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CNN Polices Trump’s Naughty Words, Ignores His Harmful Policies


CNN and other mainstream media outlets never hesitate to voice disgust over Trump’s use of naughty words, but when it comes to the most harmful policies he’s implementing as President… the general consensus seems to be a collective “meh.” This backfired. Bigly. In this segment we’ll discuss a panel of liberal-minded Trump voters, why they still support President Trump, and how media incompetence may have something to do with their continued approval of the President.

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The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.

  1. Farty McGee says

    Zero chance that these were actually democrats before the election.

  2. Robert Greenhouse says

    what drugs are these people on?

  3. Cindy Weir says

    I think you hit the nail on the head Mike.

  4. Dark-Architect says

    Neoliberals switch for Trump… because there’s no difference

  5. Communist Satan says

    I'd say these people smoke meth but I'd be insulting meth addicts with the comparison.

  6. tram84mvp says

    Sorry Mike but you are wrong, immigrants are definitely stealing jobs from real Americans and progressives vastly underestimate how popular his anti immigrant policies are – 65 million people voted for him and it was largely based on immigration

  7. Thomas Mahady says

    those people were dangerously uninformed. I hope it wasn't raining outside because I would be seriously concerned that they would be in danger of drowning. 
    I wonder how many have a collection of magic beans that will start working anytime now. :

  8. FUCK GOOGLE says

    That lady just wants something different. Someone please make her a shit sandwich for lunch.

  9. Dienekes says

    The problem is that the neoliberal donors who control both sides of the media LIKE his policies. They would expect the exact same policies from a Democrat in the Whitehouse. So that means they can't attack the policies or they are setting their own side up for failure, if they ever regain control.

    They are all one party, baby, it's called the Money Party, and we ain't in it. This is why I don't watch mainstream media anymore. They have become utterly useless.

  10. MrFish291 says

    This is why I don't watch 24-hour TV news anymore. They're so obsessed with gotchas and what will make people laugh.

  11. Alan Smith says

    The black delegation would like to trade those two Coons in for Bill Burr please lol

  12. Barry Nichols says

    Stealing jobs from citizens ?
    What about the people giving them the jobs?

  13. Huckleberry Hound says

    wow they mustve drove miles to find stupid people like that cause no1 is this dumb where I live.

  14. Joseph Barksdale says

    Why do you even need to make a video? We all know that TV news is incredibly biased, from CNN to Fox

  15. chris fuentes says

    lmao those people are happy to have a moron running the circus.

  16. Guinn Berger says

    You nailed it, Mike. The media are so inept they don't understand the concept of overkill. Keep harping on somebody's faults and it will turn other people to a measure of sympathy for him … especially when the person you want to hold up as a preferable example is SO horrible that people would rather have the person you're tearing down. I don't favor Trump at all, and didn't support him …but compared to what we almost got saddled with … Well, BR-R-RRRR! Even with all Trump's faults (and they are many) I feel we've had a narrow escape so far.

  17. Shadow Games100 - Zoomzane4 says

    I believe this is the main thing that President George Washington warned us about in his farewell letter in 1796…

  18. Lee Cox says

    The water bottle toss to Rubio edit was nice.

  19. Shadow King says

    You know what they say, "Ignorance is bliss".

  20. ricardo casteneda says

    I recently found this channel. And I have to say this is the most info driven, reliable and realistic news channel on the internet. You are doing fantastic mike

  21. Christobal Colombo says

    Mike you mean the Russians did not hand Trump the election? clearly you are working for the Kremlin…(is what the garbage who support Hillary Clinton would say)

  22. Christobal Colombo says

    staying on task? okay then

  23. Kurt Smith says

    That was way too SCARY to watch. Worst than any horror movie.

  24. strongheart woman says

    Mike, the MSM won't report on these serious issues because they benefit from them. Tapper, Maddow, etc. all make millions a year to ignore the real issues. Trump's policies benefit the Uniparty that they all worship!

  25. DeadHeroOrAliveVillain 1019 says

    Wow. That "Flub" piece was as cringe-worthy as a Rick & Morty McDonald's Freakout, Hillary trying to meme, and a furry convention combined.
    People will die/are dying from poverty, climate change, and perpetual war, and this is what the MSM choose to focus on. This makes it hard to defend the "fake news" claim.
    It's like Fox's Obama Hot Dog story.

  26. Heath Cox says

    Your missing the main reason For Trumps win in your video. The democrats went with Hillary.

  27. Anthony Pennza says

    They're not stealing jobs here in Ohio. They're working jobs no one else will. With all the deportations, farmers have had to destroy crops because they can't find people to work their fields. Even though they pay a living wage.

  28. C. Venom says

    Mike, to address your point on these people being "liberal minded," since they're Rust Belt voters who had been Democrats, I doubt they're liberals. I'd say they're more likely to be economically populist than socially progressive (though I'm quite surprised that they still love and support Trump, since I've viewed Rust Belt Trump voters as the ones who can be swayed by someone like Bernie Sanders, or ANY populist-left candidate).

  29. Autumn Morgan says

    Mike. This is amazing. Thank you for focusing on the important shit.

  30. Katherine Bogert says

    Wow what democrats lol

  31. MatTheExtra says

    I still think we need to stop thinking in either Republican or Democrats. It's just a rotten pile of corporate ideals.

  32. Al T says

    Still trying to figure out what happened kid??

  33. VogtTD says

    I agree the illegal immigrants should be kicked out in most cases except when children are involved or other exceptions. However Trump is going after LEGAL immigrants.

  34. MegaGideo says

    I'm a (former) Democrat that voted for tRump. And maybe my priorities are different to theirs, but I can't see any of them were Democrats before the election. From the way they talked about illegal immigrants to the cult-like praise of tRump and conservative priorities. If you didn't mention parties at all and ask them to talk, you'd swear these were ALWAYS conservatives.

  35. racewiththefalcons1 says

    Dems can't criticize Trump's policy because they do the same fucking shit.

  36. Adobe Taco says

    I wonder how much they got paid to say this.

  37. Eric is Tres_Z1 says

    They see a president like them… let that spread throughout your brain for a moment.

  38. Eric is Tres_Z1 says

    What kind of Oligarchy wants to educate its people?

  39. Landry Prichard says

    These people seem MORE than dumb. They seem like plants. Feels too 'obvious'. :-/

  40. Nikolas B says

    Same shitty policies….

  41. RyuHoly says

    Give power back to the people… Loses net Neutrality

  42. Saito says

    Hello THR, fan from Vietnam here, the biggest cable news channels here does NOT mention anything about political issues, so that people still think of this as a peaceful country. In fact most news sources are monitored by the Communist Party, which resulted in the same thing in the first CNN clip. No one knows how politically bad the country is as they continue to show support to the government.

    Good to see the US turning into a communist country.

  43. Christopher Davis says

    cnn is pure unadulterated bullshit. these "people" are not even people. they just want tv time. plus, the numbers do not reflect what these venal subpar animals allege. my point is simply this: are americans this weak minded and moronic? cnn hand picked these people to muddy the waters. these people are republicans designed to make more republicans. funny, five people out of a nation of 320 million? if this was a real phenomenon why wasn't this group bigger? I don't even watch news on television anymore and ive NEVER watched cnn.  real progressives like myself and my friends read books (and check out independent news) we don't watch television.

  44. Victorseafog says

    These are ignorant and stupid mofo's. Their prime marks to be ripped of by some simpleton con job , and I bet these chumps have.

  45. Christopher Addeo says

    Lol unsubscribed, you are starting to sound a lot like CNN

  46. Alice's Dairy says


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