Find local, breaking news for the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan; plus, a New York events calendar and vintage NYC photos
  1. Rory on a Bike says

    Could I ask what camera/lens combination you use for these? Thank you.

  2. krokodil196 says

    I think many of us would like to see also some USA city drive in the night..when there is no so many would be interesting 🙂

  3. Andre says

    The USA is a great country!

  4. silkq says

    I love your videos! I ride my exercise bikes in "nyc" with you every morning! LOL! Thank you for these. NYC is my favorite although I love all your posts.

  5. Arijit Banik says

    Excellent one…Love the part of the central park, Clear blue sky with one side greenery and sunlight – colours are vibrant…Perfect.

  6. Victor GSmart says

    very nice, relaxing

  7. global shoot says

    Upload on your fb page

  8. Music10Max says

    Great video!

  9. Mathias Buse says

    A very nice video.

  10. Дед Пыхто says

    Do you wanna travel to Alaska ?))

  11. BiG MiG says


  12. A. N says

    Really refreshing with the beautiful blue sky !

  13. Melon Head says

    Can you do one in the neighborhoods

  14. chabomon says


  15. Matthew Vincent Stevenson says

    Wow only 1 dislikes

  16. Matthew Vincent Stevenson says

    Too noisy too many horns 🎺 such as in India or other 3rd world countries, if u don’t believe. Watch it !

  17. Md. Reda Zaari says

    Is that you?? 24:09 … That must be the first horn ever!

  18. Md. Reda Zaari says

    35:40 First accident as well.

  19. Roman Tabora says

    when was the video recorded?

  20. pedro luis julio gonzalez says

    Sigue subiendo ese es vídeos que más me gusto

  21. Alan Ross says

    31:12 a bird!

  22. kongfeh says

    Your beautiful videos are always a great relaxing way to spend a sunday evening, before work starts again on monday 🙂

  23. Francis Noah says

    Good stuff! You should drive through some nature reserves once. Would love to see some American/Canadian landscapes.

  24. Steven Serial says

    This is kinda like GTA.

  25. ilder gal says

    I am fron Brasil. Thank you.

  26. BigShotScott02 says

    Damn, It's kind of sad not seeing the streets of New York filled with crown vics and them being almost obsolete nowadays. The roads are just filled with Toyota's

  27. ConnorMcCallen says

    Kepp this comment on an even number of likes.

  28. Claudio Coppola says

    Do something in Idaho (Boise, CdA, Pocatello, Whatever Falls) or maybe Montana, since you seem to be from the West anyway. 'Nuff with these touristy mainstream destinations!

  29. Charismatic Enigma says

    can you please tell me what camera you use?

  30. mohammed ibrahim says

    Hello sir can u pls tell the rent in midtown

  31. Opel Travel. says


  32. Rasco says

    Take a trip sometimes to the rough part of towns

  33. FalconXE302 says

    What's up with the car on the wrong side at 35:44… ? Looks like its hit the parked car and is abandoned…? … or is that juts typical NYC…?

  34. Bob Dole says

    Nice videos! May I ask what your camera car is?

  35. Jinju Li says

    What equipment do you use to record the videos?
    Do you have recommendation?

  36. Olizimm says

    Very very nice video!

  37. panda bg says

    My country is a shithole. I want to live there

  38. Christian Flores says

    @J Utah Where do you mount your microphone?

  39. Trekking Across America says


  40. fakehiphopsucks says

    Taxi drivers are the worst drivers. I always tell ppl that aren’t from New York that driving is only difficult because taxi drivers are so reckless

  41. J Utah says

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