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  1. Sunny G says


  2. I AM ALIVE !!!!! says

    Lock him up

  3. Thomas lang says

    Andrew Cuomo is just like Hillary he has corruption all around him but some how claims to have no part of any of it. Andrew Cuomo is corrupt

  4. Cloudblue0 says

    CNN will probably cover this…😂😉

  5. D Tom says

    All the people around Governor Cuomo have been convicted of crimes.It makes sense that this POS is also criminal. Birds of a feather.

  6. scrumsey says

    The Democrat Party is an Organized Crime Syndicate.

  7. tom7601 says

    Tarnish Cuomo's reputation? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  8. Robert Clute says

    The Cuomo clan Andrew, Chris and Mario now dead , are close second to Clinton crime family.

  9. KidCity Lynnwood says

    Y'all act like you are surprised.

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