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  1. Barahona Barahona says

    I am not receiving any bill, and I do not know what my customer ID is. How can I get my customer ID to be able to create an account?
    I was making online payments for a long time. But now they changed the website, and I do not have access to my account. It's as if someone deleted my account. And I can not create another account!
    I received by email a temporary password that never worked for me.

  2. Ron m says

    i have been using the same tenant id for years im no longer in the system i cant pay my rent

  3. kem says

    i called them , they have  a problem with website , they send to the automatiside system to pay the rent .number to call 877 4819947

  4. Sandra Lino says

    NYCHA Online payment does not recognize Log in ID and it doesn't validate my account number to reset Log in ID.

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