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The latest news and end times prophecy from around the world (**PLZ SUBSCRIBE**) watch this and you will know we are living in the end times, end times signs, end times news, end times events, bible prophecy, prophecy in the news, tornado, earthquake, strange weather, strange events, apocalyptic signs, apocalyptic events, strange weather phenomenon, wars and rumors of wars, book of revelation, four horsemen of the apocalypse, end times prophecy.
Current end times signs and latest news events from around the world in a nutshell ๐Ÿ™‚ There are multiple warnings found in scripture. Jesus Christ has fulfilled so many prophecies already but did you know for every prophecy Jesus has fulfilled there are 2-3 prophecies written about his second coming ? and we are waiting for him to return and fulfill the end times prophecy. So when you subscribe don’t forget to click on the bell symbol and ask to be notified when new videos are added to Receive up to date information as we wait for our holy father to return, JESUS is coming soon.
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  1. EdwardNygsandDantePlasticGuns says

    Ryan Reynolds is returning very soon with DeadPool2. He will whip out his penis and turn it into IRON and break earthen clay pots with it.

  2. Kev Webo says

    Bill gates would have advanced knowledge of a pandemic…he makes pandemics for a living, between Xbox and vaccines he's screwed kids world wide

  3. Xenomorph says

    Jesus is coming soon….there will be no peace….all enemies of Israel will fall!

  4. WatchmanWes777 Wes says

    OK I let it go the first time but the second time in the same video you repeated the same stories. I think you should preview your video before uploading it to YouTube…. Thank you & God bless you. ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ’œ

  5. Kenny McCormick says

    do people realise there is a big difference to Protesting and to rioting when your throwing petrol bombs that's not protesting.

  6. Flat Reality says

    Hmmm, flu could wipe out 33m?? Freemasons number, what they got planned I wonder, depopulation agenda?

  7. Firma Ment says

    Gotta love the guy talking about an awakening… and wearing a NASA โ€œto marsโ€ t-shirt๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. Obviously a guy that really understands the nature of the corruption within the worldwide religio-political system!

  8. Richard Evans says

    Bill needs a bullet.

  9. Richard Evans says

    How do we stop killing bee's ? Ummmmmmmmmmmm Maybe stop spraying poison all over the place !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Richard Evans says

    London was not bad until all the immigrants took over now they are killing each other what dose that tell you.

  11. Amber Baca says

    Of course its staged, staged by the freemasons and shit yeah.

  12. Rand Jooe says

    "Awwwwh…. There's NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!"
    NOKO is a 'Friendly, Peaceful, Altruistic Nation Wanting What EVERY Peace Loving Nation Wants….
    Just ask ANYONE of the Thousands who Occupy the NOKO PRISON CAMPS!
    "WHEN PIGS FLYS" is the saying we have for Kim Cum Dum and his (Lying) Commie Cronies

  13. Luv4us Luv4All says

    Let Gods Will be Done , we see the Signs and we know the thing's to come , therefore we have no excuse on why We are not prepared for Gods Return.

  14. cubecomboslice says

    They are keeping GOD away with idols, the fucking cross is the worse idol ever, i canโ€™t believe the sheeple donโ€™t see that

  15. Eric Ride says

    Billy is just anxious to wipe us out with his vac's

  16. Kieth Wilson says

    do not trust north korea

  17. Kingdomof Hope says

    Pete and RE-Pete

  18. Rapture cidal says

    Any of you who believe that crap they say about Israel please watch this video

    And if that's not enough to convince you go there and see what you see

  19. Louis Duncan Jr. says

    You have stories doubled on this video

  20. ThatDude says

    …and the depopulation program continues. The vaccines will increase the death toll in ordinance with the manmade deceases to increase our fears of one another. Bill Gates heads this agenda with unlimited financial support to all corporate alliances.

  21. Johnson videos says

    the best in daily news please sell coffee mugs!

  22. SusanD. MarriageSupper says

    GMo aspartame corn syrup ppl fetus etc in foods n drinks killing us, poision n mental or health problems, suck take pills medication diet supplement etc look pharmakeia in greek (sorcerers n witchcrafts) (why pushing drugs in ppl) etc also all shots.

    rising beast system (tech RFID chips) soon be cashless pay by phone tech scanners finger prints etc. like Amazon doing now then not Pay by money make RFID chip enforced! jobless cashless well fare SS etc. can you imagine how many ppl get RFID chip cuz want what new tech (cuz in thing to to follow world ways) n how ppl go for it if get free food etc…be in millions! ppl are blind even right in their faces still blind dumbdown naked miserable can't hear see know! my ppl are destroyed by lack of knowledge cuz rejected knowledge I will reject em.

    love World James 4:4 n 1 chapt 2. Isiah 5:20 calling good evil n evil good rest in Isaiah.

    I can't why ppl deny our Creator! what profit a man gain whole world n lose very soul! it's fearful thing to fall in hands Almighty God!

    call on Lord , start relationship with , but have give all n all to God! must have relationship with God! not lukewarm: little time with God n worldly. dance with God n dance with world is evil!!!! thus why Christians left behind!

    must walk day by day with God, talk praise worship sing(not mind on a worldly..prays from heart that what matters to God. not prays for show!) read kjv do God will, give all to God : your life, your job, love thy lord thy God with all heart soul mind n strength in mark 12:30! also love me keep my Ten commandments n love thy neighbor as yourself! need ask God what he wants from you day by day! God wants all of, not like Jack in box ..need him on your time your will . can't love world n God both! choose one ! thus lukewarm! God I rather you be cold or hot , then lukewarm, so thee are lukewarm I spew you out of my mouth! God ask you why didn't you tell ppl about me? what tell him , I'm sorry God to busy with world , man hosts , demons actors n idolatry etc. God going say depart from me you , do your will(not God's) n I never knew you(no relationship with God)!

    ppl cherry pick verses from kjv Bible (fit their agendas) … have read whole kjv Bible. Sat saved always saved, Jesus died on cross, just believe in him be saved or call out his name, by money or churches christians evangelist hosts(idols gods) etc…. you must have relationship with God not the world!!! don't have relationship with God here on earth, what makes you think gave relationship with God in heaven?! think again!!! not by works: churches christians evangelist shows (demons shapeshifters actors sellouts), money (can't buy way to heaven!! give money these wolves in sheep clothing.. but can't give sandwich to poor homeless person! God meant ppl give to needy…not greedy!!, worship praising fornication with jezebels(hosts in rev 2:20-23), Pope (false prophet), statues like lady call Mary(she wasn't statue ..she was blessed not a stone to worship..not her ppl! it's Idolatry), little time God, lukewarm, etc…must live know love God with all in all! lay everything Down. before the Lord! he our Savior, our Father, our Creator, passionate, beautiful, loving, slow to anger, Amin present, great creator of all, alpha n omega , beginning n end, also righteous judge!, our souls keeper, and soo much more!

    my heart beats for you , oh Lord , my eyes see your glory oh Lord, my life is meanless without you my Lord my Savior, my arms long hug you my Lord…don't want let goooooo. my soul long be with you my God my all in all. my heart brake when hear ppl put you down( say words om- , blasphemy, curse, mocks or say anything profane and care for world then you my creator). every time it rains ..I know God cries for his children to repent come to him. every time vocanoes erupts God angry pours out. every time earthquakes happens …God taken earth shakes it. floods God washing filth out his sights. snows Stroms waking ppl being cold hearted to God. so sad ppl rather play with world! love creation , but deny our Creator! sad they trade their soul for stupid materials, money, sell out to devil, fame fortune, idolatry, fornication sins tech holidays witchcrafts adultery man/demon says n worldly things etc. is worth going hell for?! well guess want go to hell. so sad ppl lost senses, what important, lost fear of God, too pride n arrogance , love world ! well world going like Titanic to hell!

  23. yackyick says


  24. Suzann Puppies are precious says

    I just had the Flu and it lasted about a week. I normally never get the Flu and I know it's my Living Loving Almighty Glorious Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself taking care of me.
    The Flu I just had is no worse than any other Flu and I didn't have any other Symptoms other than mild fever highest was from 99.8 – 102.2 body aches and pains .

    I drank Plenty of Water and Pomogant and Cranberry Juice.
    Fresh Fruits And vegetables.
    Lots of Tangerines Oranges, Cold Popsicle made from Fresh Fruits.
    Keep my body Hydrated all the Time.

    I know my Loving Living Master King God Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty Himself is taking care of my Health because I'm a Diabetic and Have High Blood Pressure , and Still have a very Strong High Immune system and never get Sick.

    My Diabetes is Very Control by diet for year's and don't have to take any pills, Im also on the lowest dose of High Blood Presume medicine for many years now, Plus I'm Almost 60 year's Old Now and look younger than my age. That's to My God Jesus Christ Yeshua Glory because I don't take care of myself as I should.

    I love soda pop that's my down fall and vice and drink Soda ever day almost 4 Large Glasses of my Soda Pop that's not Diet.

    My Health is great having a Complete Blood Count every 6 months and Im Perfectly Healthy.

    That's My Living Loving Almighty Glorious Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself taking care of me.

    I know My Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty will do the Same for you.

    What I'm trying to say is don't listen to the world only Listen to Our God Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty Himself.
    When the Holy Spirit said through his Prophets Cast Your Cares Upon Our Living Loving Almighty Glorious God Jesus Christ Yeshua for He Cares for us..

    So don't ever worry about what the World has to Say, Only Put Our Faith and Completely Truly Trusting Our Living Loving Almighty Glorious Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself for He Totally Cares for us.

    You have to Remember We are Not Apart of the World and have been Chosen and Separated from the World and Belong to Our Almighty Living Loving Holy Glorious God Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself.
    The World's Situations don't and will Never Apply to us .
    Only Our Living Loving Word of God Jesus Christ Yeshua and His Promises Apply to us.

    I'm Living Proof of Our Living Loving God Savior Lord Master Messhia Creator King Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself Mighty Love for us .
    We're God's Children and we live by Faith, Hope, Totally Trusting in Our Own God Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself Grace Knowing He Loves us, Fulfilling Every Promise To us and The JEWS.

    We are Born Again Christians Receiving the Holy Spirit of Our Almighty Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Living Inside of us.
    This is Our Beautiful Living Loving Treasure after Receiving God's Free Gift of Salvation through his Only Begotten Beautiful Son Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty God in Human Form.

    All Thing's are Possible with Our Living Loving Almighty Glorious Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself Who has given us Grace.

    All we have to do is Believe and Receive, Our Living Loving God Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty Himself Made so easy for us to Live in his Loving Genorious Grace.
    Truly Amazing Grace.

    I Honestly Believe We Will Meet Our Living Loving Almighty Glorious Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself In The Clouds So very Soon Now Before we even know it and will be with Our Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself Almighty Forevermore Everlasting Any Day Now Amen.
    Please Come to Our Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty Himself, The Dispensation of Grace's Door will be closing very soon before anyone knows it.
    We will be Rapture to be With Our Living Loving Holy Almighty Glorious God Savior Lord Messiah Creator King Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself Forevermore Everlasting Amen. You don't want to be Left Behind this will be Time of Tribulations and it's going to be Horrific the Worst Time Ever Known to Mankind Including the True Anti Christ being released to the World, The Strongest Time of Testing Mankind, Only very few are going to make it threw.

    Right Now There is Mercy Hope, Joy of our Lord, Grace in Our own God Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty Himself Love for us.

    Once the door closed I pray for My Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Mercy and Hope for the People who are Left Behind.

    There will be many unrepentant people still at this Time and They will be to far gone and believe the Darkness and Evil illusions of this World because they have harden their own hearts and minds to the Only Truth and Light that could have saved them Our Living Loving Holy Almighty Glorious God Savior Lord Messiah Emanuel Master Creator King Jesus Christ Yeshua The Great IAM.
    Jesus Christ Yeshua is God in Human Form who was Born of a Virgin Lead a Perfect Life to Be The Perfect Sacrifice for all of Our Sin's died on the Cross and fulfilled the Law's of God for us because we couldn't.
    He Reserected on the 3rd Day to show his power over Death and showing us He Is Our Living Loving Almighty Glorious Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua.

    God Loved the World so much he Gave His Only Begotten Beautiful Son Jesus Christ Yeshua if Anyone Shall Believe In Him Shall Not Perish But Have Everlasting Life Amen.

  25. Rex Remedy says

    what did he say? bill gates is a flu epidemic? weird…

  26. Rex Remedy says

    this north korean friendly stuff is just a snokescreen.

  27. Rex Remedy says

    save the bees!

  28. Rex Remedy says

    bavaria in the news! God bless bavaria! visit bavaria! its safe and clean, and people are weird but friendly. unlike the rest of germany… ๐Ÿ™‚ come to bavaria! dont die without having seen bavaria! we have even cute bears in bavaria! we have everything people like! ๐Ÿ™‚
    also: bavarians are literally less evil than other germans. at least by 25 percent! guaranteed! come to a country where people are literally less evil than in other places! if you meet people who are literally 25 percent less evil than in other places, it basically makes you 25 percent happier! and bring your money! we like money, especially yours! we are like the swiss, just more honest and generally better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Tony Arnott says

    Since when did Bill Gates become a medical professional? Not that I disagree with what heโ€™s saying

  30. Jasmine says

    Christ is coming soon, he woke me upp fรถr over 1 v ago and said it
    I coming soon.
    God pretect his land Israel and his people and eliminating the enemies.

  31. J R says

    Open fire,Israel.
    Palestinians are poor because of their dictatorial leaders.
    Return to your homes,how simple an act.
    See lots of bees.

  32. Darrith says

    Gates probably owns the antidote.

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