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WIEN – 20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide


Join us as we visit Vienna, Austria in this travel guide covering 20 things to do in Vienna (Wien) including top attractions such as grand palaces and museums along with iconic experiences such as visiting cafes, coffeehouses and restaurants while experiencing nightlife in the city.

Vienna city is one of the grandest we’ve visited in Europe and its elegance, history and architecture will surely win you over. However, this city is not a living museum and with trendy restaurants, cafes and legendary nightlife you’ll travel to Vienna and leave wishing you could linger for a few more days.

A special thank you to friends Kash, Becki, Sabina, Drew & Deanna for helping us out with this guide to Vienna. Check out the pinned comment to follow them on social media.

20 Things to do in Vienna City Tour | Austria Travel Guide:

Intro to Vienna (Wien) – 00:01
1) Cafe Sacher for Viennese chocolate cake (sachertorte / sacher torte) – 00:33 and 01:23
2) Ring Road (Ringstraße) in the Old Town (Innere Stadt) of Vienna for parks, museums and palaces – 01:00
3) St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) for views of Vienna (Wien) – 03:29
4) Mozart’s House (Mozarthaus Vienna) on Domgasse 5 (1784 to 1787) – 04:17
5) St. Peter’s Church in Vienna (Peterskirche) – 04:43
6) Hofburg Palace (Sisi Museum, Imperial Apartments & Silver Collection) +Roman Ruins – 05:47
7) People’s Garden Park of Vienna (Volksgarten) – 06:57
8) Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn) +
Palace Park – 07:37
9) Nightlife in Vienna with friends – 08:01
10) Street Food in Vienna eating Käsekrainer (sausage with cheese) – 09:40
11) Vienna Vineyards for wine tastings – 11:35
12) Viennese Breakfast in Vienna, Austria – 13:44
13) Prater Park + Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel (1897) – 16:31
14) Austrian Food eating Schnitzel, Goulash and Apple Strudel – 17:49
15) Hundertwasserhaus for fascinating architecture – 20:36
16) Fleamarket in Vienna (recommended Nasch markt) – 21:33
17) Museum Quarter [Museumsquartier] (Mumok + Kunsthalle Wien + Leopold Museum) – 22:05
18) Maria-Theresien Platz (Museum of Natural History + Museum of Art History + Opera) – 22:53
19) Wiener Melange (coffee) + Mozart Cake + strudel at Aida coffeehouse – 23:25
20) Transportation around Vienna taking the Metro (U-Bahn) – 26:02
Outro – 26:40

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Our visit Vienna travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide (Austrian and Viennese), top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting palaces gardens, churches and museums and Vienna by night for nightlife and entertainment. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won’t find in a typical Vienna tourism brochure, Vienna itinerary or Vienna, Austria city tour.

WIEN – 20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide Video Transcript:

In this video we’re showing you around Vienna (Wien). After spending a few days in Tirol, the capital was our next stop and what a change of scenery. We swapped snow-capped mountains for some of the most elegant streets of Europe in Wien, Österreich.

Vienna is a city of imperial palaces, countless museums and grand coffee houses, and it was a feast for the eyes.

We can already tell you that one week was not enough to see it all, but in this video we’ll do our best to show you some of Vienna’s highlights!

And that’s a wrap for our guide to Vienna (Wien). We hope you guys enjoyed following along and that you got a few ideas of things to do on your own trip to Wien, Österreich.

Now you guys know the drill, if you have any other suggestions of fun things to do, see, or eat in Vienna, feel free to share those with travellers in the comments below. Wishing you happy travels and until next time!

This is part of our Travel in Vienna video series showcasing Viennese food, Viennese culture and Viennese cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in Austria video series showcasing Austrian food, Austrian culture and Austrian cuisine.

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  1. Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos says

    Hey guys! We had an incredible time in Vienna and it had a lot to do with meeting up with friends:

  2. marius smerea says

    Hello Sam and Audrey! Wien…….wow beautifull! Images, history, cathedrals, sausages, snitzel, I💓guys! !!!!!!

  3. Stuart Allen says

    Great video guys! Glad you are enjoying Vienna!

    Another great place to visit in Vienna is the Gustav Klimt first kiss painting located in the Belvedere Museum! It’s a beautiful palace and the painting is a bonus.

    Also the Karlskirche Church is amazing too!

    Have a great time!

  4. Paul Green says

    Loved the video. Have been to Vienna three times and, most recently, in May where I did the sights from the film Before Sunrise. You pretty much captured the essence of Vienna. I also would recommend a tour of the parliament building. Stunning infrastructure And, if you are into that sort of thing, very interesting

  5. Jan Eskil Flåm says

    Amazing video! Great shots! Have a like from me!
    Makes me want to travel again : )
    I also made a video of my around the world travels:

  6. fercibaci1 says

    looks like lot of paying for tickets 🙂

  7. Yacobus Fitri says


  8. Drew Lucero says

    Awesome Thanks for sharing this adventure 📸👍👍👍👍📸

  9. Realine Vicente says

    This is great! I am getting crazy planning for my Vienna trip! So many things to see!

  10. Bruno Gambini says

    I loved the video! It reminded the time I have been in Wien, more than 10 years ago. Have you been to a waltz concert? I remember to have gone to a place named Kursalon, where we could listen to great music, dance waltz and drink some good champagne!

  11. Sten hård says

    Speaking about cutlery Sam, I've noticed in your vlogs that you have, shall we say an unorthodox way of holding your utensils. While not wanting to make you feel bad, people do judge (and here I am pointing squarely at myself). Maybe compare your style to Audrey's, her style is on point.

  12. asia32b says

    Vienna!!!*_* one of the most beautiful towns!♡ so good memories:)

  13. Nicole Tomaski says

    Wow a long video today but awesome vlog either way and what a beautiful country thanks for showing all the amazing things.

  14. Charles Williamson says


  15. Sara1FiM says

    Looks like you guys had an awesome time. Did you know about vienna pass? you get entrance to loads of attractions, museums and can take buses around the city. Def worth it and saves a lot of money.
    I looove Austria but found Vienna my least fav place to be honest, I did like it but found Salzburg, Innsbruck, Tirol and little villages in Alps soooo much nicer and worth visiting. Austria is so gorgeous in general.

  16. Ilaria A. says

    The cats look like Sphinx to me. Nice video!

  17. Space Hobo says

    Good thing Sam got that little nap outta the way…..:-)……and Audrey, accentuating each syllable of audio rendered reading menus out there in the foreign, is a treat…:-)

  18. Trevor says

    Lol I was thinking before you said it that looks like the Ferris from the third man with Orson wells 🙂

  19. Slab Bulkhead says

    I'm leary of anything called the "oozing sausage".

  20. Clement Ng says

    Haydn, mozart, beethoven, schubert houses, eszterhaza palace castle, kunsthistorisches , belvedere? Sigmund freud….

  21. Clement Ng says

    Hoped you made time for a concert, recital, choral concert, opera, ballet, waltz? I mean come on it is the capital of classical music

  22. Clement Ng says

    Explain what makes a person Austrian vs swiss vs german?

  23. Clement Ng says

    How does kunsthalle, kunsthistorisches vs belvedere etc compare? Focus, etc

  24. Clement Ng says

    Melk abbey? Hundertwasserhaus, compare barcelona gaudi, mila pedrera battlo, sagrada familia etc

  25. Clement Ng says

    How is your german deutsch? Cesky, magyar, nederlands, suomi, russky, polski, ….

  26. Clement Ng says

    Any other art nouveau modernisma sezession jugendstil etc buildings?

  27. Banashree Chakraborty says


  28. Banashree Chakraborty says

    WATCH My NEW Videos.

  29. Banashree Chakraborty says


  30. Leah Dittmer says

    You captured it!

  31. Cheryl Pentz says

    Love the video. So many beautiful buildings. Pity about not been able to film in the Museums😩 The cats on the menu are called Sphynx's.🐱

  32. Daniel&Naz says

    oo.. i like.. it was like a recap 🙂

  33. Paul Ricchiuti says

    Hello Sam, Audrey and anyone viewing this post – trying to plan my 10 day summer vacation (wife, and 2 kids ages 11 and 6), and while looking for various travel advice, came across the Sam and Audrey travel videos, and enjoyed the overviews of Poland and Hungary.

    We are flying from New York, and the 10 days includes travel time.

    We mainly like to tour the old towns, historically significant landscapes, and culturally significant architecture.
    Want something for the kids as well; not necessarily an amusement park, but something interesting and fun for them.

    Destinations considered are one of the following:

    1) Poland – Krakow and Warsaw
    2) Austria – Vienna and Salzburg
    3) Czech Republic – Prague and Cesky Krumlov
    4) Hungary – Budapest and Eger

    Any recommendations, especially what would be fun for the kids, is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  34. myselfecemp says

    Vienna is a beautiful city, but I find it extremely boring.

  35. Mylon Ash says

    So the sausage looked really good to eat until Audrey announced that it was "pus sausage".  All righty, none for me please.  LOL

  36. Deadzio says

    September video in November ??:P

  37. Ondrej Ambrož says

    Greetingsngs from Vienna ✌️

  38. R Lee says

    How many days would you say is just enough to look around vienna if I don't have a week to explore?

  39. Claudia Berger says

    Ich bin Wienerin in 3. Generation. Und Ich kann euch Touristen sagen….Je besoffener Ihr seid, desto besser findet Ihr die Wiener Gastronomie!
    Aus diesem Grund machen wir die Touristen erst einmal besoffen!….hähähähähä…..

  40. Claudia Berger says

    TOPFEN is NO chees! TOPFEN is Milk bevor CHEES!!!!!

  41. Travel with Tommy says

    A beautiful video of Vienna Samuel & Audrey 👍👍. Thanks for sharing. Just subbed.


    Hey Sam & Audrey….. finally you are in Vienna ….. its my favourite city 😍😍

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