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  1. Peter Cabral says

    The only thing I've found 3D touch useful is using it as a cursor, otherwise it's as good as dead.

    By the way, what's the case on your iPhone X?

  2. Ryan Campbell Jr says

    Great tips. I didn't know the 3d touch to save images one existed. Thanks!

  3. Jan. Lotan says

    Image saving 👍

  4. sfb706 says

    3D Touch google maps to bring up destination shortcuts.

  5. meer sohel says

    Nice tips. Thx

  6. Andy Beyer-Bowden says

    Seems like you forgot to grade your s-log footage…

  7. Tinu Thomas says

    3D Touch is so underrated, I feel like people actually use it way more than they think because it’s just natural and they never think about it. That happened to me when I lost my 7+ and had to use an SE for a bit and I quickly realized how much I needed 3D Touch.

  8. Stephanie McKeon says

    I love 3D Touch. I use it constantly. Good tips you showed for those just getting familiar with it.

  9. Diego Carvajal says

    Great tips!🙌🏻

  10. Hugh G. Rection says

    If you didn’t know these then you must be retarded

  11. O'Dwayne Davis says

    We need that Wallpaper bro

  12. ESCool says

    Can you make a force touch video for the MacBook

  13. Abhishek Srivastava says

    This is amazing. great tips. specially the text select one.

  14. Michael Milnickel says

    For those of us still rocking a home button, 3D Touch from the left edge to launch multitasking. This is definitely my most used 3D Touch feature.

  15. niceshyguy says

    The most frequent way I use 3D Touch is to clear all notifications; if you 3D Touch the (X) that appears on a section of notifications, it will give you the option to Clear All notifications instead of section-by-section.

  16. Denis Ruskin says

    I pretty much know every iOS feature yet I’ve never heard about tip n.5. Nice.

  17. Robert John Guiyab says

    3D Touching the left side of the screen will bring you to multitask or going back to an opened app.

  18. Andrea M7 Jones says

    It didn’t work for me what I’m I doing wrong otherwise it’s pretty neat. Not working for me tho.

  19. Andrea M7 Jones says

    Every time I touch an app or try the camera it doesn’t work.

  20. Andrea M7 Jones says

    Maybe it doesn’t work on the iPhone 7.

  21. Chris Jamieson says

    I didn't know a few of these but I noticed if you 3D touch on a folder that has badges in it, it'll show those badged apps in the pop up. Thanks for the tips!

  22. Alan B. says

    …never works like you think it will.

  23. ren mil says


  24. ian osses says

    rookie video 🍼

  25. harlowe espina says

    There is one I was not aware of untill recently. In my iPhone 8+, 3d touch the middle left of the screen to get to the recent apps. And if you 3d touch the same area then swipe to the right of you have more than one app open will switch over. I doubt that is on the iPhone x since you can swipe the bottom home bar.

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