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  1. KingSersus says

    have you been to other major cities in china?

  2. Annie Mitchell says

    An ergonomic plate! WOW!

  3. RespectOthers says

    I'm really surprised you guys didn't stay in touch through WeChat.
    But not surprised to see the station spotlessly clean.

  4. Nailah Majeed says

    The thumbnail gives me life.

  5. shanny westly says

    That cat was enjoying the sun lol

  6. Air 01 says

    I get to see every clip twice , oh goody

  7. Kamaiah Jones says

    How does the time work over there?

  8. Maria C says

    The design & the font in the menu was so cute!💗

  9. Puddin Pop says

    The cat probably still has 8 lives left, it’s good lol

  10. Jai , says

    Homeboy in the thumbnail aye

  11. cecilia maben says

    All the time you have been in China have you dated anyone if so how was that experience

  12. Gift Atomssa says


  13. Robyn Lysha says

    Are there benefits to drinking hot water?

  14. Mz Kegz says

    parts of the video keep repeating is that intentional ?

  15. amaraajw is funny says

    No shade but the audio is a lil too low. Like I had to turn it all the way up to hear. Also, I heard some parts twice. Like it repeated some parts. Just some feedback

  16. Blushes Sweetly says

    How long do you plan to stay in China?

  17. Candy Cane says

    I watch your videos a lot. I came home today from work and my bf was like what’s that girl YouTube name who lives in Shanghai? I’m like Why🤔 but In my head I was like “Shocker he does pay attention”

  18. Djenabou-Fatoumata Camara says

    No rain , no snow 😭😭🙌🏾🙌🏾 Imma bring my ass in China because I am freeeziiiing in here 😭 .
    Btw , I live for your videos. Literally

  19. TomboyNation TNat says

    Don't Know if You Specifically Answered This Question Before But Do You Plan On Living in China The Rest Of Your Life Know And if So (Srry if this is personal af its kinda a personal experience questiin cuz my my specifically traveled to america to settle and have me) If You Were to Have Kids Would You Want Them Born There Or In America

  20. Got7 Always says

    Here to tell you your a great youtuber love you so much 😊😊

  21. Serenity Lanae says

    girl u gotta do something about that audio

  22. Jasmaine Christian says

    I wanted to ask about your personal life. Like if you had friends or if you have a love life. But I didn't know if it was appropriate. But thank you for sharing this with us

  23. Mona H says


  24. Paris Paris says

    cant wait for your clothing line to drop!!! 😍😘 love from new zealand💕💖

  25. Michou Gakuba says

    Is it hard to make any friends?

  26. I have Jimins Jams says

    My daughter and her Chinese friend do kpop dance covers, check them out and sub if you like! #ARMYMOM #obsidiankdance #SOHOTTLCHOREO

  27. lauremor says

    The food is so beautiful. It make me think about taking more time to make things more aesthetically pleasing. I’ve noticed you do that with your food at home as well. I think that is important and I admit I just rush when I make food for myself, and rush to eat and it’s not good. When I take the time to make something beautiful and healthy I feel like I’m caring for myself. I enjoy seeing all the actual Chinese food. So much better than the Americanized kind which accounts for almost all of what we have here in the US.

  28. Jordanne Riley says

    I swear cats are so weird!!! 😂😂

  29. drey G says

    I think u forgot to edit something out bc it's in it twice around 3:30 to 4:05. I really loved that u uploaded 3 times in a day! Keep it up babe. X

  30. J. Wae says

    That guy in the thumbnail is cute XD

  31. Jayne Skye says

    i wanna go to china japan and korea

  32. Alissa Walker says

    Clickbait ?

  33. but that's none of my Business says

    Leave china hoe we don't need u dark ass black people like u

  34. LuckyBlu says

    That cat 🐈 was like “homie I got 8 lives left, let me chill aight”. Lol 😂 edit: its so crazy how miscommunication between us humans can mix things up. Sometimes we don’t contact each other cause we are unsure and turns out we have no issue with each other. Funny how that works sometimes.

  35. Chim Inize says

    Can you vlog your face more? Your so pretty.💗

  36. Joe ExtraKnow says

    May God continue to bless you and use you in China. You may try to go some Chineses Church there.

  37. Luna Princess says

    I adddooorrrrreeee you I can tell from the way you carry yourself you a genius and your very beautiful and also down to earth ❤️

  38. Kit Bina says

    That menu. The food look's so good

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