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  1. A Rose that Blooms in Early May says

    4:16 – I see a STOP GETTING SCREWED sign. Quite ironic for a city where porn movies are made. Lol! 😛

  2. Al Raji says

    These videos are very attractive & good to see, but who are not able to go to these places will be disappointed sometime.

  3. Gustav Gans says

    San Francisco Downtown is much better!!
    Also i Like Dallas Downtown!

  4. e productions says

    Voilà un autre rêve en descendant les tubes

  5. e productions says

    Paris est toujours beaucoup plus agréable atmosphère que LA

  6. e productions says

    Paris est toujours beaucoup plus agréable atmosphère que LA

  7. Kevin Costner says

    Wow, you did a great job. Thank you.

  8. Jack Aicken says

    Whys it so quiet 😦

  9. myEV&AR says

    Can you do denver & st. Luise

  10. Barry Ballbag says

    Love how your vids are neither timelapsed nor overdubbed with music. Just the sights and sounds of the place as we drive around in real-time. Perfect. I just subscribed!

  11. Jerico Ng. says

    woow this is like the whole land of the uk bcause when you drive on here you only see bounce of grass, tree as a sight seeing, the same house structured, city centre or town in every 40 mins as your stop over, but the same food in every eu store the same chicken and chip dorrito for halal food, the same dominos pizza and the famous food fish and chips for britz. which I almost thrown up only to think. I aint even see any store for non eu immigrant on here and I can only count the Chinese store in the whole place from London to my city. and the people routine are only for half on here when eve pass all people are in houses I don't know why the air still buried on 15th century.

  12. wuss poppin bimbo motherfuckers • says

    i cant wait till i move to los angles

  13. FuryC says

    Los Angeles is a beautiful city, but there isn’t many cars in downtown! Why is this? 🤔

  14. Герман Устинов says

    привет США, супер!!!! forever

  15. Cairo Murphy says

    Where the fuck is everyone?

  16. beppe loy says

    Love LA. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. 90sTripz says

    Franklin is Coming 04:26

  18. Don Utato says

    Bytom in Poland is better. Check it out

  19. Jane De Olazo says

    Thanks 👍

  20. castormanful Xxx says

    which season? winter??

  21. Mohammad A says

    Best city ever city of angels

  22. algundiaveras says

    THANKS A LOT for sharing.Thank you for letting me know the most beautiful cities. God bless your soul that captures the beauty of everything and shares it 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  23. mandyinseattle says

    Very comprehensive! I'm enjoying this bc I like DTLA but if you sped it up a little, we could enjoy it and save some time.

  24. mrSvob75A says

    Put like as if I said something sensible

  25. Darre munde says

    Downtown LA is late, it looks boring as hell. I mean there are no people outside at all. Only US cities that have constant crowds and hoards of people are on the east coast and Chicago. I think San Fran has a lot if foot traffic too, but nothing like out east.

  26. Caio Vlogs says


  27. Janette Nash says

    I love this! I miss downtown LA

  28. crystal miller says

    Los Angeles is huge

  29. Ron Snow says

    My daughter and son-in-law live in Hollywood. If you want a scary experience, drive down Mulholland at night in a van with 11 other people. The driver, my niece’s husband, had never driven in Los Angeles before.

  30. Miko Philo says

    Make 10 hours of this!!

  31. danvandyk says

    I Drive tough Berlin City babyyyyyyy

  32. radulica says

    Damn how come there's no traffic?

  33. Asen Asenov says

    OMG I'M GTA 5

  34. BobEckert56 says

    Jesus smiles and an angel gets it's wings each time you edit out sitting at a stop light. I can do that here at home.

  35. lany hardwick says

    Love LA..

  36. david collins says

    Two places you couldn't pay me to drive in …..LA And NY

  37. Lucas Glendon says

    LA looks depressing, they need urgently invest in MASS TRANSIT TRANSPORTATION.

  38. rutter1ify says

    This looks like the tunnel from the Terminator 1 chase scene??

  39. Cmajor Dream says

    Thank you 🙏
    From Thailand

  40. Victor Velasquez says

    Wow it looks like a skid row 5th an Julián or 5th and san pedro

  41. William Gottlieb says

    Is this on a Sunday morning?

  42. Opel Travel. says

    Nagyon jó videó Gratulálok! Én Magyarországon veszek fel autós kamerával /Opel Travel címmel /amerre jàrok próbálom meg örökíteni ,de a tied az nagyszerű mintha kintlennék Amerikában sok sikert a videóidhoz!

  43. Alex B. says

    I wanna go there so bad but I'm stuck in the stupid south. I'm a city girl dang it I don't belong down here

  44. Joseph Nazar says

    When did you film this? I ask, because I notice people have jackets and long pants on, and I would have thought that this wouldn't happen in LA in September, when you uploaded the video.

  45. Дмитрий Виноградов says

    go to detroit, etc abandoded american ghost town LMAO

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