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You Guys Are My Favorites! | Dublin, Ireland Tourist | Travel VLOG 22, 2018


VLOG 22, 2018 – Guys thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you left on Instagram for Flight Attendant Appreciation Day! You guys made me feel so loved! Here are the last few days of us being major tourist in Dublin, Ireland. We had so much fun and can’t wait to travel back!

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  1. victoria grant says

    TFS! I love castles too lol. And I never get tired of the view from your apartment!

  2. Abbie Bauer says

    That is the coolest movie theater that I have ever seen! Couches?! What did you see??

    Castles are my weakness! I loved this vlog!

  3. 물고기 says

    I really wanted to see the book of kells but it was something like €30 for two of us so my cheap arse noped out of that one.

  4. slimeofcolor says

    I would be so honored if you responded.. I love you so much Stella. You are always so positive and kind! You never care what the haters have to say, you just kill em with kindness! I hope you enjoy your trip, you inspire me so much💞

  5. R says

    how will you celebrate getting to 100,000?

  6. Sheila Abad says

    Trinity College looks like Hogwartz library😊. Girl it’s JK Rowling 😂.

  7. Stephen Perez says

    Stella..OMG love the vlogs.. when are you coming out with merchandise!! Would love to meet you when you come to Long Beach!!

  8. Um Fã De Avioes says


  9. Jessica Prowant says

    J.k. Rowling

  10. Christian TESS says

    Hi !!!! Congrats for your nice video and for your Channel !!!
    You have a new supporter 😄👍🏻

    I also have a YT Channel about my travel across Switzerland, Europe and Asia, India in particular 🇮🇳🕌🙏

    Thanks a lot and go ahead with Youtube !!!
    Greetings from Lugano 🇨🇭 Switzerland

  11. Orlando Guy says

    oh Stella….youre in my hometown and never called me???? lol glad you both enjoyed the trip and yes,,,,please know you are appreciated by all of us out here in cyberspace…Im living in Spain now….your trip report made me homesick

  12. irvin reyes says

    Do u fly to lax..

  13. ymarin80 says

    First off. I looooove your videos!! You’re by far my favorite vlogger ever. Second, your haircut and color is amazing. What did you ask for to get that color? Is it bayalage? It looks so good on you. 😁

  14. Mak Mirth says

    When succulents lean they are trying to lean towards the sun same thing when they stretch out.

  15. Judith Harris says

    glad you had a great time in Dublin… I always love your vlogs, Stella……

  16. Roy Martin says

    Hi Stella: Sorry I have'nt posted been very ill with this stupid MS!!!! But I do watch your videos and really enjoyed your blog to Ireland!!! You visited my Late Mum's home town of Dublin!! SAFE TRAVELS!!!!

  17. Casey Alvarez says

    Hi Stella! I love your vlogs! I flew on your airline on FA appreciation day from Munich to Philly and I had such a terrible experience 😩😩 I flew premium economy in the bulk head and could hear the FAs talking about passengers the entire flight. They did several other inappropriate things as well that didn’t sit well with me. Any idea the best way to issue a complaint that will be taken seriously?? I started watching FA youtubers like you and Ale and Lindsey and I just don’t want this to happen to any other passengers and give you guys a bad name! Love Love Love ❤️

  18. Roy Martin says

    You went to my old Alma Mater…Trinity College!!! 🙂

  19. Chloe Hutchinson says

    Was so nice to meet you in the airport in Dublin on you’re way home, come back sooonnn😘🙌🏽✈️

  20. Dominika Nova says

    LOVED the castle tour! Thanks for sharing <3

  21. Liam Barry says

    If u liked Dublin you would like Edinburgh, (my home town) and u can visit the castle and the cafe where JK Rowling wrote her books! And lots more aha. Wow the food looks good 😋I’m hungry now 😂

  22. Alisa Nicole says

    @flywithstella That was such a fun video to watch. Where did you get your Franny necklace? I really like it. I’d like one with my name on it.

  23. Armando says

    Family mascot ? LOL

  24. One Journey says

    🎬 1 🤔 🧐 🎥 📽 🎞 🧐 🗣 🎙Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. ❤❤❤The plant needs a friend and it is leaning and talking to the Sun. 🏰🏰🏰 Dublin, Ireland so beautiful thank you for taking us with you. 🌎🌍🌏

  25. Rebecca Pirak says

    love vlog

  26. Ofelia Hoyt says

    I really enjoy your channel! Keep your blogs going! ❤️😊

  27. Novemberbaby333 says

    Love traveling vicariously with you & Bart!! Its the greatest experience!

  28. Mira Nair says

    You are my favourite YouTuber! You have got such a bubbly personality Stella! We want longer videos as your vlogs are addictive and gives happiness! Keep going! My regards to Bart and Francis! Hope you would read my comment. – Meera
    *Love from India! *

  29. Amy Krum says

    Turn the plant around. It usually goes towards the sun. Turn it halfway around and see if it helps….

  30. Tony Karim says

    Excited to watch your vlog today as usual!

  31. World Aviation HD says

    Hi Stella, I'll be going to stay near Newark airport, would you say it's safe. Is there any good location to go for when searching Airbnb's? Thanks 🙂

  32. PineappleKiller says

    If you visit again, I would advise to get out and see Ireland as a whole. Cork, Galway, Donegal have some great culture and history, just like most areas in Ireland. Maybe take a road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way as its the world's longest defined coastal touring route and is amazing.

  33. Kim Wain says

    The mirror in the castle didn't need Windex, it's misting that occurs on antique mirrors! Hope you don't mind me saying! Xx

  34. Kim Wain says

    It's called foxing!

  35. Amina Karazoun says

    Hey Stella I was just wondering where your shimmery lipgloss your wearing in the castle is from. I love it on you.

  36. Roxy Diaz says

    Love the video. It’s like yo and Bart are still on your honeymoon. Seems like you had fun during this trip.

  37. JustinAbroad says

    that place is so pretty

  38. Andrew E says

    @flywithstella you partially inspired me to pursue becoming a flight attendant! I am in love with this job and career choice! Thank you. Hopefully we will meet each other one day. Great to be part of the fAAmily!!

  39. Klodoo B says

    Bart's the sweetest, you're so lucky Stella!

  40. Loving life xxx says

    My daughter who is 7 just said that you are so joyful … What a nice observation. Hope you enjoyed your trip, We are from Dublin. Malahide Castle is a regular place we visit it has a great playground on its grounds 😊

  41. Luke Kelly's Ghost says

    J. K. Rowling lol

  42. karlagb says

    You’re still a flight attendant 👩‍✈️? Last FA vlog was over a month ago… thought you’d quit.

  43. ciel222 says


  44. Jess C. B. says

    J.K Rowling 😂😂😂😂

  45. offset485 says

    the plants leans to the sun lite love you stella from chicago

  46. Carla Cundiff says

    I ❤️ the Trinity College Library! I visited 6 years ago. Thanks for the memories!

  47. Andrew Osborne says

    Hahahahahaha! J.K. Rowling! Lol

  48. Zainab Farooq says

    Love ur videos

  49. Heyit'sDeirdre says

    loved the vlog

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