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  1. poodle dog says

    We need to round up all these people and put them in a mental hospital where they belong. This is what happens when you forget to take your meds.

  2. dThor Riven says

    He is crack head homeless
    How stinks is he? Horrible!🤮

  3. dThor Riven says

    Discriminate smells of him!
    Disgusting stupid ugly criminal

  4. Joyce S. says

    Good man. Glad he's safe! So many crazies out there its heroic to defend anyone.

  5. Wizard of Aus says

    Why didnt he bash him?

  6. Susan Diane Howell says

    "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." – Matthew 5:9 (KJV)

  7. trha2222 says

    A black guy beating on a white woman? Gee, what a shock.

  8. Heisenberg says

    Dindu nuffing 😉

  9. Bramble Q123 says

    He punched someone in the face, he needs to get arrested not get off at the next stop. The big guy actually helped the faggot escape justice.

  10. Christopher Saracho says

    As a black individual…. this fills me with nothing but frustration

  11. Louis Johnson says

    Get off the train before the cops arrive and I have to file a report.

  12. Louis Johnson says

    Don't Make The Black Kids Angry.

  13. White Nationalist National Socialist says

    Niggers will be niggers

  14. Your Leader says

    Darker skin does matter.

  15. White Nationalist National Socialist says

    Dont blame fox news for covering this animals face we know they are pressured if not forced to do so. Fox may not be the greatest but at least they are reporting this black on white crime.

  16. Mr. Lee says

    Racist video!!!! POOR BLACK MAN BEING PROFILED – lololololol you fucking ❄️❄️❄️

  17. Donald Labelle says

    What's with the thumbs down you like women getting hit

  18. Donald Labelle says

    Maybe it was OJ LMAF

  19. Steve Hudson says

    no one knocked this dude out? Hes old, drunk, feeble, and staggering

  20. Brian M says

    This is the problem. Only one man is human enough to assist the lady. The rest just record it on their fucking mobile phones and sell it to news channels. What the fuck has happened to humanity? 😞

  21. B uppy says

    Alleged assault, no film of the assault. Hence blurred face of perp.

  22. richard Kelly says

    Someone should knock that cunt into next week.

  23. Young World says

    And hes a immigrant. Should be found and deported immediately

  24. CABDALLAH100 says

    Christian extremism, that is what you get when you believe miracle prophet slave of god , Jesus was god or son of god and died for everyone sin. ( that means commit whatever crime you like, no problems, already jesus died for your sins, you will not get punished after dead. Real practicing jews know better then many Christian's about the truth & god, only problem with them is they deny rejects the truth like they deny, reject Prophet Jesus, Mohamed existence. Wait till the death and see if jesus took all your sins. Keep day dreaming.

  25. bionic26 says

    Entitled white feminist gets attacked by a black man because she complained about him menspreading

  26. witch, please says

    98% of white women lie about black men touching them. Look up Emmet Till.

  27. DeMeaning Plebny says

    They got the rotten POS. Derek Smith, 56, of Brooklyn; arrested late Saturday and charged with assault.

  28. Tank 666 says

    faking nigers

  29. Dude Person says

    She was also a dick cause she gave the guy shit for ‘manspreading’

  30. kris guntner says

    The "bystander"says he's "off duty"… in a cop or subway worker!?
    And he just saw a brutal assault and he's telling the scumbag to GET OFF THE TRAIN!?
    How "heroic"of him.

  31. JAY OH says

    too all you dumb cunts who got roped into the feminists narrative take notes this is just the beginning but far from the end of whats to come down that pipe .Yes because you see feminicunt bull dykes have put your lives at risk to support their narrative that they are just as strong if not stronger and better than men .Its not the case at all when you start getting attacked with physical violence maybe even killed in some cases you just remember where to point your fingers at and .Its not at the men its at the women that lied to you the fat ugly socially awkward carpet munching dick hating/envious bull dykes who are bitter they caused this its cause and effect

  32. Dark Mountain says

    Black people…

  33. Eric Petrovich says

    The suppression of black crime in the media is mind blowing. If they even opened up half way, the country would be in shambles. Racism would be back 100. There is something about them that draws them to crime, violence, and overall ignorant behavior. There are always exeptions, but IT'S like 1/11

  34. Daniel Domingo says


  35. winrx says

    Not to take away from the chivalry of this gentleman but what "real" off duty cop would let this muthfcka – who just committed a felony assault – go just like that….? 🙄😏

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