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  1. Curtis J. Livingston, III says

    …and the start of the "red line" era.

  2. Derek Gendvil says

    They also used the News 4 logo on NBC O&O's in Washington, D.C. & Denver at the time, too.

  3. vln1972 says

    carol jenkins that goes way back…

  4. TVNewsMan4 TVNewsMan4 says

    Nice beard!

  5. guy2008rules says

    what other NBC O&O stations used The name News 4????

  6. rell531 says

    I almost forgot about Carol Jenkins

  7. Donny Pearson says

    WRC NBC 4 in Washington D.C., where the station's news brading (News 4) remains the same.

  8. DrSurprise says

    lol, the new jersey police hit the highway for joining them at news 4?

  9. DrSurprise says

    anyway, other than that, this intro was great! it had a nice catchy tune to it

  10. DrSurprise says

    "for the pride, for the the joy! hey world, are you watching! for the thrill of being #1, were 4 New York!!"

  11. hikkupf says

    I admit it, I giggled thar.

  12. DrSurprise says

    same with me! i was born 2/28/1992. you?

  13. E.F.T.V. says

    When this aired, that news set was 12 years old!

  14. The Transit Home says

    I was just 1 when my mom heard that

  15. E. Jeffery says

    Lol 1992. I was 2. A bad ass baby getting into everything. Ahh.

  16. Clara Bow says

    no one cares dumbfuck

  17. Clara Bow says

    so what?

  18. Clara Bow says

    no one cares about the stupid year you was born in idiot

    every moron born that year is so fucking annoying to me

  19. Scenic Mirage says

    Then don't pay attention to the message.

  20. Clara Bow says


  21. Adam Jackson says

    The closing music is what gangsta music should be, not Chamillionaire or Kalib Tweli

  22. Florence Chestnut says

    now lou young has retired from the news after so many years of reporting best wishes to you lou young.

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