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  1. Daniel L says

    Jeff Sessions, mass shootings are also national security.

  2. Wandering Travels says

    Do they laugh behind his back or just straight up in front at him in Washington?

  3. Ross Harris says

    Galatians 6:10 🙏

  4. timmy says

    let the scum keep coming in close the door to all muslim scum

  5. Prince Uchiha says

    Fucking brown people!🖕fucking orange faggot🖕

  6. Gina Kay says

    Lol, literally had to be on your knees to get that photo. Sessions is a long time racist, he also will go to jail for collusion with Russia. Hateful biggot should never have had a decent job. #ALABAMADOUGJONESTODAY

  7. Primitive Primate says

    Duh! Immigration has always been a National Security issue. Legal and illegal immigration.

  8. hole in the sky sabotage says

    Another Gump asshole and failure

  9. claim jumper21 says

    the US should have a night of purg on all illegal immigrants

  10. Brent Bunnell says

    Hi gollum

  11. Slappy Joe says

    I will believe it when I see it.

  12. OmiTheGhoul says

    Next action should be against birthright citizenship and marriage visa system. Mexico will start to cry.

  13. Nick R says

    Keep up the good work, enforce the law, that's the way it should be

  14. Hit says

    I smell pure xenophobia. If a minority does something, let's blame all the immigrants. Really Faux News?

  15. Robert Reich says

    Sure… it has nothing to do with Trump pissing off a entire religion by saying Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Nope not at all

  16. ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead says

    This is all music to our ears! Thank you Mr. Sessions for your work on this most import issues of our current time in America.

    Next up, repeal the 14th amendment. No more birthright citizenship to foreign parents on our soil! No more anchor babies!!

  17. Fredy Medina says

    Ok what about the Las Vegas shooter

  18. Faronthefiddler says

    Sessions is to timid, this is bad. The President must fire him, as of yesterday.

  19. Bradley Bollinger says

    He's Lying !
    I'm the American
    This Piece of Shit,
    doesn't speak for the American People.
    Obey the Law.
    When they Write Fair Laws.
    i Will.

  20. Jim Aco says

    I am a democrat but i strongly agree with republicans that immigration should be merit based and less muslims

  21. Bradley Bollinger says

    black dot.
    Drop the En,
    En, Why?
    this was Good American Fun.

  22. Elephant Titus says

    don't separate the families!!!! send them all packing

  23. Suziq darlin says

    Congress get on the ball and hepl sessions and Trump!!!!

  24. Suziq darlin says

    Vetting makes no since too, just stop letting them in and stop the 40,000 muslims you are planning to let in this year. information by DML.

  25. Suziq darlin says

    Stop what Obama has done to us the American people!!!!!!

  26. Amos Roger says

    It's time for all illegal aliens and Daca Caca dreamers to surrender your EBT food stamp card and self deport. Have a safe trip back to Mexico and please don't return

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