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#99. All-Inclusive Cost of Living in Mexico + Apartment Tour


We are finally moving in to our long-term apartment in Guadalajara. WE’RE SO EXCITED! Today, we are taking you on an tour of our new place in addition to giving you an all-inclusive cost of living in Mexico analysis.

Topics we cover in our cost of living in Mexico:
-Mexican car insurance
-Taking a car to Mexico (Temporary Vehicle Import Permit)
-The cost of rent in Mexico (How much is Airbnb throughout Mexico + our new monthly rent)
-The cost of a tourist visa for Mexico
-Is the water in Mexico safe to drink? (and what we drink)
-Cost of Ubers in Mexico per month
-Average cost of gas per liter and gallon
-How much is food in Mexico (from grocery stores and in restaurants)
-What we pay for our phone plans in Mexico (what type of phone plan we use)


Before coming to this country, we were very curious is Mexico cheap. We wanted to wait until living in Mexico for at least three months before giving you this all inclusive cost of living in Mexico list. Being here for 90 days has given us a better idea about the average cost of certain things in various Mexican cities. If you’re also wondering is Mexico affordable, hopefully we answer all your questions by the end of the video.

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  1. Tangerine Travels says

    Is there anything else you'd like to know about our cost of living in Mexico? Are we overpaying for anything?

    If you haven't already, please like our Facebook page for exclusive updates:

  2. VLADZF says

    Here in México we never, EVER, drink from the tab, you buy purified water on big like pastlic bottles called "garrrafones"
    That's not expensive at all 6k pesos seems reasonable for what you got.
    Also go to "Los cantaritos El Güero" near from tequila before you leave Guad

  3. Momo Thinks says

    Great video. It’s always a pleasure to watch you guys. Btw, while your purifying contraption may filter out inorganics well, I would not trust those drops of tincture to get rid of all potential bacteria, patasites and fungi in the water. Even pure bleach can’t do that. There is a reason no Mexican drinks tap water—ever! If you are concerned about metals and other solids, I would recommend boiling the water after going through your filter system instead. Or get purified water, it’s pretty cheap and safe. We don’t want you guys, including Laska, to get sick.

  4. Luis Perez says

    Welcome to Mexico … We hope you have a great time enjoying life here

  5. MaartinM17 says

    I think i am your 3k subscriber, congrats! 🙂 its 5:40 am and im watching all your videos jaja saludos desde Veracruz hope you can visit this beautiful state someday

  6. Julio Alarcon says


  7. Gabriel says

    You guys should visit Michoacán (Morelia, Zamora, Uruapan) great city’s and try to visit Camecuaro it’s a beautiful lake you can either swim, walk around it or get a boat ride along the lake, you’ll have fun!

  8. Max Salazar says

    I love you guys. I'm Mexican and I'm practicing my English watching your videos, so guys, TANK YOU. ¡VIVA MÉXICO 🇲🇽!

  9. Olawale Oladoja says

    3,007 subscribers!. WOW! More to come.

    This place is really nice. I love everything about this place. very nice, simple and classy. I could stay in here all week without going out. hahahaha. Really proud of you guys.

  10. Gera Fuentes says

    I love you guys , from Coahuila México . Dios los bendiga.

  11. Memphis4647 Chunito says

    Good old tangerine travels

  12. USAMEXICO1982 says

    we as mexicans most of us we don't get insurance when we go to México if we got the car paid ,. that save as some money , my family have been driving for 15 years and stay long in México , we haven't had any problem driving down in México not even a bumper accident

  13. Jorge Carballo says

    You should try AT&T is very good here in Mexico.

  14. Alfonso Garcia says

    Guau 300 hundred dls
    I pay in LA 2300 dls for a house mmmm

  15. Brian Phobos says

    1/3 the cost sounds about right from being in Arizona and going down to Mexico. Im glad that you found a nice safe place to rent.

  16. Erik Ulises Banda Herrera says

    Hola chicos! Los invito a conocer el mejor café de Guadalajara
    Visiten "Taller de Espresso" un lugar donde tuestan café mexicano, la dirección es Avenida Hidalgo #1586 colonia americana
    Saludos!!! 😀

  17. santiago videgaray osollo says

    You are paying a fair amount in everything, about your phone contract definitely use telcel, they own all of the antenas that cellphones use and rent them to the other companies so they are the best choice. Ask for a plan that’s called 200 , that should be more than enough, it’s about to gigs if I remember correctly and it costs 200 pesos( there are variations of this plan/ contract …400, 500, etc)

  18. SillyLion says

    You didn't show us the rooftop! (I'm actually just curious to see how you fit through that tiny window lol.)
    Does Jordan still has to carry Laska all the way down and up the spiral staircase? poor guy 🙁
    Nice tour 🙂

  19. Isanzu Ractivadántra says

    Wow you guys seriously covered a lot on this vid. I live in GDL too, planning to make the next big step with my bf in a year, and this made me realize about sooo many things xD

    As for the cellphone matter: I'm not an expert, but I'll tell you I use "weex", wich uses Movistar's infrastructure just like Tmobile does (i think). It's quite cheap and you have a ton of options to choose. – I always buy the pack with Unlimited whatsapp, unlimited calls and 300mb of data (I'm not sure if they are daily since I don't always need them) for less that $100 and unlimited texts for $1 a day.

    That's it. Keep enjoying your days : )

  20. Tunemistress says

    Informative video…and look…. 3100 subs!! You just might make it!!!

  21. Dr Mittens PhD says

    Telcel is a good company but not the best in terms of prices, they offer the best plans and you tend to have really good coverage (for example i had 4G in the middle of the woods super far away from a city), i heard other companies have better plans in terms of prices, but they tend to have bad coverage, you could try AT&T (im not familiar with them), also you can try Virgin Mobile my friend is an uber driver and virgin seems to work pretty good for him in terms of internet and data plans, even though i believe he said virgin removed their stores from the cities and you can only purchase their services online

  22. Luis Martínez says
    I recommend to use telcel america, unlimited in USA and MEXICO for 30 dlls.

  23. stevenjb2009 says

    Are you both on one of the Residente visas, or the 180-day visa?

  24. Troy Mills says

    We have Telcel pay as you go plans that work great for us. Our particular plan covers all of N. America, i.e., Canada, U.S., and Mexico. We get unlimited talk, text, and social media (i.e., FB) and 1GB of data for 33 days at a cost of 200 pesos, that's about $11 USD. Unbelievable! In the U.S. our post-paid plan with AT&T was running us about $90 USD per line per month.

  25. Troy Mills says

    I think your apartment is a great deal. We haven't shopped for apartments in GDL; however, I do know rents are much higher than that down in 'gringolandia' near Lake Chapala. Your place down here would likely run closer to 10,000 – 12,000 pesos per month, depending upon the exact location. Ajijic tends to be the most expensive, while Chapala and Jocotepec tend to be less expensive.

    PS. CONGRATS on hitting 3,100 subscribers!

  26. luis enrique garcia castillo says

    I just wrote you in an other video! But i will do it again cause i would love to meet you! I have a house in Mexico city and other on queretaro city and i would love to have you visiting! I hope you read my message i invite you to queretaro to visit a beautifull town!

  27. penguinkaiser says

    Thank you for your videos, I've been enjoying a lot watching you guys here in Mexico. I find it really interesting to see my city of Guadalajara through the eyes of foreigners, although at this point I think we can consider you honorary tapatíos.

  28. rodrigo hernandez says

    Dont go for telcel, im from here in Guadalajara, check at&t and movistar plans, they are more honest

  29. Praxedis Guzman says

    Beautiful Apartment.Congrats.

  30. BeckyInCa says

    Congratulations on your apartment. It looks very nice and comfortable.

  31. Garth Kelly says

    ¡Gracias, Ana, por cuidar a los extraneros jóvenes y locos!

  32. jzuz cordova says

    I use movistar and i pay $100 pesos every 25 or 26 days and i get unlimited minutes and text to mex,us and canada plus unlimited social media but i only get like 1 gb data and ive never had any coverage problems since they use the same anthenas as telcel.

  33. rotrok says

    Hi, if you want to save on cinema ticket prices you should get the cinepolis app and buy them 3 days before you're Goin to the movies and you'll save 50% off sometimes

  34. Omar Mendoza says

    Telcel is mos def the best carrier here.

  35. FS Language says

    Just one suggestion, when you mention costs of living, could you pls also mention how it compares with your hometown. I’m from some other place in Mexico (mty), but I live in the Netherlands and a lot of people ask me if Mexico is cheaper but I really don’t have any reference. Keep it up, I think you are doing an awesome job!

  36. Jorge Nahum Andrade Guerrero says

    Telcel it's in the end expensive, yes it has good reception but if you are no travel outside Jalisco the best option it's at&t.

  37. Mickey Breslich says

    How much for pet food? Do you have to pay fees to keep your pet, like city pet license?

  38. robin martinez says

    Nice job guys!  I'm sold!  Thank you very much.

  39. Marguel Gutierrez says

    Since you guys are going to have to change to a mexican carrier. I really recommend AT&T(nextel)my plan is around 500 pesos p/month no contract with 5gb per month includes unlimited social media like insta, twitter,snap,uber and unlimited calls and text, plus you can use it in the us for as much time as you want. I am currently in texas for uni and is what I have been using for around a year now.

  40. Oscar Ruiz says

    None of mexican cellphones companies offer unlimited plans. You can go about with the 200 or 300 pesos telcel plan, the only thing you can't really afford to do with a data plan is to watch youtube videos

  41. Theme Park says

    I subscribed. I'm excited to watch your entire catalogue. Peace!

  42. Brendin Wood says

    Hey guys. We canceled our U.S. auto insurance once we crossed the border. We had to go back to TX last week to renew our visas and just paid for the first month on a 6 month policy with Progressive, then canceled again when we came back to MX with no issue. We have Mexico auto insurance through Lewis and Lewis (who I'm not a huge fan of). Where did you read that we still needed U.S. coverage? What MX insurance company do you use? We are hoping to register here soon. After three trips, we don't want to make a 4,000 mile drive ever again!

  43. Brendin Wood says

    I miss our T-mobile service. We are on Telcel now. I always forget to connect to wifi and I run out of data real fast. It's not my favorite service, but it works. We also had to tell our friends and family two different variations of our new Mexican phone numbers – one for texting and one for calling.

  44. Edna Ramirez says

    You should get a AT&T plan. They have month to month plans for like 200 pesos and it's unlimited text and talk and like 1gb of data. You can pay more for more data 🙂 I think it's a better value than Telcel

  45. Fernando Esparza says

    I love your videos guys. Keep it up. I work in Telcel, i recomend You guys get the $399 plan, it has unlimited texts and calls, 3000 MB for internet and social media Is unlimited too. Saludos desde chihuahua!

  46. arduino hobbyist says

    hi, Great video with excellent content. I have a question: What mail forwarding service do you use? Thanks I "liked" subscribed and belled! P.S. dog your awesome:-)

  47. Dmichoacan says

    It would probably be easier to get a metro pcs sim card. cheaper plans (but still part of the tmobile network) and calls to and from Mexico are only 5$ per month

  48. Josh Tegart says

    Which mail forwarding service do you use?

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