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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Rips Republican Tax Plan | CNBC


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio breaks down his criticism on the GOP tax reform plan.
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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Rips Republican Tax Plan | CNBC

  1. Alfonso Fernandez says

    Of course, Billy is not going to like it. He believes that you can tax yourself out of poverty.

  2. Quasar channel says

    He’s married to a charcoal briquettes

  3. Ayveel Robinson says

    Okay, 3% Growth. We are good with that. But when 2.9% of that growth goes to the 1%, it's not a win.

  4. sheshe7 j says

    Why are Republicans fighting to keep us on taxing dead people okay they can't even vote anymore

  5. Jack Soxman says

    The Republicans are showing they are no different then the Democrats.
    No cuts, same old crap doing my tax return.
    EVERYONE screaming about losing their dumb Deduction= loopholes.
    Not until H& R Block, Turbo Tax, tax lawyers are put out of business, will this be TAX REFORM

  6. USAOnlineCasinos says

    F this troll

  7. freakincrazy6932 says

    Bill is a moron can't balance a hotdog stand let alone NYC or even a federal budget

  8. Abusayeed Haque says

    Come on fascist Blasio, the rich will pay rate for federal tax regarding what states they are living. Take care you municipal taxes and tell your governor to do the same. Learn living with your means and get rid off your socialist policies.

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