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You MUST EAT This FOOD in LONDON | Peyman & Ahlam


Wow, i can’t believe we ended up eating all of that in 1 day! We are super blessed 🙂

There was so much going on around our hotel GROSVENER HOUSE SUITES by JUMEIRAH LIVING on Park Lane – it is a perfect spot for a proper food adventure.

The places we went to:

1) Mount Street Deli:
2) Borough Market:
3) Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea:
4) Ruya:

Peace Out Peeps 🙂

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  1. Shonda Cannon says

    hot chocolate is HOT;)

  2. Shonda Cannon says

    im loving your channel. i followed you from your friend Mark Wiens channel.

  3. paulson thomas says

    She is always right 😛😛😛

  4. shah khan says

    Aloo tiki is indian great dish….

  5. aaliyaan2004 says

    Bro Nice vlog….keep it up….but not mentioned the names of places & were they halal?

  6. DK says

    I love the look and feel of this Vlog. You've picked the perfect music to capture the mood of the moment…. but I still love the Dubai street foods too!

  7. Peyman Shahabi says

    I have been following your vblog for a few months now… not just because your name is Peyman too, I really enjoy watching your videos.
    you two are great. keep it up Peyman! Great job

  8. رائد العرابي says

    why do u speak english ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ تراك اماراتي عربي ع ر ب ي =)

  9. Nay Youngz says

    Keep going with the good reviews

  10. BIG Tiny & Goldilocks Hernandez says

    Hey peyman this is BIG TINY &GOLDILOCKS HERNANDEZ we just SUBBED to ur channel love ur vids

  11. Ayesha Al Hashmi says

    finally a local guy that can film amazing vlogs

  12. Randy Stone says

    Hello Peyman and Ahlam: New subscriber here. Very enjoyable video, I had a great time! Thank you. =D Peace.

  13. naveed awan says

    Love your show!!! how do you stay trim after all the grub?! stay happy!

  14. Imma Tech says

    #جيش نور ستارز Noor stars 😍

  15. Giải trí 24h says

    I like this couple very much

  16. Rami El-belbesi says

    Peyman… please 🙏🏽.. you need to change the lens on the camera or zoom out or something .. because the camera is too close to your face.. it’s really uncomfortable to watch .. specially when you eat .. too close bro

  17. Kerri McHayle says

    You guys are too cute. Hot chocolate is better hot though, personal preference. I'll add ice to it when it gets cold next time and try her way.

  18. jayesh patel says

    Come to India . Land of different chat

  19. Mumtaz Jahangir says

    nice may allah bless u both

  20. PeterandNaomi Hodgetts says

    The London Bridge rhyme is similar to 'Ring a Ring o'Roses' In that English children's rhymes of old had a meaning based in a reality, usually based in the past but sometimes over lapping the present. The 'Ring a Ring o'Roses' refers to the Plague which devastated Europe and then Britain in the Middle Ages. Today these Rhymes are taught from an early age to remind us of the history, like in WW2 'Lest (unless) we forget.' Otherwise we are today a fun loving nation that loves to incorporate the best of other cultures in a peaceful way. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will continue to give us the best of Dubai!

  21. May Lin says

    Beautiful couple. You seem to like each other.. and the food looks good too. hahahaha.

  22. It's Entertainment says

    Hey sir please come in India Rajasthan

  23. Ashwin Yadav says

    Make a visit to India
    And make video about india
    I like your passion
    I would to follow you when i will complete my study in later end of my life

  24. Gavin Wilson says

    Hi have you ever thought next time you are in the uk to visit Scotland I think you would really enjoy Edinburgh and St Andrews

  25. سلطانه الشمري says

    انا من نور ستارز لانو شفت فيديو انت وياها عملتو تجربه انو تلبس نور عبايه وانت تلبس شماغ 😂😂😂💔

  26. Hazel H says

    Hi new subscriber here. The London Bridge nursery rhyme I remember singing and playing the game at primary school. The rhyme I was told is based on when the king gave to his queen the money that was designated for the upkeep of London Bridge. She of course is the ‘My Fair Lady’. The song is saying to her the Bridge needs maintenance and can the money be returned and used for its original purpose.

    The actual nursery rhyme has many verses deliberating on how to ‘build it up’
    Example: ‘Build it up with sticks and stones . . . Sticks and stones will wash away. . .’

    The high tea is in when during industrial revolution no time for afternoon tea as work day ended later so we have high tea or supper. We still call mealtime at about 5pm teatime.
    😊💜💛🧡 Long eh?!!😁 😁 Loving your channel so far. 💜💛🧡

  27. Edjail Rosa says

    I saw the video with Mark Wiens, that was fun…I'm going to subscribe and tell my fiends bout you..take care…
    Shukran habibi….ahahahahhahaha. .piece.

  28. ١ ١ says

    جيش نور ستارز

  29. Mireya Hidalgo says

    I enjoy super hot too!

  30. Neena Kaukab says

    I pray every married couple would be like you guys, beautiful video. May God always bless you both and may HE always gives you happiness. Amen

  31. حالات وتس أب ناار says

    جيش نور ستاااار🤘

  32. Mikasa Channel says

    جيش نور ستارز

  33. Dah Dah says

    so glad Mark showed me your channel dude! subscribed

  34. Salwaa Jeeawody says

    Assalamualaikum bro. May Allah bless you both Ameen 😊. But bro one thing I'll tell u as a sister don't get wrong can you pls check wat where r u eating? Is it halal or haraam???

  35. Ibrahim Salah says

    جيش نور ستارز ….

  36. aiosh Alfahad says

    هل. انت. عربي. ام لا

  37. JD Paramount says

    Awesome video!
    (Discovered you through your world traveler friend, Mark Wiens).

  38. Andhrie Jayesslee says

    Oh man am hungry cause of you x.x
    And now im just have noodle sad life haha

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