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  1. Lauri Carlson says

    Have a magical day today good afternoon to you guys in Florida love your videos

  2. Ashley Berry says

    In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room!! One of my favorite songs from the park! I can't tell you how many times I was able to cut my wait times down bc I was prepared when the cast member was asking for a 2 rider or 3 rider lol

  3. Gina Knox says

    Brings back good memories of Disney trips…Love Happy Place..too

  4. Linda Wooten says

    enjoyed this video so much…looks like a beautiful day..made me wish I was back there again!

  5. Betty Sierra says

    What a beautiful day the blue skies the sun I love all the rides you were on. The Country Bears too cute. Oh and loved when you two were riding down Main Street the best. Oh by the way I was never at Disney World for Easter until last year. We were there for the Flower and Garden Show beautiful. You both will love it.

  6. Zachary Johnson says

    Hey! Really enjoying how your transitioning the music in the background from one scene to another and using other audio clips from the park!

  7. forty9er49221 says


  8. forty9er49221 says

    Wow fastpass for seven dwarfs

  9. The Magic Geekdom says

    Aww what a lovely day at MK!

  10. MsPlague says

    Wow what a busy morning! I've heard Mondays are usually the most busy in MK because a lot of people start their vacations on Monday, but who knows. I think its always busy lmao

  11. GQMofo says

    Hey Peter, Sarah, just to let you guys know, the Festival of Fantasy parade was changed back to 3pm a week or so ago.

  12. Kaitlyn Hrouda says

    The college dance and cheerleading nationals were going on too so that could have been why it was so crowded

  13. Caroline says

    Loved the transitions with the music. Wish we were there it looked like a lovely day! Some good fast passes Sarah, youre on the ball. You've got me dreaming of when we'll be there next 😉

  14. See Shaun Vlog says

    Loved this one. Really well put together and thoroughly entertaining.

  15. Theme Park Ohana says

    Love you guys and your vlogs!!

  16. dj25bulldog says

    Lots of FUN.  I miss Toon Town! "O"

  17. Ears to Disney says

    What a beautiful day! Perfect morning for some MK fun! 😁

  18. Anna Hagedorn says

    The best James Jefferson EVER!!!

  19. Rina Walter says

    Had some binge watching to do……love you guys! Home with flu-like symptoms……this made me smile and cry at the same time!

  20. Anderson Lane says

    Oh So jealous wish i was there right now! you guys are so cute! What camera do you use? I'm looking into a new camera for my channel, you should check out my channel i love feedback on what i can do better!

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