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Belgian Waffles Become Pizza


Waffle Bar in Las Vegas serves Liège waffles for a savory snack a pizza waffle! Liège waffles are sweeter and doughier than Brussels waffles, making it a perfect tasty treat, no matter how it’s served.

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  1. b2364vaa says


  2. Vanessa Villareal says

    10th viewer 4th liker 2nd commenter

  3. The Average Canadian says


  4. Jacqueline and Chelsea says


  5. Jacqueline and Chelsea says

    Who disliked

  6. Xarkus says

    Kinda weird seeing her talk

  7. Nat18 Figueroa says

    It looks good

  8. Lauren Hill says

    Ughghgh I'm so hungry

  9. Fun is Fun says

    Am I the only person who thinks that this will taste bad……… I think that I am the only person…….

  10. Xxmalwebxx says

    Looks so good 😊

  11. Queenbte .I says

    I thought this was going to be from a restaurant in Belgium

  12. Rajesh Palejwala says

    Waffles are becoming everything these days. What's next?
    But this does look delish…☺️

  13. Sarah M. says


  14. Rowan Bierwirth says


  15. Jello Hello says


  16. løvely says

    To be honest I think this won't taste as good as it looks but at this state I'm really hungry and this looks good to me

  17. Anika Simons says

    waar zijn mijn belgen
    where my belgians at!!!

  18. Rival Legend says

    It's breakfast in every meal

  19. Ashanti Davis says

    Here at 546 23

  20. Lashes on Sunday says

    The waffle fries is such a nice touch! And this looks soo yummy

  21. Anonymous girl says

    I have spice tooth even if it doesn't exist . . .

  22. ` ʼ says

    Good way to ruin people's favorite foods

  23. Evangeline Grace Atkinson says

    OMG 😮

  24. jdpowerzz22 says

    Caroline you are one lucky woman to travel and taste ALL these fun and delicious foods…❤️ What you do!

  25. Jazzy Jaz says

    Fries & Pizza on that plate! Hands down one of the best combos ever

  26. Lee Loves Food says

    Omg, waffle hamburger, waffle pizza, waffle desert, waffle everything XD

  27. Alessandro Carnevale says

    To burn all these calories, this girl must be living in a gym

  28. Tanish Gupta says

    why NYC has all the good food😣

  29. Matoki 2012 says

    looks really good~

  30. Slowlikehoney Too says

    Yum! I want her job!! 😋

  31. L L says

    Those waffle fries! I always have to ask for my fries well-done at Chick-fil-A because they undercook them like a MF what a beautiful place that I must go to

  32. Justin Githu says

    Waffle is in that level and I've never ate even one .

  33. Death Plays Games/other stuff. says

    If you had 2 choices what would it be?
    1 like= Insider or comment=Buzzfeed?
    Which one would you join?

  34. Accio datbooty says

    Man I gotta send this to top/ seunghyun he fuckin loves waffles bruh

  35. Mattya & M says


  36. Suresh Thekketh says

    Eggo squad ???

  37. Gaming Gods says

    Subscribe to me

  38. Jack Hoang says

    The owner shuddered so much

  39. Suga's Expensive Girl says

    I'm from Belgium and i honestly don't know how to feel about this tho xD

  40. Titoyogo o says

    I think u guys are running out of trends, I made this at home myself in 2016 pls stop now

  41. DemigodTakahiro //Resurgence says

    Whats next?
    Pizza become Pizza?

  42. Cookie Chook says

    this is hunger torture… I am very hungry

  43. Princess Riku says

    She has the best job ever!!🤤🤤🤤

  44. White says

    Italians and Belgians are screaming in background

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