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Where to find great restaurants that are also budget-friendly and in the city centre? Go give these a try but don’t forget to tip them well! They deserve it (and will appreciate it) and we want to keep those places there 🙂
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Havelská koruna:
Pivnice U Rudolfina:

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and let us know what would you like to see!

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Honest Prague Guide is your best guide for Prague 🙂 We only show you what we as locals like and what we think you should see in Prague. There’s a ton of cool things to do in Prague as well as cool places. We’ll show you around 🙂 And we hope you’ll come and will visit the Czech Republic and will have an amazing time!

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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš

  1. immanuel abella says

    Gggoooddddd…… Prague now on my bucket list.

  2. Tomas Vasiulis says

    But Janek, wouldn't it make these places then touristic and popular and therefore drive the prices up? 🙂 not to be hypocritical here.

  3. Mark Gibson says

    Try Trafalgar 43 off Wenceslas square. 395kr for 2 meals and 3 beers.

  4. Olga Panique says

    Thanks a lot!! Miss Prague so much 🙂 By the way, could you make a video on how dog friendly Prague is? I think people need to know 🙂

  5. Mictlantecuhtli says

    Plzeň, Plzeň všude…… I když, na zapití akorát.

  6. Milan Škvarkovský says

    Been to Havelska Koruna, can recommand this place 🙂 got really good meal for low price.

  7. ikariko says

    7 euro za menu? to si děláte prdel:))přitom to vypadá úplně stejně jako menu za 73 kč tady u nás v Kostelecké prdeli. No jo, pražská kavárna.

  8. Shahul Hameed says

    Thank you brother. And also I need apologies from you If I ask anything wrong. ..

  9. matthias zimmer says

    ty for your tips I m gonna vist Praha for the second time this year ,tomorow. What would u say U Rudolfina or U Parlamentu?

  10. Benjamin Burkhardt says

    Czech food isn’t very vegetarian friendly lol 🙂 looks yummy (please save me a beer)

  11. Revived L. says

    Hey, I miss Prague.

  12. TheTDMSubCountRiseProg says

    Right at the beginning of this video, the Chequepoint scam exchange place is visible in the background…

  13. Paraj Zsolt says

    Havelská Koruna accepts only cash, but it's a great place.

  14. HardMusic EventSlovenia says

    100k subs! Congratzz , čestitamo 👌😀

  15. Cheryl Lim says

    I just came back from Prague a month ago and I'm missing the food so much 😭😭😭

  16. jed loveday says

    Im going in july

  17. Lee Grant says

    Yet again another great and interesting video I wonder if you could help me give me some advice thinking of coming over to Prague round about August time could you recommend any hotels please between 3 to 4 star hotels or failing that B&Bs. Your sincerely Grant

  18. Haider Raza says


  19. Steve Bartola says

    We will be in Prague in May for #Kralovsti2018. We would like to know where's a good place to have a casual dinner with mostly locals that has a good upscale trendy atmosphere. The places you have listed seem interesting but we would be looking maybe for places that are a little more dynamic that would cater to young professionals. Thanks!

  20. Dannyboy Hoodlum says

    I like when you do movies about restaurants, but would like them a bit longer and more where you perhaps talk more about the food and more restaurants:) Been to Rudolfina last time i was in Prague. Can really recommend that restaurant:) Will hopefully come back to Prague in 2019.

  21. Simmozheim Tube says

    Whether Svíčková na smetaně or Obložené chlebíčky! So delicious! Just the right places and restaurants to me as an always hungry traveler. I gonna follow your instruction. Promised. Best regards from Stuttgart

  22. Kyle 15 says

    Love these vids going go again to see my bro like to know about the place😃😃

  23. Jashino Ent. says

    These 15 dislikes are from people who think that Havelská koruna is related to Václav Havel.

  24. BrokenRuleII says

    We ate at two of the places (last two in the video) on our last trip and they were great so we went back a second time. Really no need to try a different places as the menus had a good selection and food was like home cooked. There is another place off the beaten path up a one lane road past the U.S. Embassy, don't remember the name, I think we were the only tourist in the place. Had lunch and it was so good we came back for dinner. Great place with a pub like setting and lots of beers.

  25. محمد العزاني says

    What's name your camera

  26. Black Phantom says


    To this guy and me

  27. Hvězdoslav says

    fuj Mincovna, nikdy bych nešel do pajzlu, kde maj na zdi habsburský znaky.

  28. NexoTim says


  29. Soul of smoke says

    Hey guys can anyone help i went to Prague nearly 5 years ago i went to a tiny restaurant it seemed family owned near some embassys i think, oil paintings on the wall and was very good value for money anyone know the name of it??

  30. neko nekic says

    My third favorite remove kebab country.Czech Republic ❤

  31. Muhammad Hamid says

    Where can I find restaurants which serve halal chicken and beef ?

  32. Highlander says

    Can you do a list about the best hotels in prague?

  33. Why6isnt9 says

    Do a video about where to go with kids in Prague!
    👍🏼 like it so that they can see it

  34. Tio Nunez says

    U Rudolfina is a terrible place. One of the tourist traps, where the rude waitresses ask you for 20%tip even it´s not common. Don´t recommend it at all!!!

  35. The Zine Report 2018 says

    Listen please

  36. The Zine Report 2018 says

    Your country men and women are the most racist people I’ve ever met as well as most miserable and unwelcoming people I’ve met and I’ve been to over 23 country’s

  37. The Zine Report 2018 says

    Stop exposing the good things and expose the nasty people in your country as in Prague, I have videos to back up my claim as I’ve just come from that’s nasty miserable place, what makes it nasty is it’s inhabitants.

  38. Dean Spade says

    Don't go to Restaurace MINCOVNA!!! I was there today, after your recomendation of it in this episode. They don't have special menu anymore. Dish seemed to be not fresh but just heated up. Not cheap and awful experience. I don't recommend it!

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