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  1. pieta says


  2. AG Systems120 says

    In other words – no reason to have a notch – it has no purpose for this design

  3. Gerardo Flores says


  4. George Ko says

    LG claims to have the brightest screen but it seems to me that the iphone is brighter

  5. Dale Kerr says

    Smaller notch. Rear fingerprint sensor. Centralised camera. Ability to switch off notch. USB-C connector. All things iPhone SHOULD have.

  6. Lim Rapy says

    What is the TV behind you?

  7. Hi-Fi Insider says

    looks like LG spent a ton of money marketing on YouTube.

  8. Tom Alawatte says

    No matter how hard they copy the iPhone X design they (all those android OEMs) cannot get that premium design and feel of the iPhone X. There is something unexplainable in the iPhone X design that sets it apart and places it above everyone else.

  9. Mac Guy3135 says

    The notch and chin look abysmal.

  10. Suleman Rana says

    Macrumors films in Karachi?

  11. be Positive says

    Notch WTF?

  12. grayisagirl c says

    FYI another camera beside the ultra wide angle lens is not a telephoto lens, it is just a normal wide angle lens

  13. Josh Longhurst says

    Android in 2017: Ewww a notch
    Android in 2018: Our notch is smaller!

  14. Tigerex966 says

    Essential and android is the notch originator before apple before iOS,

  15. Tigerex966 says

    They cantake the bottom off but they kept the bottom for a stronger phone and less side bezels which the iphone has

  16. Tigerex966 says

    You forgot the first phone with hdr recording, quad dac and amp, headphone jack, wide angle, the brightest color accurate no burn in lcd (they make them for apple too), surround sound boom sound, aptx hd for hires bluetooth, stereo recording, 4 pixel lowlight camera mode, voice id, near field mics for google assistant, color choices, small 3000 mah battery, but good nonethe less considering you are an apple site 🙂

  17. Big Boss says

    Lol this phone don't want to be a competitor of a shitty device like the iPhone X. It is an Android flagship so it wants to be a competitor of the S9, V30 or HTC U11.

  18. Moosh Massacre says

    Cavs: dislike (LOL)

  19. Stony P says

    Stupid move LG, you've just lost a customer, I've owned a G3 and have a G6 that I really like, but I won't buy any mobile with a pointless notch on the display. There's no reason to have a notch they could put the ear piece etc on shamfered edge of frame then extend glass thus eliminating the Fugly notch

  20. SirRoger says

    no mention of the wide angle camera, hifi DAC or expandable memory which are advantages of the LG G7.
    fucking amateur hour here

  21. jmg 13 says

    Thats a gorgeous device LG
    .Great job.its good i can hide the notch is i dont want it.

  22. HΛRLOH says

    The ability to hide the notch is something apple should have come up with before the 10' was released…..

  23. Shamar Coke says

    Android copying Apple just proves who’s really ahead here

  24. Tigerex966 says

    Apple copying the Essnetial Android Phone just proves who's really ahead here.
    If Apple came up with the notch on their own, they would be sueing everyone as usual, but Android's Essential Phone would sue them.
    So that is why no one is even scared in the slightest od an Apple notch lawsuit, because they would have to sue themselves first, 🙂

  25. Candace Peters says

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  26. Darnell W. says

    Nice Cavs shirt.

  27. Alok Kumar Ray says

    LG G7 thinq vs iPhone x camera comparison

  28. Bruno Tavares says

    Where can I find the wallpaper you are using on the X?

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