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Will Kim Yong Chol’s trip pave way for North Korea summit?


Blacklisted North Korean official known as Kim Jong Un’s ‘right-hand-man’ heads for New York City to revive talks of a possible summit with President Trump; Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane has insight on ‘The Story.

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  1. heynowRon says

    What a great decision by the Trump administration. Allowing a NOKO intelligence agent to infiltrate American soil. Bravo.

  2. AJ K says

    Liberals are too dumb to make a deal this good

  3. Soyeon Lim says

    He killed so many innocent people

  4. Noneshere says

    North Korea is not Nuclear they were Atomic (hydrogen)

  5. Rich S says

    Trump is going to suck off Little Kim he's the best ever

  6. MrTinfoilSombrero says

    Here comes the witch hunt. Like shooting witches in a swamp barrel. Look at the big orange fat witch. Shoot, Stormy. Shoot.

  7. Bruce Lee says

    For some reason my comment was deleted, yet I keep getting emails from ignorant Chinese people. The comment was “The world is waiting for China to be put in their place.” Referring to their theft of everyone else’s ideas, and building military bases in international waters. It’s time for the world to take a stand against this communist regime.

  8. Paul Smith says

    Can we just bomb NK

  9. Terry Prine says

    We can only hope for the summit , how great it would be to disarm North Korea of its nuclear weapons .

  10. AxelingHdh572 Fbxndhdhjsd says

    Faux news is for hillybillies

  11. Yolo Swaggins says

    Being Kim's "right hand man", he's only weeks away from being eaten alive by dogs.

  12. Shannon Cleveland says

    Xoxo Martha sweetheart.

  13. Mike Fournier says


  14. Michael Green says

    LOL, bet the guy defects

  15. walt7500 says

    V S G ! K A G !

  16. 유현옥 says

    Usa should keep agreement with North Korea. Usa became strong through war and many times they break the treaty.

  17. Sennie White says

    We will not be threatened by North Korea anymore.. That will be our country's policy

  18. LiuYe says

    The U.S. has been talking to North Korea, and paying them extortion money, for 25 years. Talking is not the answer!

  19. LiuYe says

    Thats what trump says. Korea will never get rid of nuclear weapons. They havent for the last 25 yrs. They arent going to do so now. Delusional americans

  20. Peaceforallman kind says

    Let me ask a simple question. If North Korea were to completely (veriable , absolute, undeniably etc) denuclearize, would America pull her troops out of South Korea and declare that she will not be attacked whatsover ? Not by this administration or any other future administrations??

  21. Forbidden Fruit Basket says

    Wouldn't it be better for the economy to start a war? Why are we wasting time debating this and not just nuke them!

  22. 김인섭 says

    After summit of US and NK, Moon insist via three parties treaty ( US, NK, SK) is declaration of the end of war. If this treaty is completed, Our blood brothers US army has to withdraw his country. This is the final target of china communist and moon has his role in that propose.

  23. dan cesse says


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