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Another Day Another Adventure in NYC VLOG #912


Another Day Another Adventure in NYC

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By Jermaine Ellis
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  1. choosey says


  2. vangoghmatisse1 says


  3. KathySRW says

    I've recently discovered your channel and am catching up on some older videos. I just love your travels and your POV videos.

  4. Steve Taylor MY New York City says

    How long you staying in NYC this visit Jermaine? I'll be there September 7th for a week if you're up for a meet-up my man?

  5. Devin Trent says

    I love it when you do the boosted board rides through the city without music! Love to hear the raw ambient sounds of the city! Keep it up brother, I just subscribed to you yesterday and have been binge watching like a Netflix series lol

  6. Devin Trent says

    LOL! The lady at 5:00 stopped mid-walk to get that text message out! I thought she was doing the mannequin challenge for a minute lol!!😄

  7. driver 631 says

    hey Jermaine are you go back Sf

  8. qualifier one says

    Jermaine…get Anker finally. They make quality battery packs

  9. Emmanuel Trujillo says

    NY vibe is ppl are just so ruuuude! Be careful bro ppl always trying to take ur money there.

  10. AL Ian says

    5:27 Chick in the black dress doin' the mannequin challenge for Jerm's camera.

  11. ty2fly says

    Just found this channel and am in love!! Keep it up homie

  12. suzy smith says

    You're my favorite youtuber. I live watching all your adventures. Thank you for the awesome content! Peace out

  13. Hustle & Trades TV says

    Was going to pull up to King Fu Tea to say what’s up to you and Alex, but I didn’t have enough time.

  14. Keesh says

    Your videos are so fun to watch.

  15. Blu says

    are people in NYC kind of rude jermaine?

  16. xshanghu says

    Wish I could do that'.

  17. dj nY says

    Can ya believe I made 50$ on 10 % phone battery 😂😂

  18. juara silalahi says

    i wonder…why that guy hate latino commercial? that's weird.

  19. Dirty Ribz says

    Prolly hates Spanish people nothing new here.

  20. Trippn with Tabby says

    Love your vids!!! Been hooked since I found you digging for travel vlogs!!

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