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‘It’s the new slavery’: NYC cab driver blasts Uber, city officials in suicide note


Cab driver Douglas Schifter took his own life outside New York City Hall. He left a Facebook post blaming both government officials and rideshare companies like Uber for his death.


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  1. Emperor Vulpecula says

    ya kno tbh that was the dumbest reason to give up ur life like fr tho who tf kills themselves over somthin they could have easily change it into somthing else complete idiocy

  2. *Atimatik Army* says

    ¿ Youtube and Google are funded in whole or in part by the shadow government with intentions of suppressing and proliferating misinformation

    Now that you've been well informed, you may now enjoy the video

  3. K God says

    Yes it is a jewish Corporation!!!!!! investigate !!!!!!!!

  4. susiefromspace says

    Islamic insurgents drive the majority of Uber cars.
    Therefore call a licensed Taxi.
    Teach your children safety first!

  5. John11121 says

    my deepest sympathy for him. the law makers failed the cab drivers by allowing uber to charge WAY less than the cab companies. and the uber drivers dont even know they are not making enough to make a living AND save up to replace their car. only one or the other. uber is exploiting desperate unemployed people, and they are working on rolling out the self driving cars so they will dump these people after they are done exploiting them. one of the leading share holders is rahm emanuels brother. of course the zionists are allowed to get away with this.

  6. 乇volve Outdoors says

    Lol if your not in the Elite 1% that own's 90% of the wealth you are a legalized slave.

  7. Chao Li says

    Just wait till driverless cars comes out. More will be unemployed… but must govt politics stop tech evolution for the sake of being employed? Go find a new job

  8. Charles Marquez says


  9. kyle harwood says

    If he cared about the taxi industry and the public he would have adopted new innovative technologies and services that uber provides.

  10. Wanda Sewell says

    Ubber Drivers don't make money either. Killing himself for a cause. This is insane!!!

  11. ネーナ・トリニティ says

    A true martyr! :O

  12. theodore tait says

    Replace them with self-driving cars. Easy, no more reason to cry.

  13. Rubbergently says

    "professional driver" lol just call an UBER 😉

  14. Greg Lawrence says

    Pussy-ass cabbie kills himself after no longer being able to fleece customers. Film at eleven.

  15. KibōNoHikari says

    You see what your jewish cooperation have done to ordinary people around the world?. First its your monsanto than Uber than Amazon. Soon they will promote automation robot and the only way to remain on the job is for one to be willing to be augment thanks to American for all of these.

  16. Leonard Carr says

    What ethno religious group does Uber's owner belong to?

  17. NightWaves says

    NYPD now has a good idea where they can draw recruits from.

  18. csb772 says

    Well blame the rich. Cost of living is too high there to live in that cold shit hole. Come to Texas. Jobs are everywhere and it's beautiful 9 months out of the year. Cost of living is cheap. You can live comfortably with $50k a year.

  19. basticle says

    this is literally adapt or die

  20. Snore Lax says

    Get another skill? Get another job? Killing yourself over this is a waste of time.

  21. Frank THE FAM Bahor says

    Some Uber driver's in Melbourne Australia have been jailed for rapes & assault's. There sending the taxi cab industry into disarray.

  22. zurdo85XIX says

    Just wait till even the Uber drivers are being replaced. Oh well, but basic income is ebil gommunism, so wat do, wat do….

  23. dagnyatl says

    The entire purpose of UBER was to destroy the independent taxi driver industry and to force an entire industry into minimum wage pay.

  24. Sunshine Gypsy says

    No job is worth your life!

  25. toni bryant says

    Shouldn't have murked himself. There's another way. And "No"!! It's not the new slavery.

  26. Bender B Rodriguez says

    Anybody else get an Über add before this video?

  27. mrkjsmooth16 says

    file bankruptcy if you have financial problems. Killing yourself is stupid

  28. dude says

    Enjoying capitalism do yah? The guy owning the company isn't losing money he gets his share from all the drivers and by adding to their numbers negotiates harder to offer them less. One guy wins, thousands lose. capitalism.

  29. LordAugastus says

    CLassic, never actually addressing the problems. Just shifting blame, the good old USA way. In this case, the cab industry has become like slave labour, and UBER was a solution for the customers, and a deathsentense to the dying industry.

  30. Michael Mariner says

    Governments & Corporations are corrupt greedy Life & Freedom destroying Cartels.

  31. Michael Taylor says

    The free market will find a balance: More drivers lowers average income. Lower income culls the number of drivers, (not all cases to this extreme.) Less drivers raises average income. Higher income attracts more drivers. Etc.
    Left to it's own devices, the free market will circle near a moving balance over time in a dynamic way.
    Limit-laws appear to add stability. But they only add another layer of complexity to this natural dynamic and add another layer of potential government corruption.
    I have owned my own car over the decades because of the limited and costly taxi services. Were rides more available and less expensive then I may have never owned a car. We humans find other ways and means, like car pooling and bum-a-ride apps.

  32. ksztyrix says

    Taxi medalion mafia on suicide watch

  33. أحمد القادمي says

    Why didn't he just join Uber?

  34. Insolent Toddler says

    Only in USA

  35. Hiro Nito says

    Why can’t he just be an Uber driver if he thinks his current job is in jeopardizing his future? You know, not all jobs will be future proof. Some jobs will be discontinued and new job will place it.

  36. Rickest of Ricks says

    If Uber can't treat their drivers like human beings, the only option is to boycott them.

  37. L6915 says

    Insane man commits suicide. I have little sympathy with people who thinks the world owes them a living. He could just as easily have taken a job with Uber. You can't fight change by killing yourself. Sorry, but this is natural selection in action.

  38. Crazy Villarruel says

    I don't think I would live in peace in the after life knowing I killed myself over Uber. Smh

  39. GamelanDelight says

    Wait until truck drivers lose their job to self driving cars! Uber drivers will be replaced by he same! 🧐

  40. the beginning says

    watch out of Russian propaganda
    everyday a NON-UBER taxi driver will statisticaly kill himself and of course it wont make news anywhere

  41. The Juice says

    Why didn't he get a job with Uber?

  42. smeggyhead1 says

    $69,000 oh my heart bleeds. Why should I pay over the odds for an abused monopoly? How odd is it that no one 'mentioned' the medallions that were selling for literally $1,000,000?

  43. turowat says

    I prefer to do it the old style: QUIT!

  44. Jonathan Hernandez says

    I only get 25k a year!!😔

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