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Kate Spade Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide In New York City Apartment | TIME


Kate Spade — the iconic designer who left her job at a fashion magazine and built a handbag company that grew into a multi-million-dollar brand — was found dead in her New York City apartment.
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Kate Spade Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide In New York City Apartment | TIME

  1. me Gusta LA Musica tipic Marquez says

    Oh my God sorry 😭😭😭

  2. GALACTIC RlG says

    Someone tell that Luxus out front to have a HEART💞

  3. Super Scared Corncutt says

    Hanged herself with a Louis Vuitton belt….SAD

  4. Michael says

    being an advocate of mental illness her journey is common, her strength showed in her creations….it is an awful experience…to endure some mental illness…forgive her, say hello, offer sunshine and good wishes….for we all are and will always be….support integrity and love will heal those you fear of losing….living…or dead…..

  5. ALIDAYGO619 says


  6. Dj Rickey Ricardo says

    Rip Kate 👑❤️👼🏻

  7. servant of Allah says

    My Role Model Killed Himself

    Imagine your favorite celebrity and aspiring role model kills him/ herself.

  8. Najat Mokarram says

    Very sad!

  9. Ross Douglas says

    People who commit suicide don’t think of their families

  10. NeeLee says

    RIP. I seriously sense that something was off with her and her husbands marriage. I just can’t seem to understand what else would drive her to do something like this ☹️

  11. Zook Inthe6ix says

    She was murdered. The hanging by door knob theory is ridiculous, someone made out with money on this end of story

  12. Kevin Richards says

    Exodus 20:13 "Thou shalt not murder." She will be forever missed but not forgotten. Amen😢.

  13. gee knee says


  14. Hubba Bubba says

    How do you hang yourself on a doorknob?

  15. Skinny Kitchen says

    This is devastating news. I never knew anybody that has committed suicide so I don't know how it feels. And her poor daughter. Only 13 years old. May she rest in piece.

  16. Andre Kaasik says

    killed herself cause she was ugly ?

  17. Sheree Morgan says

    Condolences to the family. I feel for her daughter.

  18. kareenacat Hart says

    Geez what a tragedy… I mean I know billions of dollars don't buy you happiness… it certainly freaking helps….. you have to find inner happiness and I would never do that to my child ..I guess we're just born a certain way….but she could have taken her daughter and have walked away from everything and she could have changed her life completely around.. did she have cancer …did she have diabetes.. Was she bound to a wheelchair was she blind … did she have muscular dystrophy ..did she have Parkinson's etc etc etc …. true suffering in this world… know there's a lot of help out there for mental depression and mental disease…. Was she on drugs… alcohol… did she live a healthy decent lifestyle… she seemed to have it all ….nobody's to judge what goes on in one's life …bur there's so many people out there with illnesses that would give anything to have a smidge of what she had.. and did not think about her child… I'm sorry.. I can't fathom that and I don't understand that but that's not for me to judge……so strange.. so heartbreaking… I hope they're investigating this… got to be drugs or alcohol involved.. I'm sorry …just weird

  19. david snowden says

    This is tragic, but, money and fame cannot always give peace of mind…

  20. ManMilk says

    If they ever do a documentary movie on Kate Spade. Ellen Page should play her because she exactly like her.

  21. Colleen Brenner says

    So sad, R.I.P. a beautiful woman…

  22. Mysterious "X" says

    sad…the husband maybe had a HOT 24 YR OLD!

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