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Mont Saint Michel is amazing [ Roadtrip France day two – part one ]


We had a great seven day roadtrip in France.
I decided to vlog this roadtrip, so there will be 8 videos and as a bonus 2 livestreams. Today’s video is all about the amazing Mont Saint Michel in Normandy France. Such a unique place. If you are looking for things to do in France, than put Mont st-Michel on your list.

Day one: a lot of talking and tasting a special milk rice dessert.
Day two – part one: Mont St Michel
Day two – part two: Le Havre
Day three: Etretat
Day four: Paris (and food poisoning)
Day five: Paris with Brenda
Day six: Day one at Disneyland Paris
Day seven: Day two at Disneyland Paris

I hope you enjoy watching the videos on our roadtrip.


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  1. Brenda Brands says

    Hahaha who’s that woman behind you??? LOL!!!!

  2. Jessie Horne says

    Mont St Michel looks so beautiful and the shop signs as well. Interesting pop up guest as well glad she was comfy 😂

  3. Genji says

    I love the ending of this video.. Cool lady.😂

  4. Merle Sophie says

    I have to visit Mont St Michel again. I seem to have visited as a child, but I don‘t remember.. 🙁 It looks so beautiful!
    Did you talk to the lady afterwards? 😂

  5. Roy's Mania says

    Wow looks so beautiful!! And a funny thing! Right before you are next to special cookies shop there is a store that has a Japanese sign in Katakana!!! it says Saint James ー セント ジェームス :)Mont saint Michel looks so amazing and full of interesting stories!!! cool watch by the way :))) thank you for this video!!

  6. jean philippe Rondeau says

    Bloodborne level design.

  7. Evelyne at CulturEatz says

    So want to go to Mont Saint Michel one day! Poulard: A young hen that has been spayed for fattening. I had to look it up too. Best and slowest video bomber lady ever!

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