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4 Day Trip to Sweden, Hungary and Bulgaria I International Flight Attendant Life I Vlog 48


My name is Verena and I am a flight attendant in Europe. I just recently went on a 4 day trip to Uppsala/Stockholm (Sweden), Budapest (Hungary) and Sofia (Bulgaria). Come and follow me around on my international trip.

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  1. Efrat A says

    I Think your lemon is kind of Citron ( It known as Etrog in Hebrew)

  2. cillicat says

    Hi – tolles Video wiedermal 😊 schade dass du sowenig Zeit hattest auf den Layovers dieses mal…

    Wie wäscht du denn deine Uniform? Am Zimmer oder gibt es eine Reinigung?

    Lg. aus Wien 😊

  3. trent pettibone says

    You are my favorite Flight Attendant vlogger love your vlogs safe flying former FA here from Columbus Ohio

  4. TheSkyTraveler says

    Loved the video! What position did you fly? Xx

  5. Roxy Diaz says

    I love your videos. You do a great job always explaining your duties as cabin crew and the places you visit. Thank you.

  6. Star Master Tech says

    Do you love your camera Verena?? Looks fanstastic. :=)

  7. Sara Alaniz says

    Enjoyable as always.

  8. Mary Marin says

    Hi Verena, don't know where to begin! Loved this vlog….Sweden was so pretty, and all of your hotels were very nice- happy to see you had some nice shower heads:-) What a nice captain going out to get the Pizza for the crew… it looked so good!!
    And, I really liked your wavy hair toward the end…and finally those desserts….yum!!!

  9. wilson alonso giraldo quitian says

    Im Alonso Im here because I love planes and to travel and English! Thanks

  10. Marcel Bischof says

    What aircraft are you trained in? Wich do you like better Thanks!!!

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