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8 MUST TRY BRITISH MEALS! EATING LONDON FOOD TOUR | England Travel Food Vlog 150, 2018


On our London food tour we got to eat some traditional English food! Strictly British, this vlog is some of the best food England has to offer ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

We had no idea what to eat in London, fortunately we found the ultimate British food tour to take us around and explain some of the history around England and the English food that’s part of their heritage.

Check out Eating London Tours here, we did the East End Tour: If you’re visiting other spots in Europe you can also see the countries they offer tours in here:

So in this vlog we hunt out the best traditional English food to eat, something we really wanted to do while in the UK, and London delivered an amazing tour we’ll always remember.

If you want to learn more about the street food of London or the dishes that are the make up of England we can highly recommend you take the same tour!

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  1. Daneger and Stacey says

    ► AMAZING tour! See the various tours and the countries they operate in:
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  2. Me says

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 [avid fan from the PH – drooling over your food tours]

  3. Christa Danica Joven says

    Love this video ❤ its so weird seeing you in warmer clothes haha I am so used to seeing you in tank tops and summer shirts 🤣 enjoy Europe and always stay safe ✈✈✈ love u both

  4. Karen Baselgia says

    Brought back a lot of memories of our time in London last October. We shared one of those bagels! Loved Brick Lane. The food tour looked great we did the same companies one in Rome – fabulous 😊

  5. Brian Pan says

    Was the climate shift difficult to deal with? Is SE Asia tugging at your hearts?

  6. Kevin P says

    This vlog made me so hungry!! Love the fish and chips, and the salted beef sandwich. The word GHERKIN (Pickle) sounds weird. It sounds like an affliction. "My doctor gave me some antibiotics to treat my gherkin."

  7. Nerissa298 says

    What a lovely, fun, cute and loving couple!

  8. Dave Hooker says

    Thanks guys going to put that tour on my lists of things to do, when we are in London..

  9. Joe Blow says

    I absolutely struggled to find fish and chips in London that wasn't from a Kebab shop lol..

    I don't think I really appreciated how much positivity you guys put into your videos until I saw these from London. I don't want to get too red-pill, but you guys found the charming, fun side of London that I didn't think existed anymore after visiting in 2005 and experiencing the 5/5 bombings too close for comfort, and everything that has been happening there politically and demographically lately.

    Can't wait until you guys are back on a warm beach somewhere so I can pretend I'm there too :p

  10. Richard Chew says

    Nice one team and brings back memories ! St. John’s one of my fav and luv shoreditch / brick lanes culture , street art and food ! Didn’t see much of the curry segment in the clip tho – how was the curry ? It’s the national dish and miss it heaps !

  11. Rex Waldron says

    As always guys, a beautifully shot video. You really captured the atmosphere of that area of London. The bread and butter pudding made me smile – my grandmother used to make an awesome one and explained to me that they used to eat it when she was young because it was cheap to make in the days when there was no welfare state (1920s). Your vlogs are one of the quality moments in my day 🙂

  12. Brenda Benoît Dudley says

    London is so pretty! Please send some of that bread pudding for me.

  13. Ricardo W says

    Anyone who can get 100+ likes with no idiot disliking their vid is AWESOME. Good looking kai. Have fun.

  14. JW says

    So great you guys found London street art. There are guides in London who do tours ONLY of that !! Well done. You showed all sides of London.

  15. drew wright says

    Hai guys, are you still in the UK? If so you should head to BRIGHTON the Brighton fringe festival has just started and you would have a great time and lots of content to film! I live in Brighton and it’s a truly great place to visit – especially at this time of year

  16. Thirstytraveler41 says

    It was still cold in London I see…nice footage of the food…can't wait to see Berlin..

  17. Erik de la cruz says

    ……hello guys…..glad to see Stacey back on the saddle again…. on with the adventure……:)

  18. LEE AVISON says

    How can it be cold in London ? I'm near the sea in the North of UK and I just come back from Thailand where is so hot than ever . Stay and enjoy our summer !! Hope you enjoyed the food !!

  19. Jon Wren says

    No Traditional East London Pie and Mash with Liquor and Jelly eels

  20. Violet Hunter says

    Awesome food tour ! All the food looked really yummy! Thanks for sharing guys. I love the bow and arrows on the opposite building lol

  21. Beppe Sapone says

    @ 9 mins …..that's what the word pub means …a public house ……like going into somewhere as familiar as your own home but catering for many people.

  22. Travellers Relish says

    The food looks delicious. How long did you have to wait for the bagel? Must be really nice for the queue and crowd that was there.

  23. noxid777 says

    Fish & chips…love 'em…

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