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Conan On The North Korea Summit – CONAN on TBS


CONAN Highlight: Conan’s monologue about the North Korea summit and Mike Pence’s part-time job at Uber.

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  1. Chris M says

    Do you guys subscribe to a liberal hating newsletter and 'puppet' as the word of the day or something? Wtf is up with these comments he's been criticizing Trump for 2 years now.

  2. Lamprey 96 says


  3. Barbara Richards says

    It's not normal for women to kiss. I would have kicked them out too.

  4. Gilfoyle Shanks says

    Hate the way audiences on these type of shows cheer and clap things without thinking. Mindless.

  5. Elijah cesspoole says

    Now that was truly funny.

  6. همسة وجع says

    دعم لقناتي

  7. catalinacurio says

    This pic of Trump's throne is Trending on Chinese social media

  8. Zarock says

    Lame, unfunny jokes. Not sure what's going on at Conan, but it seems to go downhill recently…

  9. Ballistic508 says

    Trump is a deal maker. I would rather be at peace with North Korea, than at war, where millions would die. Trump has done more in 18 months than the last three presidents have done combined!

  10. Semere Kidane says

    Got you. RAF….. You know…..I'll be watching you.

  11. lucky me says

    Robo man

  12. JN Woodard says

    Never thought Conan would follow the same path as Jimmy Kimmel.

  13. plnkfloydian says

    Wow an actual segment where Conan isn’t bashing trump. Hell must of frozen over.

  14. ELLa LEE says


  15. Adyan Sharda says

    Idiot audience

  16. johnnyguitar2929 says

    Disappointed in how leftie Conan has become. He was the last man standing but now all late night tv hosts have fallen into the abyss of liberal identity politics.

  17. Mr. D says

    I would have kicked out that couple too. Why should anyone make out in my car and enjoy life while I am single and depressed?

  18. Keyser Soze says

    Conan do travel to Pyongyang in NK

  19. Desiree Sung says

    racist bigots should stop watching conan

  20. RD Policarpio says

    Oh, conan is suddenly receiving a lot of hate comments.

  21. Byz says

    I see all of the Trump bots on the internet decided to invade the comments section lol!

  22. _ Rift _ says

    Trust me there not telling the truth Conan

  23. Raster Blat says

    I am so happy that our new president Trump has accomplished so much good and kept so many promises in just a short time in office. Considering the despicable anti-American negative onslaught by the immoral heathen democrats, the perverted Hollywood crowd, and their FAKE NEWS media, it is nothing short of divine intervention.
    God bless America
    God bless our most unusual and great President Trump.

  24. dragonfire Gaming says

    I hate the audience there such sheep they boo and laugh and clap right on que. why don't you just get a laugh track, it would be cheaper!

  25. Dominant Wolf says

    Today was a little better, more punches at all sides, but still Conan I know you can do better 😉

  26. Acidpond says

    Come on Cohan. You’ve been a sheep for a while now

  27. Ghost Train Haze says

    Lol I never seen so many Trump bitches coming out from the woodworks with so many tears then the ppl in this comment thread..I can't believe grown ppl cry over Trump..Did Obama make your lives that miserable😂😂😂Don't blame him for all of your shortcomings in life..He didn't make the decision for Appalachians to live in shitholes

  28. skepticbb93 says

    The meeting is a photo op. Trump supporters are still dumb as rocks.

  29. Andy Aldrian says

    If a democrat president had met with Kim the left/liberals would push for the nobel prize. They are so butthurt that Trump managed this.

  30. Talaris Watts-El says

    The Mike Pence joke was gold!

  31. Jazzy Jaz says

    Why are these damn conservatives coming to live in liberal cities ?
    You guys have your own red states go live there.

    Oh wait, most red states are complete crap/ & rundown that's why you come to live in liberal states.

  32. Morty Tashman says

    Trump continues his march to infamy! TONIGHT ON FOX: "TOUCHY AND FEELY" EXCLUSIVE: Excerpts from dotard's historical (sic)"hysterical" summit meeting with brutal murderer Li'l Kim: "I told him 'I like the way you talk', and he said he likes the way I talk. Then we went down to the Singapore Tasty Cream and got some of them French fried potaters and put mustard on 'em. Reckon we ate a whole bowl together. Hmm-hmm. We are having a jammie party together next month in my White Supremacy House… and Kimmy coyly said 'let's make it jammies optional'!" EXCLUSIVE FOX FOLLOW-UP COVERAGE "Many are saying I will win the No Belt Prize, but you won't hear that from me. I don't need accolades or attention. Just give me my Sean Hannity or my main squeeze, Vladi" the wannabe dictator Trump cooed to Head Groupie Lou "Call Me Lou" Dobbs. Most puzzling was dotard's callous attitude toward Canada and his total embrace of new BFF Kim and, of course, Russia. Only brain-dead Americans now believe that Trump didn't collude with Putin and the Moscow oligarchs, as Robert Mueller zeroes in. Nonetheless, Cadet Spanky McBoneSpurs saluted a Korean soldier, dropped his pants, and fired a rocket toward our neighbors to the north.

  33. Je Won Seo says

    Make fun of something which is good for world peace. Fake media indeed.

  34. PutinWithAnimals says

    Who's the oldest dying president?

  35. Desktop Kitty says

    I'm surprised so many Trumpers here commenting. I would have thought you'd be busy going to some KKK meeting or burning a cross somewhere. Leave late night shows to us libtards. You have your hobbies and interests, and we have ours.

  36. Sam Juidici says

    Get bill burr here quick

  37. Mr. Perfect says

    the difference between Donald and Kim, besides the obvious, is that I think Kim eats his children

  38. Civil Space Network says

    The Uber driver was a Muslim Conan. Did you miss that in the news or did you just not want to offend any fundamentalist Muslims? You see because you've been so edgy and unpredictable lately. I used to be a fan before you and Kimmel and Meyers morphed into one three headed unfunny hour.

  39. BLOW ME says

    Conan is the man!

  40. Martin McSoar says

    Conan didn't even trash the meeting. You angry, wannabe consevative keyboard warriors clearly didn't watch the video.

  41. Crusader says

    lunch. lol

  42. Damai Martadisastra says

    hihihi I love you Conan

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