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Historic East Coast STORM possible + It is going to get Colder


Happy New Year! We’ve got Freezing temperatures everywhere but the West Coast and a Nasty storm headed for the East Coast during the week. Also, it’s going to get colder and it shall be a long duration cold. Be prepared.

God bless everyone,


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articles on storm

Piercing cold blast to feel subzero in central, northeastern US to kick off 2018

Cold air rivaling that of the past 100 years for early January will make it painful to be outdoors and may lead to damage in the central and northeastern United States.

AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures are projected to be below zero over much of the Northeast and well below zero in much of the Midwest.

People who rang in the new year in Times Square endured a temperature of 9 degrees Fahrenheit at midnight, which marked the second coldest ball drop on record in New York City. The coldest ball drop occurred a century ago with a midnight temperature of 1.

At least 30 states were experiencing below zero temperatures on New Year’s Day morning.

For the first day of 2018, RealFeel temperatures 5 to 20 degrees below zero will be common. In the northern tier, RealFeel temperatures may dip as low as 30 to 40 degrees below zero.

Most low temperature records from the northern and central Plains to the mid-Atlantic and New England are likely to remain in tact.

However, in terms of the level of cold, actual temperatures in many locations will be in the lower 5 percentile for all years on record for early January, according to the National Weather Service.

Standout years for record cold in the Northeast at this point in the season were in 1880-81 and 1917-18. In the Midwest, the years 1967-68 and 1973-74 left a mark with subzero F cold.

“While the level of cold will vary from one day to the next, indications are that the frigid weather will linger through the first week of January in the Central and Eastern states,”

A major storm will track close enough to the East Coast of the United States to bring snow to some areas and windy conditions to much of the Atlantic Seaboard later this week.

The storm will have both direct and indirect impacts from Florida to Maine and Atlantic Canada.

Arctic air will remain in place and will spread southward into Florida as the storm brews a few hundred miles offshore over the Atlantic Ocean and races northward on Wednesday and Thursday.

During this period, the storm may undergo rapid strengthening, sometimes referred to as bombogenesis.

At this time AccuWeather meteorologists believe the heaviest snow from the storm will fall on Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, where a blizzard is forecast to unfold.

A blizzard is a storm that produces snow or blowing snow with winds in excess of 35 mph and a visibility of one-quarter of a mile or less for at least three consecutive hours.

There is the potential for not only a foot (30 cm) or more of snow to fall, in Maine and New Brunswick, but also the risk of hurricane-force winds and frigid air at the same time. Tremendous blowing and drifting snow is likely and some communities may be isolated for several days in the wake of the storm. Some of these same communities may be without power.

The storm is likely to track close enough to the coast throw some moisture over land in the mid-Atlantic and the Southeast states. That moisture will be in the form of snow to some areas of the Atlantic coast from the northeastern corner of Florida to the coastal areas of the Carolinas and Massachusetts.

Whether a few flakes or several inches of snow fall will depend on the exact track of the storm and the how quickly moisture is thrown westward as the storm strengthens.

There is a chance of enough snow to make roads slippery in Wilmington, North Carolina; Atlantic City, New Jersey; New York City and Boston. A significant amount of wind-driven snow may fall on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

  1. Pete V says

    These are actors covering up the criminal weather engineering

  2. isofaster says

    Another spinning vortex of doom heading for my house , thanks a lot … happy new year =)

  3. HIPPY STIX says

    You guys REMEMBER all the moisture this past year? Comets did that. The comets aren't gone. The comets are closer. You know what that means when it's cold? Yes.. barbaric amounts of snow. The mini ice age doesn't happen like they say. It's comets.

  4. Michelle Henderson says

    Happy New Year

  5. The Man says

    Happy new year! It’s freakin freezing here in Connecticut!

  6. Boaz45 says

    "It's just one below for the low in Buffalo"…

  7. BlackSmith says

    Global Coldming.

  8. larry miller says

    14 here in Colorado

  9. itsa bouttime says

    You were the first to sound the alarm on this cold cold winter and I looked back then and no one else did .I saw it coming by watching duration this one in KY over 12 days compared to 3 or 4 the norm . Hats off brother and may this year be a sweet one for all

  10. Julie Kilbride says

    Love you <3 xxx

  11. Donna Wolf says

    Thanks for another informative and entertaining video ♡

  12. fedup brown says

    weather weaponry testing

  13. alexsisSCskywatch says

    Been missin ya man
    Cheers from the deep South

  14. Sharon F says

    So weird. Snow up the coast !!

  15. The Grand Solar Minimum says

    Good info Thor!!

  16. regis ELO says

    BE COOL boss ! stay cover Thor ! lol
    don't get cold …. 😀 HAPPY new year… hope we can reach the end of this one again … welcome from caribbean !

  17. Kathleen Macellis says

    Unbearable cold here in New Jersey !

  18. Bernard Coldwell says

    Happy New Year Thor

  19. Shannon Phillips says

    GO THOR !!!
    YEAR !!!

  20. prayerwarrior says

    Hi Thornews. Thanks for your update. This winter is the second year of a downward trend. In about three years, people will start to panic because of the crop failures. I can recommend the book, Cold times: Preparing For the Mini Ice Age by Anita Bailey, PhD. I got my copy yesterday through the Oppenheimer Ranch Project and have read a lot of it already. People who like to prepare for disasters might want to look into this now while they have time to prepare. Happy New Year!

  21. John Thomas says

    Go check out it’s the licensing regulations page and Texas now offers, or may have been for a while offering licensing for “weather modification” in the regulations it talks about aviation and other red handed terms pertaining to chemtrails…just stumbled upon this and I’m a long time subscriber so you were the first one I thought of… please science the sh;t out of it Thor.

  22. lionel james says

    UFOs cruising in these temperatures? Shit lets be friends if they are,wait that would be insulting them to think there dumb enough to be in these temperatures.

  23. D Back says

    I need more of that democrat created global!!!

  24. OlGreyWolf58 says

    The poles are shifting big time…

  25. Aunt CC says

    Schools have closed in coastal SC…we are getting snow and sleet tomorrow !!

  26. Silver99 RBLX says

    Haarp back at it again…

  27. Gary Shields says

    Did you watch the movie The Day After Tomorrow??😨🗽⛄❄😂😂😂Here come.

  28. Kristine Burton says

    There is an up side to all of this snow and cold..It does clean the atmosphere, ground and air pollution along with killing most bacteria and yuck .

  29. XXXoutlawXXX01 says

    True news

  30. Out Beyond says

    I think the Russian's hacked the Canadian weather system.

  31. Johnna Armstrong says

    Check out The Orville if you need to laugh. Laughing healing your wounds and soul . 🍀☮️🔮🔭💫🗝👩🏻‍🎨

  32. x _HACKER says

    Are they trying to say that the massive snowfall and instant freezing is going to happen? The so called "East Coast Snow Storm" sounds is very similar to the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". Has the movie really predicted the future?


    Don't forget to leave water trickling through your pipes so they don't freeze….

  34. Thomas Stack says

    They sprayed the ever living hell out of the sky with chemtrails all day( jan 3rd) long in front of this storms direction of travel in southeastern p qap today. what ya think that may maen Me Thornews..

  35. Tom Riddle says

    So I've learned nothing here. "It's nasty" and "these look connected (for no reason other than they're both storms that both move over time)" aren't informative statements.

    Constructive criticism- fewer cuts, less repetition, and have a point when you make a video.

  36. Silver Wind Hurricane says

    They greatly exaggerated this one, its just a strong nor-easter.

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