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  1. Red Hood says

    iPhone X all day

  2. Red Hood says

    Damn. Its 2018. Video quality is still trash.

  3. Jan. Lotan says

    iPhone X

  4. abdelhadi EN says

    iPhone x clear winner

  5. Nick S. says

    The G7 has a really bad quality photos and videos. Don’t know why, but the photos reminded me of my first phone which was the Samsung Galaxy Ace (1st gen) which I believe came out in 2008(?). That said, it’s 2018, technology came as far as three or four lenses and LG can’t make it work with two… It’s sad seeing a company like LG not being able to make it to even the normal standards of smartphone camer anymore… Just… sad 😢.

  6. oplix says

    It's not possible for video quality to be "fantastic" when there is no stabilization. This is marketing double-speak.

  7. AAO 786 says

    iPhone X EASILY BY FAR.

  8. AAO 786 says

    You mentioned the features of the LG, but not the iphone:
    -Quad LED True Tone Flash with slow sync
    -Portrait Lighting

    You also didnt test the selfie camera

  9. Kino Zomby says

    Better lens beats better AI

  10. Ygor Wheeling says


  11. Danny Cokro says

    manual mode G7 is great..use manual mode

  12. Big Boss says

    The LG G7 isn't a finished product yet.

  13. Danny Cokro says

    this camera comparison is totally fake..for real camera comparisson check other video ..this guys is apple fanboy

  14. Marissa Wilkins says

    I wish iPhones had wide angle options especially for the front camera! Otherwise it’s no question that the iPhone images are preferable to the LG.

  15. aaron schulenburg says

    love the LG just because the WIDE camera

  16. Itsthebrowneyez says

    Nothing is better than the iPhone X

  17. ТЕРМИНАТОР X says

    Iphone has oversatured .g7 more natural pictures.also g7 does not final software it is pre production model

  18. TheWares52 says

    The G7 is probably half the price of the iPhone X… Is the iPhone X twice as good…?

  19. Antoine Swans says

    The G7!

  20. indigoal3n says

    Even with G6 I made better, less shaky video WHILE RUNNING than you did. Makes no sense.

  21. indigoal3n says

    WOW Mr Fanboy, G7 pix at the end look MILES better than the krapphone EX. seriously. iPhone EX pix look like they're several years behind.

  22. Justin Casano says

    One of the worst reviews I've ever seen. If you have your video in 4k or on the wide-angle lens there is no stabilisation on the G7. Also was hdr on her off in the photos? And the dark shot doesn't even utilize the bright camera feature that you didn't even talk about on the G7. Such a biased reviewer.

  23. procekim says

    What a useless, pointless video Macrumors. Congrats you suk.

  24. ichiban2point0 says

    Ill still buy the G7 cuz i still hate apple.

  25. Dave Yost says

    When taking a photo of a face, distance is key, not lens angle. Getting closer to compensate for wide angle is a bad idea. Zooming in is the way to go. — 10 feet away with 105mm (for 35mm format) is optimal, as taught to me by the legendary theater photographer Craig Schwartz

  26. Browsing Channel says

    i cant understand, lg releases a product 7 months after apple does, yet we cannot compare it. because it basically looks like chinese iphone x clone.

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