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We are in Casablanca, the city known for the classic film “Casablanca” which just celebrated its 75th anniversary. The city is the most populous in Morocco located along the coast, known for having one of the largest mosques in the world, French influence, and faded grandeur. Here’s looking at you kid!

First stop is the beach. Casablanca is a port city with many beach clubs along the ocean bluff. On the day we visited, it was raining – the first rain since May.

Next stop is Hassan II Mosque, the tallest minaret mosque and one of the top places to take photos. The mosque holds 25,000 people and the entire complex holds over 100,000 total. It is a popular pilgrimage site during Ramadan. We tour the mosque, including the wash room where it is the Islamic tradition to wash your hands and feet before prayer.

Next we tour the city and check into our Hotel – the Kenzi Basma.
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Next, we take an adventurous walk across the street to the Sky 28 – the perfect view of the city.
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  1. Anas BD says


  2. Mohammad El abbadi says

    I am from Casablanca. I always go to Hassan 2 Mosque, to relax, think and speak to the endless sea ; )

  3. Run The Atlas says

    Thank you Casablanca! 🇲🇦❤️🙏Some video highlights: 0:57 Atlantic Ocean
    1:32 Hassan II Mosque tour
    5:33 Old Town Casablanca
    6:14 Hotel tour – Kenzi Basma
    6:46 Tryin to cross the street
    7:38 Rooftop Dinner

  4. Local Goes Global says

    Great video! We are new travel vloggers on the YouTube scene. Let's connect. 🙂 What has been your favorite destination spot?

  5. Brian P Alvarez says

    Wow, Morocco looks amazing! We would love to visit one day! My wife and I are documenting our adventures with travel and Disney! Hope we can connect soon! By the way, we also subscribed!!

  6. mona alami says

    Run The Atlas nice views thanks for sharing
    big kiss i like your smile on rabat travel vlog

    question did you have any idea about chefchawen city ? ust type the name in youtube
    Some historic information about spain and Morocco becaus you love historic stuffs 🙂
    Morocco has some archetecture influence in spain becaus spain was colonised 500 years by the empire of Morocco
    Almoravid and Almohad and the khalifa (the empreur) was in Marrakech city.
    Archetecture culture food and all especialy in the south of spain andalousia.
    all that famous monuments in spain like Elhambra palace, mosque-cathedral of Cordoban, mosque-cathedral la ghiralda
    and much more was built by Moroccan emperor.
    70 % of cities of spain was built by arab and they always keep the same arab names.
    like Grenada (Garnata) Toledo (tolaytella) Séville (ichbelia) Qadech (qadesh)
    So all that hitorique monument who bring to spain the half of 60 million per year are arabo-Moroccan 🙂
    the knowledge left by morocco in spain after he get out from there in 1492 becaus of that europe became so devloped.
    this civilisation is left by morocco and arabs
    becaus spain translat all thoses arab's book in of Grenada city to latin
    Venis city too bring all that knowledge from Andalusia
    befor arrived to france and from france to britain. Befor that date it wasn't any spotlight in the street of london
    Grenada city was the best city in the world with 2000 sauna-hamam
    the cleaness was an art i don't want to talk about science and other things
    Then it was Andalusia that gave the torch to Europe and the library of Granada that left Morocco to the Spaniards was
    the origin of this civilization that is in Europe now

  7. Nikki Bahan says

    Looks so beautiful! Im jealous!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Omari El Taza says

    Big up

  9. SKWAD Dilaw says

    Are you in Casablanca now?

  10. In Between Maps says

    Super cool find! Loved tagging along in your travels! Keep the cam vlogging and new episodes coming. Super glad to discover your channel. Will binge a bit on your other episodes, lol. Following you now!

  11. Ryuk Dream says

    welcome to casablanca anytime <3

  12. Ryuk Dream says

    If you are still in Morocco, visit agadir and chefchaouen

  13. Uss'f StrOng says

    I hope you like Morocco very much

  14. yasser ajdid says

    Welcome any time you want 🇲🇦💚! Next time you should visit the other cities you'll love them 😍💯

  15. mouhsine El Abidi says

    ow casablanca, yeah I can say that's a wonderful city but people are horrible, not all of course. I say that cause I've been stolen by two moroccan's native.

  16. Farhan Zakaria says

    Woooow am from morocco Casablanca 😍 🇲🇦👍😍

  17. Bref vive le Maroc says

    next time come to Oujda city and then to SAIDIA which is one of the beautiful beaches in Morocco
    with, love 🙂

  18. sadiko rixou says

    Old Town Casablanca "not safe" plizzz

  19. Simo Elidrissi says

    The speaker said that the old city of Casablanca is not safe, why? anyway it's safer than lot of regions of the USA.

  20. abdlhak HM says

    Madina lts very nice 😍😍😍

  21. mohammed el iysaouy محمد العيسوي says

    المغرب طوب

  22. mohammed el iysaouy محمد العيسوي says

    Top vidéo

  23. Yusuf Free man says

    Thanks for sharing your experience !I always hear the truth from foreign visitors !You mentioned that a lot of streets has no cross walks and that’s true , that’s why it’s hard to live safe in that country , humans have less rights because ministers and governors they don’t do their job and they have less education level to operate that position. Second thing I heard the guide said that Casablanca downtown it’s not safe because there is a lot of drug dealers and a lot of immigrants ! But that’s real Casablanca that they hide and they won’t you to see because you will be chocked of seen other things that could make you cry . Moroccans need more rights . All places you visited is more likely private places and doesn’t show real Moroccan life . For a better visit you gotta take public transportation and book hotel by your own . Thanks again for sharing.

  24. Lolo Paulo says

    Best city in the woooorld

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