxpayers' money, then you're welcome to leave from that country. Or do you have a backup plan for that? I would like to know.

  42. Corvo says

    Democracy, the creater of dictators…

  43. Ulrna says

    Not human beings, politicians

  44. fight cafe says

    I like this. 😀

  45. Dick Penisman says

    If the internet is so dangerous for children then why noy just make kids stay off it until they are old enough? You don't see strip clubs stop selling alcohol and lap dances cus "what if the poor children see". Simple. They aren't allowed in. It's true what they say. Kids really do ruin everything for everyone.

  46. Touch um Two Times Tommy says

    we'll never be truley free till those in bondage have the same rights as you and me. you and i, do or i die. wait till i sally in on a stallion with the first black battalion! its time to take a shot!

  47. Tom C says

    Very well spoken, I might have been more easily persuaded about the tax theft thing if I hadn't just been to the hospital, having my finger sewn up after cutting my finger with a circular saw at work. If I received a bill for my excellent treatment I would be well broke, dressings, bandages nurses surgeons x ray antibiotics administration etc. the head surgeon has just completed a 20 hour shift… I realise that's national insurance, but it's the same principal. how would you travel anywhere? you couldn't even walk on the pavements, never mind use a car or motorbike on the road, because there wouldn't be any roads, they wouldn't have been built in a bag in a time when too few people owned cars to care , and under your proposed system, would have opted out of contributing to the construction of something they didn't personally need. I like your channel, I think you might think a little longer on this one though, Good luck, Tom

  48. Tom C says

    please ignore"in a bag", in the above post!

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