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Japan’s Most Expensive Frozen Rice Burger


I hope you could see better how Jojoen’s frozen rice burger looks!
Jojoen is always a favorite when it comes to Yakiniku chain restaurants. They always have the best of meat.

Here is the link to Jojoen:

I ordered this 8 pieces Yakiniku rice burger on Amazon. It was delievered 5 days later so it didn’t take as long as the delay announced.

4.500 yen (about 42 dollars) for 8 pieces makes it the most expensive frozen rice burger that I know of but it is really tasty and worth the price!

ではでは、bon appétit!

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Thanks for watching!

  1. James N' Games says

    So happy you started doing your own streams/videos Jennifer! Yay!

  2. Syed Abbas says

    What? streamed two minutes ago and I missed it too.

  3. Avery Lopez-Baines says

    Mmmmmmm….looks good! Although it kinda looks like the quality of crappy McDonald's burgers found here in the States.

  4. Oscar Trujillo says

    Hi …….I like your accent …

  5. Tearshia Realta says

    It looks good. Also it's so cute the way you hide your mouth when you eat. ☺☺☺

  6. Ozzymandias says

    That cat really wanted that burger

  7. Michael Smith says

    I could watch you eat one of those everyday LOL. I thought the last video was clear, but that still looks tasty. Feed Jennifer

  8. J W says

    Hi Jennifer! I enjoy your videos. 😀

  9. Kippy Luv says

    I hope u named ur panda aftr me lol Kipoy, the panda. Jk 🙂

  10. Kippy Luv says

    I hope john didnt make u l8, 4 ur meetin. If he did, u shod lock him n the vendin machine prison. Lol we all said he shod've walkt u 2 ur meetin. I don8d $2 4 ur panda's food. Lol 🙂

  11. Kippy Luv says

    U mite 2 fix ur kat 😮

  12. Kippy Luv says

    Looks gr8, yummy 🙂

  13. Kippy Luv says

    Garlick wood b good on it 🙂

  14. Kippy Luv says

    Gm jen 🙂

  15. mVB BB says

    Hi Jennifer .. the way you smile , speak and your face expression really cute . Did you ever try Indian spicy food?

  16. Cecille Ria DM says

    Bon Jour Beautiful Jennifer! It looks like one of Mos Burger there in Japan! I've tasted it but it was a long time ago but it's really good! Do they sell it on groceries? Thank you for sharing! 🙂 <3

  17. stephen perrin says

    Hi there, I came over from Johns channel and subbed

  18. vvvalentsia says

    valentsia is here!😊 btw congrats for 3k+ subscribers! really enjoy all the videos&live streams keep it up jennifer🤗

  19. Brooke Leaton says

    The rice "bun" makes sense. I'd love how to make something like that sandwich at home! I'm guessing that you have to use "sweet rice" aka sticky rice for the buns but also near freeze a tender fatty cut of beef perhaps like rib eye steak. I can get it presliced at an asian grocery store. But please help with the rest of the ingredients. Chicago is just too far to ship!

  20. firestar1728 says

    I don't eat red me at but both John & you showing me that maybe I should try it occasionally. Nice to see Charley and was that PouPou being loud again LOL! PS. Glad you got to take a panda home with you from Ueno!

  21. Rachel A. says

    Jennifer! I've been desperately trying to find your channel. I'm so happy to finally be here! I adore your personality and overall energy ♡

  22. no way says

    trop bon 🙂

    j'adore le "voilà"

  23. Jon Annie says

    Jennifer, do you drive in Japan? Can you do food vending machines during pit-stops? Ah yes! John can drive you 😛

  24. Christian Bucic says

    interesting exotic Japanese burger, tx Jennifer

  25. John Smalldridge says

    It looks like the perfect lunch sandwich. Meat and rice so tasty looking.

  26. Brue Dragon says

    I love how your kitty was protesting very loudly to be let back outside. 😸

  27. Marcinmd1 says

    Is John your boyfriend and if not why not?

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