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Man in Suit Paddleboards Across River to Make NYC Work Meeting on Time


A New Jersey man didn’t want to be late for his interview, so he decided to paddleboard across the Hudson River to get there. Scott Holt, 32, said he was running late for an interview in New York on Thursday and didn’t want to “splurge on a ferry.” Instead, he grabbed his paddleboard and made his way onto the river, clad in a full suit and shoes. “I actually expected it to take a really long time but it only took like a half hour,” Holt told Inside Edition.

  1. Conrail Gp-40 Guy says

    I'd rather take a motor boat across the Hudson River to get to an interview

  2. Ray Kehr says

    Hope you had extra shoes in that briefcase

  3. Killrrkand says

    imagine he got there and they said he was fired

  4. Candace Lanier says

    Casey Neistat, is that you?

  5. ladykay cooley says

    Idiot and I bet he didn’t get there on time still

  6. Ray Mak says

    Crazyyyyyy he is famous now!! Such determination

  7. onehappynegro says

    "we're going in the hudson"

  8. Fabulous Trash says

    The true definition of no excuses

  9. joe nodden says

    Talk about dedication.

  10. Katja S.P says

    But wha tho, he puts so much dedication into his career 😂

  11. MrLegit FTW says

    When she’s home alone 😂

  12. K.B. Williams says

    Wow this guy was pretty determined

  13. SANITIZED, INC. says

    Pretty sure that was performance art, not a mad-dash to a meeting. Either way, brilliant!

  14. Nebly Caviers says

    El mundo está hecho de imbéciles, he aquí un ejemplo.

  15. john ayacko says

    that guy is a legend.

  16. Mary Nelson says

    Omg I would’ve died if this was my Husband, Son or Brother. I would’ve killed him once his tail made it out of the water. Beat his butt with that paddle board.

  17. brainsareus says

    The ferries get you across in 7 minutes………….. do the math….!

  18. brainsareus says

    what if he had tipped over??

  19. Alexander Mejia says

    When she says her parents aren't home and she lives in Manhattan

  20. Sal Via MM says

    Someone need to make this as a movie. Please

  21. dogunit100 says

    Best way for shortcut

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