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CAMERA // Alex Siu (
EDITOR // Chester Xie
MUSIC // Origami Beats ( RickyFlarez (

  1. sultan alahmad says

    fung bros has to be one of the wackest channels

  2. Arc Airsoft says

    Bro that fat guy was wack as hell

  3. Arc Airsoft says

    Fuck stockx, completely fucking the resell market

  4. Jake spaceman says

    “The culture”…summed up in a few words “Uhmmn we just watch what black People think is cool and then we wear it…simple”🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Jake spaceman says

    All Asians are hypebeast lol (but parents hate niggers) :soooo weird:

  6. Cole Harris says

    Stock x is whack as fuck, they kill resale, rip supreme resell

  7. D Artem says

    Lol it's not POOCHA it's gosha rubchinskiy

  8. Khan Hossain says

    1800 for an invicta!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Khan Hossain says

    How many times was " U know what I'm sayin" uttered? 😂

  10. Drew M says

    Invicta watch 1800 fuck outa here fat boy they sell them jawns at Walmart, 50 bucks clown ass fool

  11. Benicio Barrera says


  12. Harpoon Mundy says

    Neeeem sayeeeeen

  13. dboyedoe says

    Grailed > Stock X

  14. Andre Films says

    Make a vid with frugal aesthetic

  15. Yael Blitz says

    I just love wearing multi brands outfit like Volcom cap, Macbeth hoodie, Reefside shirt ,Zoo York pants and Element sneakers. Nothing special. LOL I just love their logo.

  16. A CHIRP LIFE says

    I check stockx on supreme drop day to see which color is most hyped

  17. kitty friend says

    what the literal fuck is this hahahah… im sorry im from buffalo i guess im just not hip with the times bahahahh 'hypebeast'? LOL

  18. Keelwn says

    This bitch out here in a CDG play shirt, OW belt and supreme bag complaining about layering brands?

    Nigga wut

  19. Dan Villamayor says

    Honestly, NONE of these asian people know how to dress. Just because its expensive doesnt mean it looks good. I think thats where these asian people derive their ''fashion'' sense. The black people in this video look fly as hell though.

  20. Marco Polo says

    @bsneak @blazendary

  21. The Fashion Archive says

    3:49 "own sense of syle????" CDG play tee, Supreme Bag & Off White Industrial belt. Definitely seen that fit a million times on my insta feed. No hate but she needs to stop saying she has her own sense of style when she clearly doesn't

  22. Joshua Rulloda says

    the dude with the tats is wildin with those tats

  23. Impish says

    chubby ching with the worst hand tats ever lol

  24. Jay's P. says

    Love this video bro 🙂 i hope to see you in soho one day. I always be there haha :p

  25. Jay W says

    None of these items even look good together. Not a single person looked well dressed, it was just a bunch of people wearing certain brand names that were haphazardly thrown onto themselves while pretending like they actually know something about fashion.

  26. Dj VENZON says

    6:32 is that lil mayo?

  27. Luisito Rey Productions says

    interviewing people with no style, interesting.

  28. Logan Lauffer says

    more vids like this

  29. Itzredx says

    I ain’t hating but to me some of the outfits the people we’re wearing are kinda wack

  30. doominsaneify says

    Dude said Invicta watch $1800 😝

  31. Hold says

    Lol I got a fake pair of flu games from stockx and I kept the tag on and still won’t accept return

  32. cavlitos says

    1:10 So no one is going to mention that a black guy has straight hair styled as a slick back??

  33. Elljay Boi says

    you nu nu num sayin

  34. Xavier Flores says

    do more of these. I loved this vid

  35. Michelle Tellez says

    tite nigo shirt

  36. Jeff Liu Yoshiyuki says

    I’m over here wearing $10 worth of clothes lol florida life

  37. Wong Jefx says

    Invicta watch for $1800… dude lost me there.

  38. ljts says

    I saw that Tat dude on Reddit. He got roasted to hell and back lmao.

  39. Check One says

    Supreme and palace are both fucking horrible brands. You’d be better off just wearing a sign on your chest that says “im a faggot with no style”. And none of the people you interviewed are from NY.. all transplant cornballs who moved to nyc from the sticks.

  40. Check One says

    3:20 wtf is that? Chewbacca?

  41. Alex Shur says

    I was interviewed there no joke

  42. Adam B says

    rocking that off white belt and should bag trend but says she dresses unique….oh okay.

  43. Emanuel Purca says

    All I see is brands

  44. Rashad john says

    I think the bulky dad shoes trend is wack

  45. Cormac ONeill says

    someone find me the girl in the purple cdg's insta im in love

  46. X says

    I was subbed to y’all 3-4 years ago

  47. X says

    2:34 gorgeous

  48. choppa says

    Lol she talks about hypebeast and wears cdg play and supremr

  49. choppa says

    3:55 Blake Linder as a men

  50. is Jason says

    Don’t hate, just appreciate. That young man will go places.

    When you hate something, it’s because of the lack of something.

    When you like something, make sure to ask yourself why you like it and what effected you to like it. Because you are the result of your environment and Dna. Free will is an illusion.

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