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This has been a tough one to narrow down, but these are our top places to eat and drink in Bali PART 1!! (I’ve still got another list of…5 to come, but not from this trip). I hope this gives you an idea of where to go, what to order around Seminyak and average price points for menu items! Details of actual menu items are embedded in the video so in case you want to try what we tried, feel free to take notes!


0:00 – 02:32 @omniabali – GREAT VIEWS, awesome day party vibes. We got there late with no booking, so our stay was short…but my girl friends went back immediately the day after WITH a daybed booking and devoured some of the best items on the menu!

02:33 – 04:03 @mywarung – GREAT local food; the sizes of the servings stood out mainly coz they were just so large! Since I pay odd attention to ratio of meat to rice to condiments, this place stood out…as you have seen in my last video “I love a good ratio”. Haha.

04:04 – 05:57 @potatoheadbali – Awesome sunset, chill vibes. Adult crowd around 25-45 years old….Really enjoy the pool bar, and how you can just almost walk straight into the beach from the resort.

05:58 – 07:09 @kyndcommunity – WOW the quality of food. This place is vegetarian, but even ye old meat eater would actually enjoy the food here. I can’t actually believe the prices of the menu items. I typically expect much higher prices for high quality and vegetarian food, but not at this place!!

07:09 – 09:32 @mrssippybali – This is my first time here, and it definitely won’t be my last. I love the open spaces, and the light feeling. This is actually really family friendly without being skewed to being for families only. The demographic I noticed was between 18-35 year old males and females, and 2-5% of the crowd included young kids/toddlers. We ordered a pizza which isn’t shown here, and enjoyed it so much that we ordered a second.

09:33 – 12:50 @sisterfields – OK I don’t mean to play favourites, but purely for the fact that I’ve been here more times than I can count, and EVERY SINGLE TIME, anything that I order has been ON-POINT – AND every person I’ve brought there have expressed that the food is just amazing.

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  1. Eva Cameron says

    Hahahha! Oh Bali how I love thee. If people aren’t convinced to go there after seeing this, they’re blind!

  2. krishanu dey says

    Going to Bali in August end..
    Hooked onto your videos…

  3. FatHD1 says

    Kristine check out the Mal.funk.tion bar its near Seminyak square mall. Open air bar with pool.

  4. vivichu: essence of life says

    Okay this is making me straving at 11pm🤣

  5. Ronney Reed says

    I really enjoyed your video and I would love to go there. Bali seems like it is a lovers paradise. Great food and drinks nice hotels. I have to put this place on my list. Kristine you look BEAUTIFUL as always. Is that your sister looks like you guys are having the time of your life. RLR

  6. Betty Joy says

    Do you have to worry about the ice in Bali ? Just wondering! 💖💖

  7. Kea Miguel says

    Going to Bali on Aug and your vlogs are of much help! Watched all of em! Thank you!

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