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John Hill – Pro Skateboarder | Being in a Relationship with another YouTuber


A Valentine’s Day special! Where John & I (Sara Dietschy) sit down and talk about previous jobs, growing up in the South & being in a relationship with another youtuber! ✨”SHOW MORE” for links✨

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John Hill is a pro skater for Revive Skateboards and a Youtuber with over 500K subscribers. He vlogs every day – sharing his life in NYC and his shenanigans with the fellow YouTube skate community in Cincinnati, Ohio and Los Angeles, California. Learn about his journey from making baby onesies on Etsy to creating his own clothing company – Progress Daily. He is also my boyfriend… so enjoy this somewhat of a Valentine’s Day special where we talk about our relationship a lot! (HA)

What we talk about: baby onesie business, growing up in south carolina asian, having confidence, our first date, the second time we ever hung out (with Matt King), our first phone call where john asked me to go to Paris with him and much more!!! Enjoy 🙏🏻

Welcome to The Creative Exchange, hosted by YouTuber & creative entrepreneur Sara Dietschy. On this podcast you will find candid conversations with the best artists and business professionals in the world. More information and content from the podcast can be found on Sara Dietschy’s YouTube channel, Twitter & Instagram (@SaraDietschy)

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  1. greengonzonz says

    Lol you so funny guys😂

  2. greengonzonz says

    Exspecially? Does anyone else hear it or is it just me? Lol but every time you say it my nose curls up. Lol
    This vid still cracking me up, you guys are awesome

  3. Matthew Stratton says

    Oh wow, I actually listened to the whole podcast. 😜

  4. jeremie lambert says

    From 4:00 to like 4:30 John just killed it (keep killing it😁) explaining how a skateboarder (at least me) thinks about all that big family stuff.

  5. pooponunicycle says

    haha that was great!

  6. Watchmaker Fs says

    Guest suggestion: Rick Beato.

  7. Sheldon Lacsina says

    Just posted a review on the podcast🤙🏽

  8. Sam Rayner says

    So glad I discovered this… John… why you hiding your girls podcastt geeeezus 😂 love it now I can fall asleep listening to Rogan and dietchy < don’t judge my spelling

  9. Robbie Calef says

    I love you guys c:

  10. Sean Smith says

    So sick to hear john talk about all this, i've been following andy and john since basically the beginning of both of their channels. so sick to see them blow up, cheers

  11. posieric skate says

    LMFAO, I learned more in this podcast about John Hill than in his vlogs.

  12. Benil Sibel Özyürük says

    love u guys 💋❤️🤸🏼‍♀️

  13. Wandering Westie says

    Hey @John Hill, would you like to do a photoshoot for your merch? I'm in NYC until Friday

  14. Rusins says

    The relationship stories are so relatable 😀 <3 it!

  15. Claire Nakimuli says

    Progress Daily 👏👏

  16. Clayton Kavaloski says

    you and john are the best combo since pineapple on pizza

  17. ashelizabethrob says

    Just subscribed to this podcast I used to listen to The Daily Peach! You are so awesome and definition of a grinder (Not meat) (I'm corny). Also love John it was so cool to meet him in Columbia!!

  18. Mint Slice says

    hey can yall please do more of these? this was legit the best podcast i've listened to in ages. call ur show Peach Hill

  19. KMD official says

    wear a cool shirt that others don't wear……….Andy Sch………maybe no

  20. jumanjiwarlord says

    Epic cringe.

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